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“When they died, I feel as if I died with them.” Clintasha? ;-;

“I let her go.”

Clint’s words are soft, deflated. Sam isn’t sure that anything he says is going to help. This pain, this grief, it’s too new and too raw. He’s not sure anyone can help with this, either. The emotions aren’t new, but the situation is.

“Man, you had no choice,” Sam says, remembering how it felt to watch Riley fall. He could still see it when his eyes closed, and he knew Clint would be plagued with this forever. “She didn’t leave you with one.”

Clint looks up.

“I died with her,” he whispers, the words haunting. His gaze falters. “She died, and I died, and she’s never going to know the truth.”

“Hey.” Sam took Clint’s hand to get his attention. “You’re not dead, and it’s Natasha. She knew. She’s always known.”

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Sambucky headcanons

  • The real reason why Sam doesn’t like sleeping with Bucky’s prosthetic, is because this thing is cold af and it’s worse than cold feet at night
  • One time Natasha visited and the next thing Sam remembers is their kitchen on fire while Bucky was running around screaming with Nat thrown over his shoulder as she fired one of the biggest guns Sam has seen with no apparent target
  • “But Sam there was a huge spider on the wall!!”
  • Turns out it was Redwing
  • Natasha is banned from their household the second time she visits, after the Borscht incident
  • Bucky will not admit it but he starts to like Redwing a lot and is secretly speaking with Bruce to make an AI for him because Bucky wants a pet okay?
  • Sam knows but acts surprised nonetheless
  • When they get married, they both tear up and they both say that something has gotten in their eyes and T'Challa (who obviously is the one officiating the wedding) just blankly stares into the camera like he’s in the office
  • Right at the moment when the wedding is over and the union is official, Shuri is tearing up as well and goes “And they were roommates”
  • and as everyone claps, Peter replies “Oh my god they were roommates” and he starts full on happy-crying with Ned as MJ holds them both 
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Bucky: If I die, I want you to raise my cat

Steve: It’ll be my honour

Sam: Wait… if you die?

Bucky: yeah

Sam: Let me make this clear, you think there is a possibility you won’t die?

Bucky: You never know, I might just live

Sam: Bitch, no..

Clint: Wait, he made several points

Steve: Agreed

Sam: He really didn’t

Bucky: I really did tho

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It has been years since the heroes and villains teamed up against Darkseid when people around the world randomly turned to dust, including Billy Batson’s twin sister and best friend. He’s summoned by the Wizard Shazam to undo this phenomenon.



Everyone who had seen what had happened were in various state of shock.

The kid who could turn into an adult, turning into dust just moments after Thanos and his army did.

“Spider-Man, create a stretcher using your webs.” Doctor Strange ordered as soon as he recomposed himself.

Peter nodded as he worked on his task. He used two large slabs of rocks as foundation for the makeshift stretcher.

Once Peter was done, Pepper and Rhodey worked on loading the unconscious Stark up on the stretcher made of web fluids. They began to carry the stretcher when Doctor Strange’s cape attached itself under the makeshift stretcher and carried Ironman’s unconscious form.

Despite the sentient cape’s delicateness, Tony Stark’s wife and best friend refused to let go of him.

“King T’challa, can we use the facilities in Wakanda to treat Tony?” Professor Hulk asked for permission.

“Right this way” The Wakandan King nodded as he led the way towards the portal.


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i'm going to make a list of my own headcannons anyway but while i do that, why don't you tell us about your sambucky headcannons? please?
  • Bucky is a serial cuddler. Will literally cuddle Sam anywhere and anytime
  • Neither of them are super protective, but Sam is more protective than Bucky because he knows what Bucky’s been through
  • Sam adores the way Bucky appreciates everything because of the way he grew up
  • Bucky adopts a cat and Sam claims he doesn’t like it, but he secretly falls in love with it
  • They aren’t big into pda, but will do it to gross people out
  • They love punching nazis and homophobes
  • Bucky likes sleeping without his prosthetic on because he knows it’s more comfortable for Sam
  • Sam never mentioned that, but Bucky just knew
  • Bucky teases Sam for his taste in music and tries to get Sam to listen to 30s and 40s music
  • Sam hates it but indulges Bucky because honestly he couldn’t care as long as Bucky’s happy

Ok that’s all I have for now 🥰

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