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I’m laughing so hard at the Marvel writers cause I’m convinced they don’t have the slightest idea they made Steve Rogers, America’s Rightous And Holy Man, probably the biggest thot in the MCU and all movies stand as proof

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Warnings: Some angst, some fluff, eventual SMUT

Chapters containing SMUT will be clearly labeled!

Word Count: 289

Author’s note: Hey guys! I’m really excited about this new idea! I’m working on chapter one and am hoping to be able to post it this weekend! But for now, here is kind of an introduction to my AU!Steve! I hope you enjoy and I would love to hear any feedback you guys might have! Here goes nothing!!


Have you ever met the perfect man? You know the one I’m talking about, right? Brilliant, handsome, and charming? Successful and generous? Well, I have. His name is Steven Grant Rogers and he’s the most breathtaking man I’ve ever seen, photoshopped models included. He’s tall and he takes good care of himself. His hair is always perfectly quaffed and his beard neatly trimmed. His suits are always tailored to fit his athletic build and his cologne is the most intoxicating scent known to man. The guy is an absolute knockout, extraordinarily bright and exceptionally kind. A Columbia Business School grad, he’s a shark in the boardroom, a lethal predator who stops at nothing to claim what is rightfully his. He negotiates deals that highbrow politicians envy. Though he is a hardass when it comes it his businesses, even his competitors have respect for the way he handles himself and his brand. As ruthless as he can be in business, there’s a side to him that the magazine covers and gossip websites miss. Steve lost both of his parents at a young age and he was taken in by his best friend’s family. Like a phoenix rises from the ashes, he grew from his personal tragedies but has never forgotten them. Every month, the man quietly donates to charities around the world, more money than most people will see in their lifetimes. The hospital his mother was a nurse at recently received a mystery donation of more than a million dollars. He never confirmed it was him, but I knew. 

So the answer is yes, I have met the perfect man. His name is Steven Grant Rogers, he’s my boss and I am completely and hopelessly, in love with him.

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Can we talk about Sam Wilson for a minute?

Like, okay. Usually fics have him as the voice of long-suffering common sense in the face of the Avengers’ self-sacrificing stupidity, and I love that Sam. 


Remember when Sam was in the army and decided to be one of two stealth agents who used an experimental technology to literally fly? Remember when, upon losing Riley, he promptly retired in favour of becoming a counselor of all things? Remember when Captain America was public enemy number one and he was like “man, come on in, you look like you could use some orange juice”?

This guy canonically has enough self-sacrificing stupidity to qualify for the title of Captain America.

Riley needs a literal wingman? Sam’s there, jetpacking his way behind enemy lines. Vets need a hand with adjusting to civilian life? Sam can do that. Pair of highly wanted fugitives show up at his door? Sure, he’ll help them out; he met one of them for all of five minutes, and Steve seemed pretty legit. Relatedly: Steve wants to defy the entire United Nations due to Moral Imperatives and also because the ex-Winter Soldier needs our help, Sam, he’s been framed? Ehh, Sam doesn’t care all that much about the Moral Imperatives, and frankly he thinks Barnes is probably guilty (of something, anyway), but he’s still with Steve 100%.

Sam is an idiot (and it will undoubtedly come back to bite him when the burnout finally hits. Kids, don’t try this at home). He is an idiot, and a gem, and I would happily die for him.

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@baggijaggi Comic limbo is when a character isn’t in anything or hasn’t been mentioned in a comics universe. This includes cameos and in order for someone to be out of comic limbo they have to appear in a current title. Sam is currently no where to be found. There have been huge events like the world ending since his last solo series in 2017. It could be because his last solo flopped, he’s not that popular, or just good old plain racism. I feel like a bunch of characters of color get nerfed especially black ones. The only black superheroes to my knowledge who haven’t been in comic limbo is black panther and maybe luke cage. I feel like in order for sam to get out of comic limbo a writer has to actually care about him as a character like al ewing did with monica rambeau

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since we were just talking about may i entice/prompt u with, "You smell nice." & "I'm here for my daily fix of hugs and kisses." for bookstore/cafe owners helensamsharon?

Helen Cho and Sharon Carter were the owners of the new bookstore in town, Old-Fashioned. The shop was a quiet one, but with tasteful chairs and couches dotting the ways and the shelves bursting with novels new and old. Old music added to the appeal, and you could find Sharon or Helen at any time recommending a book at just the right time. 

It soon became a popular destination in town and Sam Wilson walks in. 

“Good morning ladies,” he says, smiling. “I have an offer for you.” 

They sit down in armchairs and listen to Sam Wilson tell them about how the experience could be even better if there was a bakery/cafe next to or even joining the bookstore. 

“We’ll think about it,” Helen says firmly. “But if we do…what do you bring to people?” 

He procures a menu, and it takes all of Sharon’s willpower not to say “please move in immediately.” From sandwiches to pastries to all kinds of coffee confections and treats. 

So begins a partnership. 

Wilson’s adjoins Old Fashioned, and they knock down a wall to have coffee and bakery scents intermingle with books and binding. Helen and Sharon get to know Sam pretty well, and even help out in the kitchen sometimes. 

However, there’s a problem. 

They like him. In more than a “oh hey you’re a very cool friend and I’m glad we’re in business together :)” and in more of a “holy cow you’re really cute.” 

“What do we do?” Helen whispers. “We can’t just ask him out.” 

“We could,” Sharon says. “But we don’t know if–” 

“What are you two lovely ladies talking about?” Sam asks. 

Sharon spills coffee down her shirt. 

“How I have coffee down my shirt,” Sharon says blankly. “I’m going to go change now.” 

Across the street is Spider’s Web, one of the best bars in town. It’s run by wives Natasha Romanoff and Maria Hill, who can see everything from the front windows. They also happen to be quite good friends with Sharon and Helen and are having great fun witnessing how awkward both of them are. 

“What do you think it’ll be like if they have a drink in them?” Maria muses. 

“I want to see that,” Thor says, grinning. “It’d be funny.” 

Helen and Sharon get invited to a live music event over at Spider’s Web, and just happen to run into Sam. 

Helen nearly runs into a wall. 

“You gotta be more careful, how much have you had to drink?” Sam asks, moving her slightly. 

“Literally nothing,” Helen says. “No drinking yet. We just got here.” 



So then it’s a little awkward, but Sharon distracts and asks Sam if he’s ever had Nat’s Wicked Good Time. 

“No, what is it?” 

“Well, you’ll have to find out,” Sharon says. 

She huffs as she gets to the bar and gets a beer from Maria. 

“Why do people have to be so pretty?” 

“Genetics,” Maria says simply. “Go ask him out. You won’t know until you try. It’ll be awkward for a while if he says no, but you guys are pretty chill usually.” 

Sharon nods. 

“Also, i want to win a bet. Natasha says you won’t ask him out until next year. I don’t want to wait that long.” 

“I’m faster than that!” Sharon defends. 

“Yeah, but your wife isn’t.” 

It is at this moment that Sharon resolves to ask Sam out and also make sure that Natasha doesn’t win the bet. 

So she drags Helen over, tells her the plan, and they go up to Sam. 

“We think you’re very attractive,” Helen says, cheeks turning red. 

“And we wanted to know if maybe on Saturday night, you would want to close early and go on a date,” Sharon says. “If you’re comfortable with that.” 

Sam grins. 

“I’ve been dropping hints left and right, so glad you got them. When and where, gorgeous?” 

Maria happily accepts the fifty bucks from Nat’s hands, who is very grumpy. 

“Pleasure doing business with you, babe.” 

“Screw off. Besides, I’ll win the next one.” Maria follows her wife’s gaze towards Bruce Banner, the new science teacher in town. 

“Who you pairing him up with?” 

“A certain bartender of ours,” Natasha says, jerking her thumb over to Thor. 

“You think he’ll go for him?” 

“If he has taste, then yes.” 

“You’re on,” Maria says. “Thirty bucks that Thor doesn’t ask him out for a year.” 

“You remember how well your bet went last time,” Natasha says. 

“It went quite well.” 

“Only because you told Sharon.” 

Maria smiles, watching Helen, Sam, and Sharon walk out the door. 

“I think I’m right.” 

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“It’s everywhere! Why the hell do people play with this shit? Who pulls this kind of prank off? This is the worst thing in existence!”

Steve listened to Bucky curse up a storm after all the yelling and turned to look at Sam, who did his best to look sheepish. “What did you do?”

“I didn’t do anything.”


“I didn’t. But I might know who did.” When Sam didn’t elaborate, Steve lifted a brow. “Remember how Bucky pranked Nat last week? This was her revenge. She put glitter in his shampoo and conditioner.”

Steve’s eyes widened. “That’s just evil.”

*Looks innocent* What? Glitter is evil! LOL. The word of Day 14 of the Drabble-Ween challenge was Glitter (From the list here) and uh yeah I have no excuse for this drabble lol. Thanks!

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Hey guys! I have 10 days left on my contract, then I’ll have stable wifi where I can update more! Ah!! Can’t wait!!

Warnings for this: Um…I don’t think there are any? I mean, it isn’t edited because really, my wifi sucks. 


Originally posted by peters-suit

Chapter Four — Hustle

“You sure you got this?” Sam’s concern was evident. He watched Y/N eye the flashing lights just past the curtain and knew this was a big step for her. She used to have this sort of thing handled, no problem. But that was then and then was quite a long time ago.  

Bucky didn’t say anything, simply watching her, studying her body language. She was fiddling with her sleeves, crossing her legs and rubbing her calf with her heel.

She wanted to run.

“Of course I do,” she told Sam, giving him that oh-so-dazzling smile. Bucky didn’t believe it. Neither did Sam. Even so, they knew better than to question her about this sort of thing. “Just…don’t go tackling any of them, okay? It would really kill the image I’m trying to build.” Tugging at her sleeves once more, she gave them a thumbs up and walked on stage.

Now came the harder part — trying to convince the press that they were wrong.

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