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Imagine this though…

Steve, Sam, Bucky and y/n singing the cheetah girls’ soundtrack!

Just imagine it!! Maybe some musical demon sets a spell where everyone breaks out in song & dance (like that one Buffy episode) idk…. but it would be amazing

*cough cough*

@sebbbystaaan @valkyriesryde @stuckonjbbarnes @mushyjellybeans @imma-new-soul @bitchassbucky @honeyvbarnes

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Sam: Do you know how to dance?

Steve: Yes. Well. No. But. Yes. Huh.

Sam: I might need more than that

Steve: Well you see, Bucky, huh, he…I know waltzs but.

Bucky: He was “the girl”

Steve: Yeah well whose fault was that

Bucky: Yours obviously, I had dates to attend and you were 4 feet tall, asking me how to dance. You never asked what, you #%$£×¥# idiot.

Sam: How the fuck did you-

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You Are My Favorite Place

some fluffy stevetony , sarah rogers being a total mom., sam&bucky being dickish and mediocre writing. give me a  hell yeah in the comments if this fic speaks to you in some way.

Tony’s heart is flailing, to put it lightly. He is trembling slightly which is only partly because of the chill. 

The last time he had felt this nervous was when he had to tell his father that he wasn’t going to finish one his assigned projects in time. And he’d had every right to be afraid then. Right now, he doesn’t know why he feels like his stomach is cementing. 

He exhales deeply and presses the the door bell, hearing the muffled sound of it ringing somewhere in the house. 

A blonde head peeks in through the half ajar door a moment later and then swings open entirely, to reveal a smiling Steve, dressed in a casual white tee and jeans. 

Simple as ever, Tony’s boyfriend is a dream. 

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Show Off

(Avengers x starkdaughter!reader)

@imrelatedtothedragon​ here’s your prompt. I hope this is fluffy enough for you. 

@ilovefanfics2019​ I’ve already started you prompt and hope to finish it soon. 


Originally posted by fluffysax

“Okay everyone! Make sure you put sunscreen on the backs of your knees because trust me you do not want to get sunburnt there.” The surfing instructor, Zach, told you and the other Avengers. Your dad, Tony felt the stress of everyone on the team and decided to take everyone to one of your many secluded beach houses, and some of the Avengers wanted to try surfing. So here you were on the beach with Steve, Thor, Nat, Sam, Bucky, and Peter with the instructor Tony had hired. The others decided to stay back and take some time for themselves. 

You’ve been surfing before, but decided to join in on the fun. So you pretended that you had no idea how to surf before, asking stupid questions to Zack that you already knew that answer too, but wanted to continue looking dumb in front of the other Avengers. 

You watched the other Avengers struggle with the whole concept for awhile before you went to join them. You paddled out to where Zack was, he turned you around on your board.

“I’ll watch for a wave and push you toward the beach. Listen for my voice and then go ahead and try and stand up on the board.” Zack told you, suddenly your board was being pushed forward and you heard Zack yell. “Now!” You flawlessly got up on the board and coasted to the shore. You heard Peter cheer for you before you turned around to make your way back to the others. 

You turned around to see Sam wipe out again, he popped out of the water clearly frustrated. “I can fly with wings on my back but I can’t get up on this stupid board.” He complains as he hauls himself back up on the board.

You continued to ‘improve’ on your surfing skills, eventually being able to pick out your own waves, while all of the Avengers were struggling but were slowly getting back. 

All of you have been surfing for hours and you were all exhausted, once you got back to the house you collapsed on the pool chairs outside. Some of them joined you, others went back into the house to shower the salt water off of them. Later on, you heard Steve, Sam and your dad walk out the poolside. 

“You should have seen her Tony. She was a natural on the board.” Steve said.

“Y/N?” Tony asked with surprise in his voice. He knew you’ve been surfing throughout your life and were pretty good, and you were hoping he wouldn’t spill that you’ve already been surfing. 

“Yeah man. Seriously I can’t believe that it was her first time surfing.” Sam stated.

“Well it’s not her first time. She’s been surfing since she was four.” 

“WHAT!” You heard Sam and Steve yell and immeadiately look in your direction. You gave them a sheepish smile and shrug of your shoulders. 

“Oh you are so going to pay.” Sam sauntered towards you. You quickly got up from your seat and ran into the house to longer avoid the punishment you were going to receive soon or later. You somehow kept managing to dodge both Steve and Sam but you sooner ran into Bucky. 

“Bucky move please!” You begged trying to get around him but he wouldn’t budge. 

“Why? Who are you running from?” Bucky asked with a smirk on his face.

“Buck! Grab her she cheated.” Sam yelled. You quickly tried to back up and run another direction but Bucky quickly grabbed you and held you close to his chest. He bent down and whispered in your ear. “You know running away only makes this worse Y/N.” His breath was tickling your ear so you couldn’t help but let out a giggle and squirm away from him. “What’s wrong Y/N? Does this tickle?” Bucky asked as he continued to blow lightly in your ear. Bucky was walking you out into the living room with you still squirming in his arms. You looked up and saw Steve and Sam waiting for you with evil grins on their faces.

Bucky proceeded to drop your on the floor immediately sitting on your waist so you couldn’t get away. Steve grabbed your arms and Sam sat on your legs behind Bucky.

“Well Y/N since you lied about being able to surf, I believe we should punish you for lying to make sure you don’t do it again.” Steve said in a typical righteous Captain America tone. He lightly started to trail his fingers down your arms and you started to giggle again at the maddening light ticklish feeling that it was causing. You also started to feel light fluttering against the soles of your feet and tried to kick your legs away but that was impossible due to Bucky and Sam sitting on your legs. 

“Sahaham. Steheheheve.” You giggled out.

“What? This is only fair. You watched us struggle so it’s only fair that we makes you struggle as well.” Sam said as he continued to torment your feet. Bucky suddenly started to poke around your stomach and ribs which caused a whole new level of laughter. 

“Uh oh. Is someone to ticklish to handle this?” Bucky teased you, knowing that would only make the whole situation worse for you. 

“Nohoho Buhuhucky!” You squealed as he continued to torment your ribs by vibrating his fingers in-between each and every one of them. Also since you were wearing a swimsuit and the all had direct skin contact made the entire situation worse. 

“Bucky? What about me?” Steve said as he switched his methods to vibrate his fingers on your upper ribs and armpits causing you to hysterically laugh. 

“Yeah, why are you only asking Bucky to stop.” Sam said as he began to scratch right beneath the ball of your foot which caused that deep belly laughter that all of the Avengers loved to hear.

The three of them continued to tease and torment you with tickles until Peter walked into the living and looking upon the scene in front of him. “What did she do now?” Peter asked like this was a normal occurrence which it was. All of the Avengers loved your laugh and how ticklish you were so this was more common than you would have liked it to be. 

“Well little Y/N already knows how to surf, so that’s why she never wiped out.” Steve informed Peter.

“Well, if you really want to make her laugh. You aren’t attacking the right spot.” Your stomach plummeted to the floor. Peter was your best friend so you two had many tickle fights throughout your years of friendship and Peter accidentally discovered a ticklish spot that you never had but was easily your worst spot. 

“Well spiderling. Where would this spot be exactly?” Sam eagerly asked so he could know for next time. 

“Here let me show you.” Peter motioned for Sam to get off of you so he could take his place, Bucky proceeded to get off of your waist, but Steve continued to hold your arms up so you couldn’t block Peter’s attack. 

“Please Peter.” You looked at him with a kicked puppy look to hopefully grant you some mercy.

“Sorry Y/N, you need to learn not to lie to the Avengers.” Peter said as he started to squeeze right above your knees. You let out an inhuman like scream before desperately trying to kick your legs away from Peter’s grasp but due to his spider strength he wasn’t going anywhere so your legs were stuck in place. After awhile Peter stopped to let you catch your breath but you knew that he wasn’t finished because that wasn’t the spot he was going to for. “So Y/N are you going to apologize for lying to us?” Peter asked as he moved his fingers to the spot that no one else knew about, yet.

When you didn’t answer when Peter wanted you too, you felt his fingers lightly fluttering behind your knees and you didn’t even have time to laugh as you quickly were silently laughing and to exhausted to move, so you didn’t have any other choice but just to endure the horrific feeling of tickles on the back of your knees. Since Steve was only holding just below your wrists you had full use of your wrists and hands, so you started rapidly hitting Steve’s arm with your hand. 

“Pete, she’s tapping out.” Steve said with a smirk. Peter immediately stopped and let you catch your breath. 

“I’m sorry.” You said with giggles leaking out of your mouth still. Steve let your arms go and you sat up to push Peter off of your legs. You quickly got up and went go sit out by the pool to avoid anymore tickles at the moment. But knowing the Avengers they would find another way to torment you with tickles during this get away. 

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Sam Wilson’s Adventures As A Writer

This started here:

Sam, after hearing Bucky’s crazy ass idea of a simulation utopia in a dystopian world at three a.m.: you should write a book

Bucky, tired from talking for four hours straight: will you co-write it if I did?


Sam: only if you write the murder mystery I suggested

Bucky: damn right i would. Deal!

Updates will come

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Solo Sam Missions

Sam, sighing, complaining about his “job”: I just want to be taken out

Bucky, still recovering from the HYDRA order programmed in him, under a different name: like… on a date, or a sniper?

Sam: surprise me

Bucky, a flexible man:

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Hello Friends! 

I’ve done this before, but it’s time again! 

I’ll be opening up writing commissions! I am going to move to Spain in about 8 months, and in order to pay for all my expenses (flight, living expenses, school tuition, visa, etc.) I need $25,000. The reality is, I have about $5,000 to my name right now, and oh yeah $4,000 left in student loans. So, aside from working about four jobs, selling all my belongings, etc, I am going to be writing for you! 

Message me with any concerns/requests.

Payment will be made through PayPal or Venmo. 

I’m happy to write other subjects (ships and reader fics welcome), you’ll just need to talk to me about it first to make sure I have a grasp on what it is! 

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Pairing: Single dad!Bucky Barnes x reader. (Modern day AU)

Summary: As a simple worker at a record store, there’s so much you want to do in life yet, which doesn’t involve a serious relationship and much less a relationship with a guy who’s a father. Once you meet Bucky Barnes you’re not sure you can live up to that anymore.

I am sorry that this part is so short but good things are coming I promise!

Requests are open. Tagging for a permanent list and this fic are open.

Reblogging and feeback are welcome and appreciated!

Series masterlist | Masterlist


Tuesdays are sale days at the store, which obviously means they’re crowded days, and even if many people would differ, you love watching people spending their money on things as valuable as records. It’s fun to see couples walking in and buying CD’s for each other, and it’s even better when someone comes in completely clueless about music and you can instruct them about what to buy for themselves or for a gift.

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Queen of Thieves: Takes place just after the MC breaks up with Nikolai.

Avengers: Takes place during The Winter Soldier, but with additional characters.

Unknown!Nick Fury x reader, (previous) Nikolai Stirling x reader, platonic!Natasha Romanoff x reader, (eventual) Steve Rogers x reader.

Some statements: 

1. Anything that’s spoken in another language will be in bold and English. Saves bad translations.

2. Any text messages will be in block capitals and bold.

Summary: The Poppy have finally found out where Y/N is. But do they finally see her after over a month of searching? Meanwhile, Y/N is making progress with Bucky into coming to grips with reality and having control of himself once again after almost 50 years of brainwashing. Natasha is beginning to get suspicious of the girl that has caught the attention of Captain Rogers.


Originally posted by marveledits

Chapter Three

It had been over a month since they landed in New York, but the Poppy had yet to figure out where Y/N was. Apart from the two sightings in some random coffee shop, she had been off the grid. They still didn’t know who had taken her, but Nikolai wasn’t going to lose hope yet just yet. The Thief Lord was determined to find her as was the rest of them, he just had more reasons why. The turmoil was building up inside of him, his regret, the pain of their breakup. It was a cliche, the saying; you don’t know what you have until you lose it. How true could that be right now. Nikolai loved Y/N and he was done denying it. Once he found her he was going to apologise profusely about not letting her in.

A knock wrapped onto his door. Jett poked his head through the gap. “Hey, we know where she is living.” Slamming down his papers onto his desk he ran out of the door there wasn’t a moment to waste when it came to Y/N. All Niko wanted was to talk to her, find out how he can bring her back home. Though, with how most of her background was hidden courtesy of Fury, he never caught on that he never knew the real Y/N.

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Remember (40189 words) by smileybarnes
Chapters: 10/10
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, MCU
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: James “Bucky” Barnes/Sam Wilson, James “Bucky” Barnes & Sam Wilson, sambucky, multiple wholesome friendships
Characters: James “Bucky” Barnes, Sam Wilson, Shuri, Wanda Maximoff, Sharon Carter, Peter Parker, Characters Based on Marvel Comics Canon, Minor Original Characters - Character, Steve Rogers mentions - Character
Additional Tags: PTSD, Trauma, Anxiety, Mental Health Issues, Romance, Self-Esteem Issues, sad but hopeful, bucky recovery, every chapter will have its own more specific content warning
Series: Part 1 of Remember & Commemorate

To know who he is nowadays, James will have to look back to the man he once was. This is a story about self rediscovery, acceptance and growth.

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