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sam: omg Michael, if Adam becomes a wedding planner, you could save a ton of money on your wedding

michael: what makes you think I’d let him plan my wedding

adam: what makes you think I’d give him a discount


dean: what makes you think they’re not marrying each other

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Sam :D

aaaa thank u for asking this is what i was waiting for lbr :D

  • favorite thing about them: his capacity for empathy and kindness is literally??? unparalleled?? the world threw everything it had at him to try to get him to become cruel or evil and instead he still has so much love and kindness and hope in his heart
  • least favorite thing about them: oof this is hard. probably his passivity at times which can lead to him allowing really bad things happening a la jack in the box (i’m aware this is a product of abuse and i feel really bad for him bc of it it :( but it is still a flaw so it makes me sad on a lot of levels)
  • favorite line: i will never be over “people can change, there is reason for hope”
  • brOTP: i WANT to be able to say sam and dean bc they are the core of the show but also. dean pisses me off a lot and doesn’t treat sam very well. sam and cas are good but i also like them for otp. OH SAM AND ROWENA
  • OTP: sastilel and saileen (and sam x jess will always have a special place in my heart despite everything but does. Not Have A Lot To Pull From so.)
  • nOTP: s*mifer, s*briel
  • random headcanon: he worked at least a couple of jobs in college bc a) looks good on resume and b) even though he got a full ride, that doesn’t always cover living expenses or things like groceries, and he didn’t have any support other than himself
  • unpopular opinion: idk how unpopular it is in my precious little corner of Sam Fandom but ive noticed a few people in the more general fandom refer to one of his flaws as being “slightly classist” before and i really don’t see it? he grew up fairly poor, and its canon that john didnt always leave enough money for food. sam wanted a better life for himself but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t respect people in low income situations? plus he definitely Did Not Think of himself as “above” that maintenance job at the motel in the flashbacks in s8, and didn’t lie about it to amelia’s father, despite the fact that he knew he was getting judged. so idk that idea seems weird to me
  • song i associate with them: broken crown by mumford and sons bc i’m basci lmao
  • favorite picture of them: HARD TO CHOOSE but i’m particularly fond of his cute lil face in this picture from 9.04 slumber party. so squish so soft so cute

(screenshot from homeofthenutty)

thanks for the ask friend! i’m love him :’)

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The Abomination and The Angel ½

soft hands and gentle touches, warm lips and sapphire eyes.

calloused hands and rough push-and-pulls, dry lips and dark eyes.

sam knows they’re complete opposites. the Abomination and the Angel. castiel is a sun shoved into a human form, lightning pulled into a bottle. a clean, pure light, warm and powerful. sam himself is tainted, dirty. a blackened soul inside a broken, ugly body. it pains him, deep in his ash colored soul, that he could never compare with the might of the Angel.

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Hear Me Out: Anti-Destiel People and Destiel Shippers

Ok, don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely a fan of destiel; which is evident in 90% of my content.

However, I think a distinction has to be made between destiel fans who just like to explore the idea of them being in love, and fans who legitimately want it to happen in the show.

I don’t want it to happen in the show for real. It doesn’t fit with the established facts about Dean and Cas. Dean is not into guys (as far as we know, but the writers make it pretty clear.) Cas, with the exception of the one scene when he was human, doesn’t really show sexual intent or interest toward anyone at all. If the writers planned to make them a thing from the get go, maybe it could become cannon. However, that’s just not who these characters ARE. And the show isn’t about romance or sex or any of that stuff anyway. So adding a destiel arc with some repressed homophobia plotline into the show to explain it all wouldn’t even fit with the plot or style; it would just muddy things up and we’d lose the core of the show: “Saving people, hunting things, the family business.” That’s not to say it wouldn’t be compelling or good TV; but it wouldn’t be relevant to the premise of the show in the first place. If it were to become cannon, which it won’t anyway, at this point it would feel like the most blatant pandering to audiences ever cause there is no real concrete motivation for it to happen in the show.

All that being said, I do like the idea of them together. An angel and a hunter that have a profound bond and love each other and kick ass together sounds fucking awesome. They also have a loaded history which makes the pairing all the more interesting to think about as a ship. Plus Castiel’s dry humor and practicality juxtaposed with Dean’s silliness and ruggedness is a pairing that balances each other out well when it comes to their back and forth as a couple. And they’re both hot as fuck. It’s for these reasons I like to make fan videos and fics of them together.

I am NOT okay with them abusing each other, which certainly does happen. But people always frame it like Dean is the only one being abusive. He’s not. Cas has done some shitty stuff to Dean too. And sure Dean is verbally an asshole to him a lot more, but keep in mind that he sees Castiel as an hundreds of years old angel. He doesn’t see him as a fragile hearted person who can’t take it. I’M NOT SAYING THAT MAKES IT OKAY, I’m just putting context to it. The world they exist in also is not the same as ours. Their world is filled with death and violence. They are both accustomed to that atmosphere, and therefore probably don’t put as much weight on hurtful words as we would. And in terms of physical abuse sometimes they felt they had to hurt each other or betray each other in order to save the world or stop them from hurting others. Keep in mind this is also a television show where conflict is necessary between characters, and Sam and Dean then arguably have a much more abusive relationship as brothers based on the shit they’ve put each other through. And these characters are dealing with much larger stakes which causes them to make much more harmful decisions.

ABUSE IS NEVER OKAY. My only point is that destiel isn’t this one way street where Dean is a monster and Cas is his punching bag. People try to say it is. I understand where they are coming from, but I disagree. There’s more substance and complexity to their relationship than that.

Moral of the story is you can like destiel and still not want it to actually happen on the show. You don’t have to like the ship at all either. But don’t act like everyone who likes destiel is promoting abuse. And don’t act like everyone who ships destiel is vehemently campaigning for it to actually become canonical.

(As a side note I just want to say that all opinions on this are valid and you can disagree. I’m just saying what I think as someone who loves the show and the characters and has watched - and rewatched a million times - since the beginning.)

Also I love Eileen and Sam as a couple and I’m really happy THAT is moving towards canon at the moment, because it actually does fit with the characters and situation without muddying you the central focus of the show. Also I don’t think Eileen loses any of her character or individuality simply by being interested in Sam or vice versa. People have been saying that Sam is just being paired off with Eileen and that it will steal focus from his character. But this actually fits with the recurring conflict for Sam’s character where he really deep down always wanted a normal life. That struggle to be content. In the more recent seasons he has given up on that and figured he couldn’t settle down cause he always gets dragged back into the life and doesn’t want to leave his brother. But with Eileen maybe he can have both. It’s a compelling storyline which actually brings out interesting themes he used to deal with in earlier seasons. It’s not out of the blue, and it doesn’t change who he is. Just putting that out there.

Differences in opinion on any of this are welcome and respected.

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Sam: I’m having trouble finding the perfect time to say the L-word to Cas.

Jack: What? Lettuce?

Sam: No, its four letters.

Jack: Lice?

Dean: What about lice?

Jack: Sam has lice.

Dean: I’m definitely getting the clippers.

Sam: Wait no, I don’t, Jack I meant love, not lice.

Dean: What about love?

Sam: I am trying to tell Cas I love him.

Cas: You love me? Oh no.

The Empty: You’re kidding me right? That’s what killed you?

Cas: Technically it was you that killed me, not that.

The Empty: I hate you.

Cas: The feeling is mutual. Aren’t we back at square one? I’m still up.

The Empty: I’m aware. I’m sending you back because that was pathetic. You didn’t even say it back.

Sam: I killed him?! Jack why didn’t you say something sooner?

Jack: I didn’t think that would kill him! I assumed you guys said that all the time!

Cas: I was caught off guard. Give me a break.

Sam: You’re back?

Cas: Yes, the Empty said it was pathetic how that’s what killed me.

Dean: It was kind of sad.

Cas: Bite me.

Sam: Wait is the deal still on or…

Cas: I’m not sure, the Empty wasn’t very specific.

Sam: I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to kill you.


Cas: Are you really apologizing for making me so happy I got sent to the Empty?

Sam: No. Yes, sort of. I’m sorry for not appreciating you enough.

Cas: Do you know how difficult you make it to not be happy? If it wasn’t for the world always crashing and burning, I would’ve been sent to the Empty a long time ago. Like I said before, I was caught off guard.

Dean: Still pathetic.

Cas pointing to Dean: He’s the main reason I’ve never been truly happy.

Dean: Hear that Sammy- wait what?

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