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There’s just something really comforting about Sam Winchester’s face. He seems like the type of person who you could hug forever.

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So now that it’s father’s day, I’m going to do a ‘Dad’ post for Sam and Dean. They don’t have as many father figures as mother figures, but they are important too. So here are my favorite fathers in Supernatural, specifically to Sam and Dean.


John is a touchy subject with many, but he is still the boys father. Yes, he failed the boys in some aspects, but it is also important to note that he did what he could and he really did love Sam and Dean. Before Mary’s death, he appeared to be an awesome father, and even afterwards he was still trying to protect the boys in his own way, like keeping them separated from Azazil for as long as he could. Like Dean said, he isn’t going to win any father of the year awards, but he was their Dad and they still love him.


Sam and Dean’s adopted father. They stayed with Bobby a lot growing up, and Bobby saw them as boys, like they were. He even took Dean out to throw a baseball instead of target practicing because he was a kid and needed to act like a kid. Bobby was a good influence on Sam and Dean and he was there for them when they needed him. He took them in after John died and had been by their side every day until his soul was finally laid to rest. Bobby cares about them a lot, even getting mad at his friend Rufus for implying that the boys aren’t his.

Jim Murphy

So while we don’t actually see them interact, we know Jim was a father like figure to Sam and Dean. When the boys weren’t hunting with John, or at Bobby’s, then they were at Jim’s. We saw Dean and Sam each call Jim in the first season when they needed some help, and we know when Sam got attacked by the striga, John took them to Jim’s. Jim also cares about Sam and Dean, enough that he was willing to die to keep John’s location a secret from Meg because it would endanger Sam and Dean as well. Sadly, Jim is one of those characters that we heard much more about then ever got to actually see.


This one is exclusively Dean, since Sam didn’t meet Sonny until much much later. Sonny had Dean in his home for two months. He trusted 16 year old Dean enough to make him the foreman on his farm after a month, and he cared about Dean’s welbeing. He gave Dean advice and worked hard to get the charges of shoplifting dropped from Dean. Then he was willing to stick out his neck and fight to have Dean stay on his farm and live with him. Dean tells Sam he hardly remembers Sonny’s, but everyone knows both in universe and out of universe that Dean’s stay at Sony’s was very important and special to him. When Sonny called for help Dean was ready to go racing to New York that minute to help him. It’s clear the two have remained in contact and still care about each other a lot.

Honorable mentions of awesome Dad’s in Supernatural

These three idiots and their nephelium son. Cas is defiantly Jack’s dad without question. Unlike Lucifer, Cas was there to protect Jack. Sam and Dean are a little more controversial, but Jack has said Sam and Dean are also his dad’s, and other characters have called them his dad’s so it is official.

While Cass and Sam have only been seen in a ‘dad’ role for Jack, we have seen Dean in a parental role much more often. Mostly to Sam, Ben, and Jack, but there were other kids too. Lucas, Timmy, Todd, Krissy, Claire, Alex, and even to an extent the boy Michael, Bobby John, and baby Amara. Dean is really good with kids over all. Even kids that he hadn’t had the best relationship with, especially in the beginning, like Kevin, Claire, Kaia, and Jack have all come around to actually liking and trusting Dean.

Bill Harvelle

While we never actually see him and never get to meet him, there is no question that he was a great dad, at least as far as Ellen and Jo are concerned. Jo wanted to be a hunter because she wanted to be like him. She carried around his knife and she looked up to him as her hero.

Henry Winchester

I debated putting him on this list, because I sure as hell am NOT putting Samuel Campbell on it. While I don’t think he was the greatest grandfather, looking down on Sam and Dean for being hunters and willing to risk Sam and Dean never being born in order to return to John; he did redeem himself in the end and he was a very caring father to his son John. After all, if there is anything that Supernatural has in spades it’s fathers who have made serious mistakes. Henry was thought to have abandoned his son, but in reality got sent forward in time and died to protect his two grandsons. He was a good man, a man who learned where his flaws were and tried to fix them for the better of his family. He loved and cared about John so much, so that is why I put him on here.

Unfortunately Supernatural doens’t exactly have a long line of amazing fathers. Chuck is canonly a terrible father, Crowley and Gavin don’t have a positive relationship until after they are both dead and their spirits are twisted and damaged. Samuel Campbell didn’t really care what Mary wanted for her life and he was an even worse grandfather then he was a father. None of the other characters have sold out their family to demons and stood by watching as one was dragged off to be eaten by monsters. I swear one of the running themes of this series is shitty fathers. However that doesn’t mean there aren’t any awesome ones, like 99% of the fans all pretty much agree Bobby was an amazing father figure. Anyway, Happy father’s day.

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I dont wanna do my homework and my adhd brain is actin up dad what do i do

If it’s really bad (like you tried a few things and still can’t work) I would say you could do a sort of short reward system. Most people say use a system of like an hour of work= 1 break/reward. But I find that if you shorten that to be a sentence. or one problem= reward/break, it works much better for maintaining focus on the subject.
I hope that helps. I’m sorry if it doesn’t though.

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Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Major Character Death
Relationships: Sam Winchester/Reader
Characters: Dean Winchester (Mentioned), Castiel (mentioned), Sam Winchester, Reader
Additional Tags: Angst, pure angst, Grief, Reader-Insert, Pregnant Reader, Single Motherhood, Dean’s dead, Sam’s dead, Hunting life is hard

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You sit in the cool grass with your back against the tree as the summer heat presses against you making perspiration bead up on your skin.

“It’s nice out today. Not sure I like the heat though,” You explain as you look up at the clear blue sky.

“Maybe we can go swimming later on,” You look to your right and smile, “you love swimming. Even if you look like a giant otter while doing it. A sexy otter.”

Sighing you look back upward, “I’ve got a job interview this coming Monday. I’m getting out of hunting finally. Try my hand at being a civilian for a while, see how that pans out.” A tear slips down your face as you rest your hand on the tombstone and another on your rounded, pregnant stomach.

“I miss you, Sam. Every day I wake up and swear I can still smell your aftershave but then I remember you’re not there. You’re up in heaven with Dean. At least that’s what Cas says. I hope you guys aren’t driving everyone crazy like you did me. I kinda miss that too.” You wipe away a tear and then continue, “We’re having a boy. His name’s Samuel Dean Winchester. I hope you like it.”

You stand with a bit of effort and bend down to kiss the cool slab of marble, whispering. “I love you, baby. I’ll always love you.”

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  • Every devils trap and holy oil ring they create is always a PERFECT circle.
  • The boys drive around in a rare, eye-catching car, yet get never caught by police due to it.
  • Sam´s hair always stay´s perfect.
  • All the countless injuries the Winchesters suffer never leave scars.
  • The bunker is always clean. (I mean, come on, do you have any idea how much work it would be to keep a place like that clean? The state of that bat cave is clearly supernatural!)
  • Baby is not exactly a subtle car. It “purrs” loud. Yet, the baddies never hear her coming!
  • Dean physically stays in top shape with a burger diet and a continiuing aversion towards any form of workout.
  • There is always a book ready at hand with whatever information is necessary for the case they are currently on. This dates way back to the boy´s road-tripping, motel-hopping pre-bunker times. Where do they hide all these books? Maybe there´s Extension Charm on Baby´s trunk? (You know, like the one on Hermione´s handbag.)
  • Sam is still a walking, talking, functioning human. DESPITE ALL HIS HEAD TRAUMAS!
  • If you want to tie the boy´s up, just use a rope as thick as an arm and wrap it once around their wrists. That seem´s to be enough to keep them tied up. No knots required. Never use handcuff´s, though. Those won´t hold them for five minutes.
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AUTHOR NOTE: This was requested by alyssa.santoss

You met the boys about a year and a half ago, and you Sam had been seeing each other secretly for about six months. You weren’t sure why you guys kept it secret, maybe because you were both scared of calling what you had a real romance. So one day Dean was getting food and Castiel and Jack were on a small angel related case so you and Sam had some time to yourselves. You guys laid in Sam’s bed snuggled up, stealing kisses from each other. Sometimes from the lips or on the nose, or Sam would softly nuzzle his nose on your neck or kiss it.

These small moments you guys got were complete bliss to you and you loved every moment you got. Dean was heading to his room with some burgers and a beer in hand when he heard you giggle from Sam’s room. He saw Sam’s door was cracked open and looked in. He smiled at the two of you all lovey-dovey. He took out his phone and snapped a picture for evidence later.
“Did you hear that?” you asked Sam.

“Hear what?” he asked looking at you a little concerned.

“Like a cell phone snap when it takes a picture,” you said.

“I didn’t hear anything,” he said. You brushed it off and enjoyed the time with Sam you had before everyone got back.



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For ask game: It's too early for this. You can choose the fandom

Supernatural. Well, Superphantom, but without any DP characters. Can you guess the setting?


“It’s too early for this,” groaned Dean.

“Dude, it’s four in the afternoon.”

Dean shot his brother a look. “Yeah, but look at this place. Creepy old closed down lab at the edge of town that still reeks of chemicals? That’s a horror setting, right there, even if you ignore the weird green gunk that’s everywhere.”

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