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#samantha smith

Fact: I love Samantha Smith so much you guys

She called me cute in our op. I was already feeling cute that day and now I can die happy. Then later I went to get her autograph and she complimented me AGAIN and we don’t deserve her.

I also asked what colors she thought I should use for Mary for @studiowinchester and she gave me two gorgeous colors. I have plans (plans which will not be seen by the interwebs till after I launch my Ruby item, so be patient).

Also, she hugged me and she smelled like heaven and I love her so much you guys I can’t even put it into words

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Okay so this one, has a story, k, so we walked up and Samantha’s face just lit up and I went to stand by her and she grabbed on tight to my shoulders and dragged me in front of her and said to stand there(I was basically leaning on her!) And bc I was basically leaning on her when the picture was done and I went to walk away… I tripped over her foot and she caught me(with the cutest little noise) and smiled down at me, I was so freaking embarrassed that I tripped!!!

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Spn spoilers

So just because jack messes up because hes evil with no soul, they’re just going to give up????? What about when he was good.

Whenever its not sam or dean they always wanna kill the person.

What about soulless sam they didnt kill him. What about demon dean or michael dean they FOUGHT for dean to get better smhhhh.

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Supernatural Challenge|Day 23

Mary Winchester

Originally posted by mariamaynot

Um she is a total badass. she meant so much to the boys and gave great advice. for crying out loud she punched the devil in the face multiple times. (still salty about last episode)

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