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Reminder to wlw that you do not have to settle for any girl!! I know that it often seems like you won’t ever be able to find love and that any relationship would be better than none, but you deserve to be in a relationship with a person who truly cares for you. Don’t settle for someone who ignores your boundaries, disrespects your identity, etc. You deserve real love, and you can find it.

💗this post includes and applies doubly to trans women💗

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it’s really important to really look at your identity and be ok with change or realizing you may have been wrong before. let me explain:

to add some context to my experience, up until about a year ago I identified as asexual. I still loved women but it was a really… difficult and confusing time for me and my sexuality. then I realized I was a lesbian and allowed myself to fully embrace being a lesbian and especially very recently I feel like I’ve been heavily coming into my true lesbian self and it feels so… freeing! I feel really good, way more confident in myself, happier with elements of my body. I used to be more hyper-feminine, never left the house without a FULL face of makeup. now I rarely feel like I need to wear it and when I do I do it for me because I like a bit of makeup sometimes! I’m more happy and comfortable now!

and that’s why I’m still trying to figure out my style and where I fit in all of this, and I’m so so grateful for the wonderful lesbian community being here for me while I’m on this journey! I’m also so grateful for the ace community for being there when I needed them as well! I love you all!

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Femmes with short hair and wear dark colours should be validated alongside those with long hair and love pastel colours!

Same thing goes for butches who wear bright colours and keep their hair up in a ponytail, bun, braid, etc. They don’t have to wear black, navy, dark red, etc!

Androgynous lesbians don’t have to dress femme or butch to be a valid lesbian, either! (Heard some people say you have to be either femme or butch)

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“"What do you want to do with your life??”“ Write novels just for my own enjoyment, love animals and kiss ladies but that’s just not enough for y'all in this money-driven hellscape is it

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