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1888 color chromolithograph which depicts, in great detail, various pieces of Celtic jewelry from the middle and late Iron Age. Discovered in Scandinavia, these gorgeous necklaces, bracelets, fibulas, rings and pendants offer a unique glimpse into the amazing craftsmanship which was taking place in Northern Europe at the time.

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Headcannon of the Disney Princess sleepover house in wreck it Ralph where Elsa and Anna listen to disgusting black metal (obviously because they’re Scandinavian duh) and it freaks out the other princesses but eventually some of them come around and realise that metal is life.

Also, A Dying God Coming into Human Flesh is totally Elsa’s jam because it’s about like winter and cold stuff and a being who is shifting between mortality and godhood and also like “frozen is heaven and frozen is hell and I am dying in my living human shell” those lyrics are Elsa as fuck.

But also These Woods Breath Evil because it’s about being chased by mysterious voices into a spooky enchanted forest and not quite knowing what you are and going through a transformation that’s scary but also inevitable.

In conclusion I’ve realised this is a post about how Frozen is metal as fuck, thanks for coming to my ted talk.

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Are sirens sometimes called nixies? Because they sort of have the same actions

Sirens are from Greek Mythology and are depicted as birds with women’s heads (much like harpies) and scaly feet, or women with bird legs, or simply beautiful women without wings or bird features. Originally said to be either male or female they became almost exclusively female around the 5th Century B.C.

Despite always being depicted as beings that lured mariners, they were often shown as being in flower filled meadows by the Greeks rather than as Sea Deities. It was Roman writers who linked them more closely to the sea by christening them as daughters of Phorcys. As birds it was merely their voices which were entrancing, making the decision to use birds rather straightforward. But as simply beautiful women on rocky sea isles, their bodies also became associated with the ability to lure sailors in.

Nixies on the other hand are more common in Germanic and Scandinavian Folkore. Said to be shape shifting water spirits who could take on many different forms, they are closely related to the Scottish Kelpie which could transform into a horse like creature which would entice a rider onto its back before diving to the bottom of the lake or river and drowning them to eat. There were many different names and variations on them in different parts of Europe, however the Germanic names are Nixe, for the females, and Nix for the males.

To be honest, Nixies are probably more closely related to merfolk and undines than they are to Sirens in mythology, despite the similarities of their activities.

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I totally wish I was in the crowd when Hilary was on stage feeling it and having a great time performing #littlevoice 😁

Fun fact: Did you know that there is another version of this song recorded by a Swedish pop rock singer Sahlene? It was quite a popular hit in #scandanavia.

‘Little Voice’ was also released as an official single from the #metamorphosis album in Australia and New Zealand. Like I’ve mentioned in a previous post, she was huge in that part of the world 📈🌏

If you haven’t, please also remember to submit your answers on which song you prefer in my 2nd Music Battle contest, which is between ‘Little Voice’ and 'Sweet Sixteen’. You can comment on my previous Music Battle post or head over to my Music Battle highlights in my profile to put down your preference.

Thanks to all who voted! 😍

#hilaryduff #hilaryduffmusic #hollywoodrecords #popmusic #popalbum #poprock #music #songs #musicvideo #musicicon #lizziemcguire

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New Movements, the sneaker brand founded by designer Martin Evensen, has launched its sustainable premium sneaker brand on Kickstarter.  The campaign will offer backers the chance to purchase a pair of premium sneakers for an early adopter discount of up to 50%, with added extras included.

New Movements will offer two styles in their ‘02 Postpone’ collection, Huk and Åpne, delivering premium quality recycled materials and Scandinavian minimalist design for a fraction of the cost, for an eco-conscious audience who don’t want to downgrade their style to become more sustainable.

By producing sneakers in Europe from circular materials and cleaning up ocean plastic equal to 200 plastic bottles, 2.54kg, for every pair made, New Movements want to make it easy for individuals to take a stand for a more sustainable, circular future.

Each sneaker has sustainability at its core, offering a number of key premium features:

●        90% recycled and circular materials from European suppliers

●        Gold-certified Italian leather

●        Soles made from 80% recycled rubber free of plastic

●        Premium laces made from recycled plastic bottles

●        FSC-PEFC certified recycled packaging

●        Manufactured in Portugal

Commenting on the Kickstarter launch, New Movements Founder and CEO Martin Evensen said:

“We started New Movements because we wanted to make it easier for you to take a stand for a more sustainable future. To make that happen, we offer you authentic, sustainable Scandinavian design sneakers at affordable prices, and empower you to clean up ocean plastic equal to 200 bottles for every pair you buy.”

Nils Krogstad Wiiburg, Co-Founder of New Movements commented:

“We’re excited to introduce our second collection, 02 Postpone, to Kickstarter. Oslo is the current European Green Capital, and we want to share the positive vibes and sense of real change that runs through our city, and that’s why we started the clean-up program.”


Humanity is at a point now where anything we postpone today, leaves us with a bigger problem tomorrow. The 02 POSTPONE COLLECTION is designed with that realization in mind, and offers you the opportunity to take a stand for a more sustainable future.





HUK is a classic Scandinavian street sneaker with a subtle but clear message.

The clean lines and stripped monochromatic design make HUK a safe choice for anyone looking for a classy sneaker to style their favorite outfit with. But this sneaker is all about the sole. The fine, colorful pieces of recycled rubber visible in the outsole are designed to give the sneaker a raw, authentic look, and spark the conversations we just can’t postpone anymore.



ÅPNE is a clean-cut sneaker that celebrates the values and sensibilities of the urban Scandinavian mind.

The classic and unpretentious silhouette is inspired by the clean lines that has made Scandinavian design a world phenomenon. With a generous but humble recycled rubber sole, ÅPNE is made for walking with pride through the streets of your city, while paving the way for a cleaner, more circular urban lifestyle.


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