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researcher talloran did all that. they did all that for us. for the lgbt community

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small brain: sexy 166 massive brain: you licherally cant see anything. she has a huge mop of hair


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Let me name off some of my SCP OC/ original characters/ original objects.

• Agent Prism and Dr. Clockwork: Two bois who are gay for each other. (Clockwork is actually from the church of the broken god, he’s based off the cannon where the Church of the broken God and the foundation work together.)

•The Static That Watches/Emily Smith: a girl who eyes work like cameras and she can see fuck up shit in other dimensions. While projecting them with her eyes.

•He Who Has Taught Us to Hate: a GOC that’s very much like a cult. They like to steal humanoid anomalies to try and kill them or treat them like trash and use them. Also very dumb and doesn’t like to listen when they get told their god isn’t real. (Which their god isn’t real by the way.)

•Dr. Joey Siamese: A chaos Insurgency member who is a literal psychopath and murder.

•A House with Memories in It: a house that shall trap you in one of those creepy trippy house horror games, but it’s with your own memories. Also when the matrix of the house glitches you can find a red door that can lead you to other people’s memories that are all demented from other dimensions.

•Dr. Witchat: a dark take on 4th wall breaking, where she knows she in a story, but she knows we are only allowing her to know this. She can’t tell anyone and always tries to beg the reader to not keep reading cause she knows where you finish reading she’ll be put in another tale.

And that’s all, I’m still working on a few. Especially Witchat I want her to fit into the universe while still be a creative and interesting character.

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