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I’ve updated my commission chart with lower prices, newer art, and new pixel commissions!

If you’d like to commission me and/or have questions that can’t be answered using these guidlines, feel free to message me!

I’ll only accept 3 commissions at a time, so depending on how many I get it may fluctuate between when they’ll be open or closed.

If you enjoy my art but don’t want to commission me, feel free to reblog and share this anyway!

Commissions are OPEN! (3/3 slots available)

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i realize it’s probably because of the tattoos and the desire to draw them but able being shirtless in every piece of fanart is so fucking funny to me. he is allergic to shirts. his one weakness is being dressed like an adult. someone sneaks up and pulls a wifebeater over his head and he’s neutralized immediately

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I really want to find a small group of cool dudes that like SCP and Minecraft as much as I do so we could make our own little world where we have our own facility and RP that we do, I feel like it would be really fun :(

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049 just murdered masky boy

049: -having a literal mental breakdown-


(This ask blog is a mess now, lmao. It seems like 049-J is the one who’s sane at the moment… or is he? )

(Unconscious 035: 2/3)

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james talloran: I’m gay and also stronger than god and also I don’t fear death

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