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As drawn by the incredibly talented @nikkoleon , MTF Alpha 121 “Nexus” Captain Ulysses Miles of the SCP Foundation!

Miles was born into a family of individuals associated with the State Department (or so he thought). His parents were actually early participants in the Foundation’s initial cooperative research products alongside the U.S. Military designated the “Bowe Commission,” a prospect that was scrapped after the events involving MTF “Pandora’s Box” and SCPs 076 and 073 at Yellowstone National Park. His parents disappeared mysteriously over the course of their research and believing they had died in service of his country, Miles pursued a career within the Intelligence Community to find the truth.

Due to a talent for blending in, improvising under pressure, threat detection, and training in martial arts and competitive shooting he picked up at the Miskatonic University, he was recruited straight out of basic training by the Foundation. After being tested in numerous positions for brief periods including internal security, external reconaissence, PR, and containment, he was moved to wetworks, with a focus on neutralizing type green reality benders in the wild who had escaped or proved too challenging to secure and contain. Training briefly under members of the old guard, such as Dr. Bright (@iamnotadamnedmonkey ) and Dr. Clef (@scp-l4-clef-alto-001 ) he developed a penchant for setting elaborate traps and ruses, especially variants on blue dye type tests, bait and switch techniques, and underhanded strikes that came from above.

He tired of independent work after a couple years and requested a transfer to an MTF. To see if he was prepared, he was assigned a protective detail alongside Agent Joane Bradshaw, a field operative who specializes in cyber warfare and denied operations. They were tasked with reconaissence of a site near Pripyat which had been giving off anomalous signatures of a type that the Foundation was not yet familiar with. The two barely made it out alive and their file was sealed at the 05 level; Bradshaw was reassigned to administrative work by Commander Richmond Davis, and Miles was given the chance to get field experience with some of the MTFs he had been asking to attempt to qualify for.

(Agent Miles, 22, prior to a deployment with members of MTF Epsilon-11 “Nine Tailed Fox” circa 2013)

Serving very briefly (usually not exceeding more than one small scale operation) in task forces like Nine Tailed Fox (Epsilon 11), Red Right Hand (Alpha 1), Front Runners (Delta 5), Damn Feds (Iota 10), White Rabbits (Lambda 5), Bibliographers (Sigma 3), and See No Evil (Eta 10), he picked up enough team based field experience to qualify as Captain of his own Mobile Task Force, and was given a handful of troubled rejects and new recruits and the designation Gamma 12 “Illiad.”

Illiad had a handful of successes on a low scale, generally involving recovery of safe to Euclid objects from various rival organizations or military units with deniability, but ran in to trouble with the assignment of Commander Richmond Davis, a former Navy Seal with severe paranoia who had been associated with the Bowe Commission. Davis wanted to use the somewhat expendable, fledgling unit to test the experimental new Lazarus Chips, devices which could be easily implanted in an operator during a medical check and that would both record their every experience and memory, and contain and protect their “soul” during body-failure events. In theory, the chips allowed an individual to be recreated with a clone, and negated the expenditures of continually having to train tier 1 MTFs with high mortality rates.

During the operation, Miles was unknowingly given a chip, and Davis subjected his team to more dangerous conditions to test the effectiveness of the device. Miles however wound up desperately contacting assets outside the Foundation for help, and Davis marked him as a traitor, killing him in the field using an MQ-9 Predator Drone strike.

The Lazarus chip was recovered, and to determine if it was successful, it was put into the prepared clone unit, and Miles was revived. When given the chance to explain his actions to the Ethics committee, Davis was determined to have acted outside of Foundation regulations, and was reprimanded. Miles got his team back, and they were reassigned to tracking operations by modern Chaos Insurgency units that were working with rogue elements of the Russian Government.

(drawing above courtesy of the awesome @ivan-fyodorovich and MTF Nexus logo courtesy of the incredible @hisclockworkservants featuring Agents Miles and Joane circa 2018-19 in MTF Nexus)

Several months after terminating a powerful aspect of a chaos god that was preparing to attack New Delhi during a long term investigation, the team was made aware of terror attacks using pocket dimensions to rapidly enter and exit at predetermined points. The team managed to track the perpetrators into what appeared to be a pocket dimension, and terminated them, only to be met with duplicate versions of themselves. Thinking that they were some kind of trick by the reality bender responsible for the portals, Miles immediately opened fire, killing his own doppleganger and all others save for that of Chad Bennington, one of his ranked operatives, who explained that their dimension had been undergoing the same kind of attacks and had tracked the group to that building. Without living members of the syndicate to prove who had been carrying out the attacks, the major powers of that dimension rapidly descended into large scale war, blaming one another for the high profile attacks.

Miles and his team utilized that dimension’s version of SCP-2000 to reset their circumstances before returning to their own dimension with the help of the Foundation, but discovered that by hopping so much between realities, they had attracted the attention of a multidimensional entity that had been asleep for millennia. If the creature awoke, it would mean the collapse of the multiverse. Miles and Agent Chad Bennington were given access to a Thaumiel type asset referred to as “The Wyrm,” a god of entropy willing to give out minor gifts to individuals that were attempting to prevent the pre-emptive end of the world. With this “gift” in hand, his team conducted operations in syndicate with numerous other Foundation and Global Occult Coalition assets to contain and neutralize the entity in a drastic and near apocalyptic event that came to be known as the “Nexus” anomaly.

The Foundation and GOC realized the need for a much more dedicated and well-equipped team to address threats of this type in the future, and thus reformed the survivors of Illiad into Mobile Task Force Alpha 121 “Nexus”, consisting of liaison assets from the Foundation, FBI’s UIU, Horizon Initiative, Office for the Reclamation of Islamic Artifacts, GRU Division P, Elements of the Serpent’s Hand, and even Marshall, Carter and Dark. The team’s operations were heavily classified and compartmented to the specific individuals working on or with the team and their supervisors, and they were all equipped with Lazarus chips. Agent Joane Bradshaw, who was outed as an undercover GOC operative, Agent Chad Bennington, and numerous other recruits from multiple points of origin joined Miles on the team, which conducted missions globally and with a high degree of precision.

The mission exposed that the team had been utilizing SCP objects in the field, both sentient individuals and objects of both Thaumiel and non-Thaumiel designation, which was not officially approved. Commander Davis was moved in to supervise the team to ensure a repeat incident didn’t occur, to the extreme chagrin of Miles and Bradshaw.

After several months of successful missions, the team had a significant failure in an operation in Ukraine, during which Agent Bradshaw was nearly mortally wounded, and Agent Miles, who was exposed as having engaged in a romantic relationship with Bradshaw, blatantly ignored protocol in an emotional attempt to physically tear a chaos insurgency operative out of a bootleg version of a U-HEC that he had been attacking the team with using nothing but a handgun and a karambit knife.

(MTF Alpha 121 Nexus Logo courtesy of @hisclockworkservants )

During one particular set of operations, the team chased a powerful, reality-bending aspect of a chaos god through time, eventually facing them down in 1945. Agent Miles found himself in the grip of death as the entity wrapped it’s hands around his throat, unknowingly activating the “gift of the wyrm” which rendered it vulnerable to mortal wounds. At this point one of the older Foundation operatives, Agent Marshall Dewitt, drove an army truck into the entity from the side, killing it, and returning the team to their own time.

During this time, Agent Bradshaw was made aware by her superiors of an intercepted communication indicating that a high ranking member of the Foundation had been given a sample of a high-tech bio-cyber hybrid virus that, if allowed to infect users of Lazarus chips, would turn them into mind controlled monsters that were nearly impossible to kill. A mysterious figure at the center of the Gala had expressed interest in acquiring the chip as a means of eliminating tier one tactical teams around the world, and as the first in line, it came down to Bradshaw to stop them before Nexus could be affected. She put together a blue-dye style test in order to discover who was trying to trade the chip. Joane got Miles in on the operation, feeding different information through multiple suspected moles about who would be carrying the sample of the virus among the team, who were also pre-emptively and accidentally exposed to the hosts of the Gala as Foundation agents.

During the Gala, Miles and Joane got themselves captured and questioned by the mysterious host, who turned out to be a former Foundation researcher with the Bowe commission, and reality bender who had run a terror syndicate through the Serpent’s Hand before falling in with the Sarkists by the name of Jeffrey Woodfinch. The team had encountered him a handful of times before, and Miles remembered him from one of his very first wetworks operations, during which he had spared his life after Woodfinch had promised to tell him what really happened to his parents. The information never came and Woodfinch had disappeared, only to emerge before them, as they were tied up in a back room of the Gala.

He walked up to Miles (having received information that he would be carrying the viral sample) and prepared to kill him, but first asked where he was keeping it. Miles informed him that it was in the sole of his shoe.

The team began investigating links between a Sarkic cult project run through Abraxis Arms and the Hunter’s Black Lodge, with assistance from the Wagner Private Military company and rogue elements of Russian intelligence agencies paid off by various oligarchs who believed in the vision of the mad occultist Alexander Dugin. This lead them to a Gala at a manor in Rural Road Island, which they began planning to raid. The deeper they looked into the Gala the more the team discovered the large number of other anomalous groups involved, many of whom did not realize the true intentions of the event’s organizers.

Today, MTF Nexus operates holistically and at a high level, working to track down survivors of the organizations present at the Gala and other groups attempting to acquire anomalous objects for terror-related pursuits, with Joane Bradshaw and Ulysses Miles often taking point in the field and in investigations.

You can find some of the stories, adventures, and memes of MTF Nexus told on tiktok, under the #mtfnexus and on my page!

Thinking that he was admitting his defeat and succumbing to a quick death, Woodfinch let his hubris lead, and immediately went for the shoe. Miles and Bradshaw quickly closed their eyes as Woodfinch revealed the inside of the shoe and a photograph of SCP-096, causing the entity to crash into the room seconds later and tear him and the rest of the guards apart.

Unfortunately, due to the optics of Bradshaw’s actions, she had to be officially dismissed. Miles took leave as well, however they both retained their rank. Thanks to a loophole in the clause of MTF Nexus’ operational guidelines, the two were able to be acquired as “Hunters” in the employ of Marshall, Carter and Dark, and were immediately contracted out to MTF Nexus as “Advisors.”


(Captain Miles and Agent Bradshaw during a training exercise in [REDACTED])

In the commotion, the Gala was evacuated and most of the other culprits escaped. However, Bradshaw now knew from the results of her test that Commander Davis was the mole. As he arrived via helicopter to pick up the team alongside a handful of other high ranking members of the Foundation and GOC, Bradshaw refused to give him a chance to speak, firing a burst from her Scorpion EVO SMG directly into his skull, walking up, and removing his Lazarus chip herself, to the horror of the rest of the commanders. However, when she presented her findings, they agreed that not only was he the mole, but had he been allowed even a moment to collect himself he could have used the virus to infect the team and singlehandedly done enough damage to cripple the Foundation and GOC in one fell swoop.

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It’s finally happened! I’m taking a crack at the wide weird world of the SCP Foundation and its bizarre menagerie of nonsense. I’ve been a sucker for all things SCP ever since I first heard of it years back. For the uninitiated, the SCP Foundation is a fictional government organization that retrieves and contains strange and deadly creatures and artifacts to protect the world. Secure, Contain, Protect, hence the name.

So why SCP’s? What makes them so special? Well they’re basically magical items in a real world setting. Some are pretty tame with only minor benefits while other more powerful one can have some serious backlash. Some are even potentially world-ending! And honestly there are just so many that I would love to just drop into the hands of a party and see what they do with it. Would make for some great stories.

Oh, and I’ve also done something special with these items! Because I love giving myself extra work, I’ve done up each item as a document like you can find in SCP: Containment Breach. Hope you guys have as much fun playing with these as I did making them.

If you like what I do, please consider supporting me on Patreon!

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