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Can you do 049-J, a normally adorkable SCP, going uber adorkable when he is near his love interest and asking the greatest of all wingmans SCP-999 for help to win the love interest affections. I'm okay if 049 is more doable but I honestly see 049-J going all out adorkable when near his love interest or s/o.

Here you are! I hope you enjoy


If it was up to him, 049-J’s plan to impress you would amount to making you some lovely macaroni art, and stealing a trumpet. But, as he lacked macaroni, and the Foundation had a strict ‘no trumpet’ policy, 049-J needed some help.

That’s where SCP-999 came in. The best of partners, the greatest of wingmen, the most huggable and adorable SCP that ever existed. 999 was going to help 049-J win your heart.

If only he could stop being so awkward around you first.

Today’s plan was- it was good. It was a good plan, for sure. It involved saying hi to you, and then SCP-999 would come along, and 049-J would say something cool, blah blah blah.

Problem: you stepped into the corridor. And 049-J just kinda broke. Flatlined. Oh no, brain gone. You looked so pretty and then you smiled and you said, “Hello, SCP-049-J. How are you?”

049-J cleared his throat, and replied, “Same soup just reheated!”

And then he leaned back and crossed his arms. Except he fell over, because there was no wall behind him. He still kept the cool pose though, just, on the ground now.

You looked concerned, and like you were trying to fight a giggle.

“Ah, Yes. Of course,” you nodded, and suspiciously cleared your throat, “Well- I have to get going now. I’ll be seeing you.”

You walked right past him, and past SCP-999. The adorable peanut butter blob rolled up to SCP-049-J and sat next to him, burbling something comforting.

Next time. He’d get it right next time! Yeah.

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Could I put in a request for a fluff/angst where 035 and scp!reader are together, and 049 is a little sad boyo because he's always liked the reader as well? I understand that there's probably a lot of asks, no pressure! Have a good day 馃挄

This is unique. Hopefully I’ve written it well!

SCP-035/SCP Reader/SCP-049

It’s important to know that it wasn’t your fault. That, despite everything, 049 didn’t blame you. Couldn’t blame you. He’d sooner blame the flowers for blooming, or autumn for the wind.

That didn’t mean it hurt any less.

You’d all been traveling together for years- perhaps decades to centuries. And over that time, 049 had slowly, oh so slowly, fallen for you. Maybe it was your laugh. Most definitely it was your smile. Something about you that made all his worries lesser, and your beauty shined all the brighter.

For immortal creatures, time is simply a word. Something that others deal with. He felt no pressure to confess to you, since there would always be another day. There always seemed to be more… time.

But time is what did him in, in the end. Too much time. Or not enough.

Perhaps you’d gotten tired of being alone. Or perhaps 049 hadn’t noticed it in time- ironic, now. It didn’t matter; either way, you’d soon fallen in love with 035, and there were flowers and poems and all manner of things. 049 was helpless in the face of it- he’d never had such a way with words, after all.

And now, you were… you were happy. And wasn’t that all that mattered? That you were happy. It was all he’d ever wanted for you, and so, the good doctor simply locked his feeling away, and carried on. It wasn’t your fault. As long as you were happy, then that was all that mattered.

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I looked at your blog the other day and thought of a request but i cant remember if i sent it or not because i saw your hiatus notice... so im REALLY sorry if i did and i just sent a duplicate! But the request is what would Yandere SCP 049 do for valentines day in the cold winter AU?

I’m sorry the late response! Here you are

Yandere SCP-049/Reader
Cold Winter

•If you mention an interest in the smallest thing, he’ll go out of his way to find it for you. If it means making you happy, of course he’ll do it.

•While most people have breakfast in bed, that’s what you always have- on account of being locked in the room. So, instead, 049 sets the table for a meal, and for the first time, you both eat in the dining room. With all the doors locked and secured, of course. Can’t have you getting cold feet.

•Flowers! Flowers on the dresser, by the window, and even woven into your hair. 049 prefers lavender, but he’ll make sure to get your favorite.

•The people in the village below all titter when 049 comes around, and they ask him questions about you. How romantic, they say, that he’s putting so much effort into making the day perfect for you- even though you’re sick in bed, he’s so dedicated. The women (and some men) coo, wishing that they were you.

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Sorry to be that guy lol but im pretty sure adam is dr. bright's dad

05 Council is unsure of how Adam was affiliated with Doctor Jack Bright. All they know was that they were somehow family members. Here’s the 05 Council Dossier so you can read on it too! However, if there is any part of the wiki I didn’t read then please send it my way! Also, I choose to think he was the older brother instead of the dad, and it goes back before Adam retired. Hope this answers that and hope you have a brilliant day at the Facility! ❤

Tagging @robyrne-the-artist because he also asked the same question.

Edit: People may also use him as a dad, that’s just fine! Some people have different head canons.

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