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#sebastian black butler

Reasons why Grell is a fat mood

  • Tries to die when a minor inconvenience happens
  • Dramatic af
  • Makes weird noises when her crush is being sexy
  • Gets angry at kids for calling her impure and chases after them
  • Throws a fit when she sees her crush with someone else
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Originally posted by noirserviteur

  • Sebastian has no particular anger towards you for not seeing him as a reliable source of income especially in a world that makes women rely on men for basically everything, but thats not saying he wont be irritated to see you with another man
  • Well thatll be his thought process at first, the moment he catches the glimpse at your true personality where your beyond greedy for such a disposable concept sebastian wont even bother trying to appeal to your wants
  • Sure he’ll lure you in with the promise of pockets full of gold, but the moment sebastian has you in his grasp whatever illusion you were drawn to will disappear right in front of your eyes
  • Sebastians not bothering to truly gain enough of this country’s currency to appeal to your materialistic wants, money doesnt mean anything to him rather its been more of a nuisance than anything else
  • Darling hes sure when you stop yelling objections at him for kidnapping you and actually take a look around youll see that everything lives up to your expectations, extravagant furniture with elegant patterns covering over the walls along with beautiful paintings framed in gold
  • Sebastian isnt just a butler, hes one hell of a butler, you may not get money but darling you get everything else you could ever be spoiled with all you need to do is behave
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Okay but-

Am I the only one that knows why O!Ciel took his brothers real name?

It’s so fucking obvious!

O!Ciel was the weaker twin, he was always seen as the weak one while his brother got all the praise. From the manga it looked like O!Ciel didn’t even learn anything like his brother, he didn’t know a single thing about his family or being an Earl. If he came back as himself everyone would be disappointed, the queen will most likely not revive the Watchdog position.

O!Ciel took his brothers name because that’s the only way he can keep the Watchdog position alive and keep the Phantomhive name strong. He didn’t take it cause he wanted to be his brother, he took it because he didn’t want to be seen as a weakling, not just his brothers spare. He wanted to be seen as a strong child who was like his father. He also said in the manga if he came back everyone would be disappointed that the spare came back, his family would be upset.

That’s what I got from the manga and what I think.

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“Do you wish to form a contract with me?”

Repost as tags wouldn’t work on my previous post

I cannot get enough of this sassy demon bastard, and I’ve been wanting to play around with lights and colours

I can see me painting many more in the future, but for now here’s this one 💜

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bb sebastian seeing you dressing you up in cute dresses and it gets too much for him to handle-

Can you imagine him trying to hold back?

He’s clenching his fists and grinding his teeth a bit, watching you strut around in front of Ciel, asking him which outfit should be worn for the day. The much older Ciel gives a wry smile as he stares at his butler, and toys with him more as he asks you to try on another.

Sebastian has to exscuse himself, bowing and promptly leaving the room while images of you flood his mind. Ciel is more of a devil than he is sometimes, and it’s truly showing when his young master is toying with him like this.

He just needed a deep breath, and a reminder that you can’t know about him and his true form. As declious as you would look underneath him (or above him, honestly anywhere with you is a holy picture he wants saved in his mind for centuries) he knows he can’t act on it.

A moment alone would settle him down. Just a few minutes! But you, and your lovely little self, had to be concerned and go check on him. You gently tap his shoulder, causing him to swiftly turn around in a bit of fear, knocking a vase off the table beside him.

He hates that he didn’t catch it, that he’s so overwhelmed with your scent and your presence he’s losing his swiftness and focus. The vase shatters, and you begin to kneel to help pick up the pieces, all while apologizing profusely.

He assures you everything is fine, looking down at you on your knees while pleading for him not to be angered. It was a rather lewd position, and it only fuels his carnal desires to have you all to himself in such adorable clothing. “Oh Y/N, don’t fret over it. It happens” he reassures, helping you off the ground.

You smile softly, eyes avoiding contact out of embarrassment and shyness. He won’t have any of that. He tilts your head up to force you to look into his burning gaze, your bright eyes making him even more hungry for you. “However…” he continues, hands wandering further down your torso and hips, clutching your dress a bit too hard.

“It would be a shame if my young master found out…perhaps we can exchange a few favors to keep it a secret”.

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