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So of course we know why I’m excited for The Falcon & Winter Solider but there’s one character I’m beyond excited to see again.


“I wanted to see an empire fall.”


He was something out of this world he didn’t have powers he wasn’t some out of this world villain he was simply a man who lost his family and blamed the avengers. And he did something that no one ever did before he broke them up. He tore them apart. He’s the reason I feel they lost to Thanso in the first place because everyone was separated. Something that always stuck with me was at the end of Civil War when they have Zemo in custody Ross says to him.

So how does it feel? To spend all that time, all that effort, and to see it fail so spectacularly?“

"Did it?”

The way Zemo said did it and his smile always gives me chills and now that he’s back I’m beyond scared and excited for this!

Also dropping some amazing onset photos and concept art of our boys!


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I love your writing so much!! If you’re not too busy could I request a chase collins (maybe a part 2 to your latest gift to the world) where they go to a party and reader wears a new dress (doesn’t have to be tight) and chase SPITS OUT HIS DRINK cuz her shows off and shapes her boobs perfectly and then she turns and bends a little to grab a napkin or sumn and chase sees her ass and chase has to HOLD ONTO THE FUCKING COUNTER TO BALANCE HIMSELF + sexy chase and closet sex

That’s My Girl! Part 2

Pairings: Chase Collins x reader

Word Count: 1,188

Summary: A date night turns into a very sexy time. 

Author’s Note: This is sort of a part 2 to “That’s My Girl!” based on the above request! Thanks so much for your kind words and I hope you like it :) 

Warnings: Drinking and SMUT (18+ only please :)


After the incident with Aaron, you and Chase decided to lay low for a while, spending the weekends cuddled on the couch with snacks and a movie you usually never got to the end of. Bare skin illuminated by the moon, your bodies impossibly close as soft whispers of love echo through the night, you loved spending this time with Chase, quiet and close but you also missed the rush of the party scene and carefree fun of dancing.

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Originally posted by bucky-plums-barnes


You’ve been on this mission with Bucky for over two months now and the gang finally trusted you enough to let you join one of the important meetings.

Bucky was sitting a few feet away from you in an arm chair while you sat on top of the kitchen island as they spoke about the newest job.

“What do you say? You wanna join us, Chuck? If your lady wants to join as well, you have to make sure she doesn’t do anything stupid” Jack, the head of the gang, asked Bucky by his fake name and you while raising one of this thick eyebrows.

You had to control yourself not to slam Jack’s head on the table he was sitting in front of. Bucky and you exchanged some looks before he smiled and nodded “Sure, why not?”

He stood up from his place on the arm chair and walked up to you until he stood between your legs and smiled at you “I think she’ll behave”

You raised an eyebrow as Bucky got closer and kissed you gently on the lips. Smirking you kissed him back and put your arms around his neck as he picked you up and brought you into the next room before slamming the door shut with his foot.

You heard laughter from the other room as Bucky let you down and looked down at you “Had to get you out of there before you tackle Jack to the ground”

“I can control myself, Barnes. Thank you very much” (Y/N) growled softly as Bucky chuckled “You’re so cute when you’re angry”

“Oh really?” you raised your eyebrows before Bucky kissed you again and lifted you up on his waist.

He loved her when she was angry.

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It’s HBC Falcon and The Winter Soldier Friday!

Friday 11-22-19 - HBC Falcon and the Winter Soldier Friday - we’re enjoying all the new content! Let’s post hopes, predictions, and everything F&WS related!


Originally posted by bucky-ate-all-my-plums

Be sure to @the-ss-horniest-book-club and use #HBC Falcon and the Winter Soldier Friday when posting!

Love, The HBC 💋

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