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Bitchhh this is so true like, there was a rumor. It said that out of 6 avengers 2 would survive. I was like Natasha woul definitely survive


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Hc: Hal Carter is super cuddly and needy after sex, he loves to cuddle and kiss and just take super good care of his partner (specially after a rough session)

as soon as you’re both breathless and spent, no matter how much of a beast he was only moments before, hal automatically seems to become the softest, sweetest teddy bear you’ve ever seen.

BIG on aftercare, he runs you a hot bath with so many bubbles that you’ll disappear into it.

scooping you up into his strong arms, he carries you bridal-style into the bathroom to put you into the tub.

he’ll only join if you offer, no matter how much he wants to.

if you do, he’ll slide in behind you, so that you can lie back and rest against his taut chest.

snaking his arms around your waist, his fingertips trace little circles along your skin, his lips shower your neck and the back of your shoulder in loving, neverending pecks.

he’ll play with your hair so much. constantly running his fingers through it, brushing it, he’ll even wash it for you.

“you’re so damn beautiful.”

“my pretty, little glass doll.”

“what are you doin’ with a degenerate like me, anyways, huh?”

“i must be seven kindsa lucky.”

if his lips find yours, though, it’s all over.

of course, he’ll start slow, by pulling you closer. deepening the kiss. his tongue will make the first appearance and then you know he won’t be able to control himself from pulling you on to his lap and taking you for round two.

* send me fluffy/angsty/platonic headcanon requests about anyone i write for! *

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