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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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#self depreciating humor

When I’m struggling with #ptsd or #depressiveanxiety (it’s a thing) the absolute best thing I just discovered is playing a ”blues” playlist on Spotify and scrolling through Tumblr.

The mix of grungy old school, classic hero from a movie (John McClane, Dean Winchester, Martin Riggs type stuff), music and the soft hug of Tumblr from every other pathetic human on here who’s struggling just as much as me is very empowering and soothing.


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People who got compliments on being skinny or fit: “Why thank you so much! But I still have a lot to lose.”

15 year old me: Whatever, they’re just bragging and showing off by saying that.

35 year old me: OMG! They have a body dysmorphia!

A person sees things differently at different times of their life.

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They’ll never know– savingcourtney

They tell me to fight

But they’ll never know I’ve already lost

I’ll never tell them

They’ll never understand

They tell me to stay strong

And to carry one, day by day

I’ll never let them know I’m already broke

They’ll never understand

They’ll never know

I already tapped out

They’ll never know

How weak I am now

They’ll never understand

Why I gave up

They’ll never understand

Why I backed down

They tell me I’m not alone

But I’ll never admit I feel it

They’ll never know how lonely i am

Because they’ll never understand

“You can always come home” they say

But what I have is a house

They’ll never know my version of home

They’ll never understand it

They’ll never know why i hate the word goodbye

Because those who say goodbye were once my favourite helps

I’ll never let them know

About the broken girl who lives within

Because they’ll never understand her.

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