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#self love

You deserve love because you have the capacity to love, even when you don’t love for yourself. You don’t need to wait to start loving yourself in order to deserve love. 

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Daily reminder that it’s ok to be ugly.

That “everyone is beautiful” bullshit is harmful because sometimes you’re just….ugly. and you know it. And lying about it doesn’t help.

So yeah, you’re ugly. And yet you’re still deserving of love and care and support.

I’m ugly. Still deserve love tho.

Maybe you’re ugly. Maybe you’re beautiful. Maybe you’re not ugly or beautiful but, you’re just kinda average. That’s ok.

You’re allowed to be ugly or average or beautiful. You’re allowed to just….be.

So here’s to just being.

To just living and breathing and surviving. In all our ugliness or beauty or averageness. In all our humanness.

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Hey okay found family narratives are fantastic and lovely and I appreciate the growing idea in culture that you don’t owe anything to blood family who has been toxic or abusive to you, but I just want to say, it’s also okay if you don’t have a found family. Living your life waiting for this perfect idealized group of friends that will make everything stop hurting is just as bad as waiting for the perfect bf/gf/partner to come ‘fix’ you. Other people can’t do that for you, no matter how desperately you want them to. You will find good people, you will find people you can laugh with and forget your pain with and people who will love you and help you through this, but there is no love on this earth except your own that can heal you.

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image text #1:  [just because the world has been cruel to you || doesn’t mean you have to be either]

image text #2: [the best way to get back at a world that has been cruel to you || is to treat yourself w/the love & kindness that it has deprived you of ]

kirby’s thoughts:
❶ the world can be unfair sometimes and sometimes we are in circumstances that have left us feeling hurt. it can be very difficult and it’s not the easiest thing to do but do remember that love and kindness are important ingredients for healing. whatever you’re going through, kirby supports you!

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I dont know you, friend, but I am so proud of you and your progress. You're doing amazingly, and I hope the pain eases soon

Thankyou so so much..

Tbh achieving this has been tough enough coz I get these urges everyday.

So I’ve decided I’ll post my progress on the day I have the unbearable urge to hurt myself.

Maybe the love this community gives me might help me and stop me from doing that.

Thankyou to all 💙💙😭

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I think…reaching Enlightenment is finding the Kingdom of Heaven…its within us all.

We just need to find the way to get to it.

The path will only be revealed when we are willing and ready to do the work needed to become our best selves….

It isnt through just going to church and listening to someone else, reading books, or following a set of rules that otherwise condemns you for breaking one…

It is through faith, that is unique to you.

It is through Truth, that is unique to you.

All the suffering you have been through is not for nothing.

All the suffering you have seen is not for nothing.

It is for your souls evolution.

And for theirs.

To reach the highest potential of all that is.

It is completely up to you on how you deal with it.

God is Love.

He never forces you to do anything.

Hes always there watching over you.

You are Loved no matter how dark confusing cold and lonely this world seems.

It took me a long time to see it.

The struggles you are going through are unique in that it is for the purpose of your souls growth.

Think of all the challenges you have overcome and how you’ve evolved.

Think of all the harsh conditions placed upon Nature so that she may become the best of the best.

Yet still, she is evolving.

Theres still so much that needs to be understood.

But for now I am comforted in knowing that God is Unconditional Love.

There is no shaming, condemning, or even judging.

Dont give up on yourself….

Try Again…

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My days of self loathing are over. I’m not gonna come out and start throwing posi vibes bullshit around because I’m generally not a euphoric guy but I can at least call out my own bullshit when I think I can’t succeed in anything I want to do in life

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You wanna know my type of guy? I like a guy who’s lovely, patient, and light hearted. I want a guy who isn’t afraid to be real with me even when I don’t want it. Somebody who is friendly and funny. Somebody who shows love and compassion for all people, even the annoying ones. Somebody who is open minded and ready to learn. I want somebody who treats himself and other people with respect. Somebody who cares for me, and I can care for him. Somebody who wants to relax with me, or be stressed out with me. Because people like this bring my life meaning and give my heart hope.

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This time don’t listen to other people, ignore their opinions. Now, listen to your heart, what do you want? What does it say? What makes that beat again? What makes that happy? What makes you feel alive again? It’s your life, it’s your decision. For now, choose yourself. Choose what makes you genuinely happy

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