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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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controversial anon: america is not actually great. i mean, for just one very basic example, our entire country is stolen land and has been since the very beginning. also columbus was an asshole

as a family that still has a mother who is very heavily native american (Even though we both look like crackers) i agree with you. this country belongs to the native americans. but i think the country is only good because we have certain rights and privileges that other places dont. 

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16, 37

16. What do you look for in a SO?

Well there are lots of things! 😂 For me the biggest things are things like a good sense of humor and some patience to put up with all my antics. And someone who, even they aren’t as involved, has an appreciation for the arts, given that so much of my life revolves around them. A good laugh, beautiful smile, and nice hair are also up there as well, on the physical side of things 😂

37. Ideal Vacation

Oooooooo this one is tough. South Africa was a DREAM, so I’d do that again, but also I love my trips to NYC. England would also be up there (which I might get to do soon!), As well a trip around the Mediterranean!! I just really love traveling and getting to see other cultures and places I’ve always heard and read about!

Thanks for the asks!! 😊

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I might be seeing my demon today, so we can talk things through. I haven’t spoken to him in weeks and I’m so so scared, I miss him so much but I’m terrified that as soon as I see him I’ll just start crying and I’ll forgive everything immediately. I really want to, I know that stuff has to change, but I just want to forget everything that happened, forget about her, and go back to how we were. I’m scared of losing him. -✨

I hope everything goes well! Just remember to breathe and it might help to write down what you want to say that way your emotions won’t get the best of you in the moment💕💕

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Left of the photo: Varg Vikernes (Burzum)

Right of the photo: Myself (Johanna Regan)

thought this photo was a cool comparison and have kept it handy since I took it 4 years ago. For badass points, of course

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Controversial opinion: Tumbler SJW's are the reason so many people left it and why it has such a horrible reputation today

honestly you make a good point, also the fact that a bunch of weird fandom people who ship irl people flock here, but people sticking up for their beliefs that will better society is good in my book.

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Because it's Girl Scout cookie season here in the US, it's time for my controversial opinion. I don't like Thin Mints or Samoas. They are my least favorite of the Girl Scout cookies.

let me just say, you are WRONG! thin mints are a god send and samoas are adequate to even above average. But at least you didn’t call out the lemon cookies. Now those… those are the best. also ily child

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