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Small random tips to improve mental health (for the easily overwhelmed) :

  • Positive prompts : in a stressful situation ask yourself ‘is there at least one good thing here?’ Like some of mine are “okay so I gotta walk to a stressful meeting, well at least I’m not stuck on crutches for months after a back injury like this time last year ugh” or “yeah I’m on my own rn but at least I’m not stuck with that toxic ex” or “yeah this traffic jam is stressful but at least I have bus fare” if you can grab up just one tiny thing that’s good it can help
  • How do you use your social media ? Are those influencers making you feel bad about your body? Keep getting into pointless arguments on fb? The block button is there for a reason ! Use social media to follow people who inspire you not ones that are toxic to your thinking. (And remember people do buy likes and follows it’s all fake AF to get you to buy things)
  • write your problems down , like either a journal or just notes, it’ll help you see what other BS you’ve overcome over time , and seeing it written down sometimes helps you sort it all out mentally , for instance “ugh I’m seeing red flags in this guy I’m dating and he always…” this’ll help to recognise the same red flags later on with other potential dates, or “so I had an anxiety attack in the shop again today , I think what triggered it is …” again this’ll help you spot potential triggers in future,
  • Lists are your friend. Write a list / flow doodle of current problems , from bills to tasks and prioritise them , which ones are doable/fixable right now ? Which ones can wait ?
  • Sensory seeking : what instantly calms or distracts you ? The smell of white sage for me as I’ve got olfactory sensory issues (sensitive to smells) what’s yours ? A photo of that crush ? Stimming with that fidget toy? Carry something small on you that you know will help if you need it if you panic
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