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So, I’ve been thinking about the future a lot recently, and I’ve realized that I literally cannot imagine myself married to a guy. A girl, totally. But the idea of marrying a guy makes me slightly uncomfortable. Even dating a guy, when I think of it, I see it more as a best friends type situation. 

I’ve been identifying as panromantic asexual for a while now. But this realization has got me wondering if I’m just an asexual lesbian. Then I look back on my past crushes and see this list of guys and get more confused. Looking back, I don’t know if I just wanted to be good friends with these guys or actually wanted to date them. 

I would just say that I don’t do labels, and shove it to the side, but I like labels. Labels help me understand what I’m feeling and that there are others like me. I want to figure out what I truly am. I’ve messed around with labels a lot, gender-wise, but sexuality, I just thought I knew. I’m fine with being a lesbian or panromantic, I just want to know which one I truly fit. And I just get more confused the more I think about it. 

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i’m super sex positive and super interested in sex history and education and the things that go along with it but do i want sex???

I Don’t Know.

do i crave intimacy and vulnerability? or do i want sex?

like my general sex drive is low if there is even any. i know if i ever want to have sex at all then i want it to be with someone i love and am in a relationship with. i know i like kissing, but as to how far i’m willing to go??? i honestly have absolutely no idea

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This was jokingly on a Twitch stream I watched recently, but I'm legitimately curious: is there anything in Judaism against sexual kinks? Should I refrain from writing fanfic of Jewish characters engaging in kink, even if they're married? I don't want to be disrespectful if that's actually not something Jewish people engage in or are comfortable with. FOR: whoever's theologically knowledgeable enough to go into this in depth.

Mod here. It looks like anon is open to answers from any FOR, but let’s provide FORs and/or cite our sources.

Much thanks! (Todah rabah!)  !תּוֹדָה רַבָּה

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Every day I see transwomen content. And I’m totally okay with that, dont get me wrong! But what about the transmen? Everyone “wants to suck her dick” but what about “eating him out”? Is that nothing you guys would do?

I, personally, don’t care whats in your pants. I care about whats in your brain and heart. Am I alone here? Or is there anyone that has the same opinion?

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My Sexual Interests

This is a non-majikal post, obviously.

So I have been noticing a LOT of issues lately in posts about sexuality & sexual interest that is not Kink related. Issues involving sensitive subjects like race & gender. As a Nonbinary person, I understand the gender issues. And I know as a white person that racism is a VERY sensitive subject for everyone involved. But whether you like it or not race play IS a thing. Tho for me it’s not about race. There are simply a certain set of physical attributes that I like on a guy. Big lips, a nice juicy ass, thick cock, etc. And FROM MY EXPERIENCE it is brown folk (is that terminology ok to use?) that are usually the ones with these characteristics. Asians, Islanders, Afro-descendants, etc. Don’t get me wrong! There are some white studs that are just purely gorgeous. But both me AND my wife both agree that Asian guys & Latinos are what we usually go for sexually because they have traits that we like from years of sexual experience (also because those are usually the ones present the most here in the Denver-Boulder area because of the colleges). And yes, I have had my fair share of black studs, Asian hunks, Latinos, and even some Islanders. Me personally? I prefer ones that are a mixture of different things. My family might be racist assholes, but I sure as Pan ain’t! I like diversity, I like variety. It’s probably why I’m in a poly relationship to begin with ;)

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I remember when i was dating my frist girlfriend and i hadnt told anyone in my family but my sister.

One day my step-dad calls me over to where the neighbours and my family are in a group talking and he asks loudly ‘Hey are you a lesbian?’

And i dont know if he meant it in the outing way or not but I had no idea how he felt about lgbt+ and i started like freaking out and denying it until i could get away and avoided the question

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Being asexual is totally fine and valid.

Invoking asexuality to start shit in the notes of a thirsty post that isn’t affecting you at all is not fine or valid.

Literally why would anyone do this? If you don’t like sex, that’s understandable. I like it but I get that it’s not for everybody. But if you don’t like it, why bother interacting with a post about it? I don’t like sports but I don’t go around starting fights in the notes of sports posts! Let people enjoy things!

This isn’t even the first time I’ve seen something like this and it needs to stop. There is nothing progressive or enlightened about doing this. It doesn’t in any way raise awareness or acceptance for your sexual orientation. It just makes you look like a self-righteous puritanical asshole. Stop doing this.

It’s entirely possible to be asexual, even sex-repulsed, and also be sex positive. Just be respectful!

For context, this was on a perfectly good post by a bi woman about the whiny male discourse surrounding the Birds of Prey movie not being sexy enough.

Also this person blocked me even though I didn’t even want to argue with them in the first place. Feels great.

Just be kind to each other ffs

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I’ve been watching her for what seems like an eternity

Across my room she undresses for me, slowly, intently…..making sure I don’t miss a moment

I can smell her desire from my post and it’s intoxicating, it signals for me to move closer though I dare not…her instruction was clear

Her hands move like honey from her face down to her soft wetness

I am her witness

She turns her back towards me, and I am trapped in a dance of desire

Her hands move down her legs to reveal her skin beneath the stockings…

I am enthralled.

Engorged, in absolute awe.

She drifts towards me, placing a single dripping finger to my lips…

“For tonight, I am yours….and forever, you are mine”

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