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#she hulk

Apparently Marvel wants to cast a comedic actress for She-Hulk and I’m right about most things so these are the actresses I think should be cast as She-Hulk.

EDIT: in order (I put the names under the photos but it didn’t show) Abbi Jacobson, Cecily Strong, Jessica Williams, Aisling Bea, Robin Thede, Sasheer Zamata, Kate Berlant, and Issa Rae

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Sensational #SheHulk #4 (1989) #JohnByrne Cover & Pencils, Story, #LexingtonLoopner (First appearance) “Tall DisOrder” Jennifer is getting dressed for her first meeting with her new boss. After trying several different outfits, she finally finds one that she feels is appropriate.

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She Hulk Disney Plus Update   Comic Origin Story

A giant character update for Marvel’s upcoming Disney Plus Series “She-Hulk”. Fans should be excited because a comic accurate origin may be inbound and that means more Bruce Banner!!

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You've said on a couple occasions that you really dig She-Hulk. Can you say more about why she's so good?

She’s not a superhero who is also a lawyer like Daredevil, she’s a Superhero Lawyer, and that’s a completely different kind of story driver, one that’s totally up my alley - combined with her being a really fun boisterous bruiser in general, she’s a terrific character to have around.

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i was looking at some artist talks and criticizing how She-Hulk routinely goes through plots where they have to come up with convoluted plots for her being ultra beefy and muscular, instead of a green super model, to the point that its gotten obnoxious and constantly back to her status quo


here is an idea for how Hulkification might work in a way that makes all these canon, and also justifies any new artistic choices or changes in the way they look, without going through that really gross ‘if a woman is big and muscular something must be WRONG with her’ implication:

the body of a Hulk is determined by mental state, idealized body image, and what they think would be cool. additionally, a given Hulk episode’s appearance isn’t what they always look like; every transformation is actually unique, and they can always look totally different from time to time, depending on how that individual Hulk looks.

for the sake of this concept, Hulking out is not transforming into another state so much as it is giving an idea form, or giving physical shape to your inner self; put another way, Hulk can look like a Karloff-ian brute one day, and a Conan-style hero the next, simply based on what feels right to the Hulk system, or as a confluence of factors between Bruce’s alters. (For instance, the more rough or ugly he is, the more likely Joe has some influence there, while Devil Hulk tends to make the end result look scarier. Green Scar’s influence makes him look straight up handsome, Savage Hulk is honestly somewhat adorable when he’s not screaming in rage, and so on.)

So, let’s get back to She-Hulk. in this case, her being ultra-beefy or no less massive than Hulk himself has nothing to do with outside circumstance, but depends entirely on her own mood, what she currently thinks looks cool, and most importantly, what appeals to her. the Hulks ultimately are physical manifestations of more abstract things, and She-Hulk is Jennifer Walters’ desire to truly be empowered in the most blunt way possible. this means she looks the way that feels right to her.

sometimes, this means being an 8 foot tall amazon that looks more or less like a green human.

sometimes this means having biceps larger than most men’s torsos.

just depends on what feels good for her!

same thing applies to Bruce; it’s just that, invariably, he idealizes his Hulk forms as big and massive monsters because of his problems with his own capacity for violence after suffering abuse by his father, and wanting to be big and strong enough to protect his mother. The Hulk IS that desire for protection, so he’s always big and strong, to a ridiculous extreme. (Also, apparently he really liked Boris Karloff’s portrayal of Frankenstein’s Monster.)

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Dana Schwarz has guaranteed I will not watch the She-Hulk show she is working on. Or at least I will never contribute any money towards it. 

Based upon her comments here and there I heavily suspect she is one of the fools who insists monster She-Hulk is better (especially morally better) than classic She-Hulk and thereby doesn’t understand the character on a fundamental level.

More importantly, She-Hulk’s character demands a comedic bent to her. The defining run of She-Hulk had that and the best runs since have too. 

Anyone who honestly fails to see the comedy genius in South Park is frankly just unqualified to work on a character like Shulkie that demands a solid grasp of comedy.

So no. Probably not even going to bother torrenting this one. 

P.S. She has also claimed TLJ is objectively the best Star Wars movie. Bro…no one who truly looks at the writing in that movie and feels it is good should be working as a writer on something as high profile as a Marvel TV show.

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So after having seen some of Brooklyn Nine-Nine (my brother bought Season 1 while he was in town), I think I’m on board with Stephanie Beatriz being a possible candidate to play She Hulk.


Originally posted by sergeant-santiago

Why not?

She already kinda looks like Shulkie (and yes, I know she’s expressed interest in the role), and she has the right air of confidence and comedic timing to pull it off.

Again, that’s assuming they go with the more jokey/fourth wall breaking She Hulk for MCU, but you get what I’m saying.

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