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#she ra

Me: Ugh, I’m tired of the term “Cinnamon Roll.”  Everyone is problematic, there’s no character who’s completely pure and perfect -


Me: I was wrong.

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This may have ended up being a little bit creepy, even though that really wasn’t my intention at all when I drew this. I probably should have realized that when I added the eyes on the side (and also shouldn’t have been drawing on the Hourglass Nebula for inspiration….).

At some point I want to watch the original She-Ra cartoon, because I really like a lot of the costumes and character designs.

Check out the speedpaint video here!

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Seahawk has become more and more useless with every season of She-Ra, and it is sooo great. I am very glad they gave him a nautical song again though.

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Double Trouble: You’re sad, Catra. I don’t know how to describe it. It’s like there’s a cloud following you. You’re antisocial and you’re a virgin.

Catra: What?!

DT: I don’t ever see you with any girls. I don’t remember the last time you brought someone home.

Catra: Yeah, well, how do you know I’m not having casual encounters? Or when I slept in the dorms? You weren’t there.

DT: I’ve talked to Adora

Catra: Why are you talking to her?

DT: We’re Facebook friends

Catra: Oh my god. How do I eject from this conversation?

(source: Safety Not Guaranteed)

Congratulations on 4k!

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Catra Meets the Baby
Catra: It's pretty small, isn't it?
Bow: Well, she is a newborn, Catra. They tend to be pretty small. Plus, I think she takes after Glimmer that way.
Catra: Yeah, but even for Sparkles' baby, this kid is on the puny side.
Bow: That's just because she came a little early.
Catra: Wait, so it wasn't even done yet? Are we supposed to put it back in?
Glimmer: NO.
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So you obviously watch she ra. Catra looked her best in the princess ball didn't she??

i gotta say she is a snack on her suit

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