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#she ra s4 spoilers

Theory time. She ra, here we go

Warning!!! Season 4 Spoilers, watch out.

First of all, sorry for my English. Not my mother tongue.

I don’t buy that Scorpia’s family and Hordak were allies.

I think The Horde actually defeated her kingdom and decided that they were staying on that lane. They taught Scorpia that her family was like part of the Horde at some point, but… I know better.

Why no one in her family ever showed up? Like, the throne room is in ruins and her moms are nowhere to be found. Like, they killed them and decided that Scorpia would be a decent soldier, so they kept her. Idk.

That’s the tea


Originally posted by butteryplanet

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the drama is absolutely KILLING ME.

glimmer are you okay like are you fine maybe spend less time with shadow weaver

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im finally getting around to watching s3 and s4 of she ra rn and


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So going into it I knew the coronation would be sad but I wasn’t prepared for the amount of tears omg like people just didn’t get glimmer at all and kind of disregarded her grief and that resonated so much like sometimes the best way to heal is to talk about what you lost and I’m so glad that the show recognised this

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Wow so I just watched she ra s4 and I have a lot of thoughts

  • The friction between glimmer and adora was painful but incredible to watch. Especially when glimmer blamed adora for angellas death - you could see she immediate regretted it but there’s no taking something like that back
  • Catra was incredible - saw how far she will keep pushing to get what she wants, but the realisation that she was horrible to scorpia hit her so hard and she was desperate to find her. Then she was so defeated and ready for whatever glimmer threw at her but somehow managed to get on horde prime’s side? She’s clever I’ll give her that
  • More princesses! Got a lot more of the alliance than before which I loved! And spinnerella and netossa were super fun
  • Double trouble is so chaotic I live for them!
  • So much scorpia content and she’s finally found people who appreciate her!! When she told catra she’s a bad friend it felt so good!!
  • Loads more lonnie, kyle and rogelio which was fab! Love their interactions and so glad they defected
  • The whole thing with mara was ridiculous, didn’t see any of it coming
  • The sword? Broke? So there’s no more she ra? Madness have no clue how that’s going to play into things
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Whoa glimmers hair

Casta looks really stressed….

….this is something trivial isn’t it

Oh no Scorpia sad?

Oh new person in the front


Was that always there or

Bow honey ur so gay

“They’re fine?” “You’re right, they’re awful”

No teleportation? She ok?

Oh frosta, sweetie….

Perfuma….. Are you ok

Adora: this is fine

Mermista is such a mood

Shes glowing and looks sad :((

Owo its catra!!

Hordak is having,, breakdown

Ohhh that’s a sore spot is it

Stop making her back away I swear

I hope she kills him

OH SHE SMILED. he’s going to die

Wait can glimmer,, still teleport. Is she ok

adora, panicking: BOW CALM DOWN

oh it’s shadow weaver. She can die. Like violently

Poor scorpia :((

She just wants entrapta back

Ohhh don’t mention adora that’s not going to end well

Catra?? No???? Do not??

“It’s ok you can come out” God that’s so soft,,,

Good morning I will now die for scorpia and Emily

Bow looks really gay

Mermista?? Looks incredible??

Ooh bad mood

Nice cave but this is going too smoothly

Whoop there it is


oh,, there’s a sad reason

They gonna win now

Ok the monster is actually an uwu


Is this pre recorded or

Oh is the ice gonna be of angella


I may sob

Oh speech time


fucking, power move


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Double Trouble Theory and Discussion Post

So, first off Double Trouble is an amazing and interesting character. They are the definition of chaotic neutral which is so lovely. But despite being so so so amazing, they have a lot of mystery surrounding them. I discussed some of these points with my friend @appreciationcat.

In the original, Double Trouble was never actually released, which brings a lot more mystery to their character. They were intended to be Glimmer’s cousin and side with the rebels with the ability to change into anyone to get into and out of sticky situations but they were truly never released and only appeared as a toy, which is what the OG show was made for.

It is clear based on their character that DT isn’t aligned towards any particular side. They were originally in it for the money and then just self preservation in a way by siding with the winning side. They absolutely love drama and stirring the pot so they’ll likely continue doing this in s5. I have a feeling, due to Horde Prime showing up, DT might, if given the opportunity, switch sides to help Horde Prime. They help out whichever side is winning. But we don’t know whether HP will actually accept DT’s help or not because HP is such a wildcard.

(Side note, I think the first ones and Horde Prime actually worked together at first until something happened and the First Ones fell. It could have been the loss of Etheria or something else entirely that caused it. My evidence? The First Ones and Horde Prime’s goals are one and the same. To bring peace and order throughout the universe through whatever way they see fit. But Hordak can’t read First One’s writing and Horde Prime didn’t seem to know of the Heart of Etheria project. So it is likely they were simply allied without sharing their information and then the First Ones fell, allowing Horde Prime to grow larger.)

Anyway back to Double Trouble. In s1, they were showed at the Princess Prom. Now, they could be there for many many reasons. 1 They’re a Princess or Princess adjacent and were formally invited. 2 They’re a Princess’s +1. 3 They snuck in just for the fun of it.

Delving into Option 1, it is entirely possible that Double Trouble is royalty. There are so many kingdoms and Princesses all over Etheria and a number of them actually opted to remain neutral to the Horde v Rebellion fight, as clear when Adora couldn’t pick a fight with Catra and Scorpia in hopes of keeping the piece, with a number of guests not wanting to be involved in either side of the conflict. It is possible Double Trouble is royalty from a kingdom on a land on Etheria that Hordak hadn’t bothered to conquer yet. And it is possible DT decided to a life of crime and mischief over living their life as royalty. The drama and thrill of meddling with other people’s lives is far too interesting to not dip their toes in, after all.

However, there is another option for Option 1. They could be Glimmer’s cousin like the OG show. Now this brings into question who they’re biologically related to and how. We don’t know much about Angella or Micah’s family trees or anything about their own personal history really. Angella is clearly an angellic being and Micah is just a powerful Etherian sorcerer. But with us knowing Glimmer’s Aunt Castaspella, it is unlikely that DT is from Micah’s side of the family. It is possible DT is related to someone on Angella’s side through marriage, and perhaps their entire shape shifting abilities come from angelic magic? This is a bit more of a far-fetched theory tho as it is based on a lot of assumptions and ideas, due to no direct canon pertaining to it.

Option 2 is a lot simpler than Option 1. It just implies that Double Trouble has friends or made friends with a Princess or two to become a +1 and enjoy the Prom. This is easy to believe because with their acting abilities, they can make friends real easy if they wish. So they could crank the act to friendship over chaos for a bit in order to go enjoy a lovely Prom Party and enjoy the chaos that went down.

Option 3 is as fun as Option 2. It implies Double Trouble simply shape shifted to sneak in and shape shifted back into their most comfortable form for the Prom. Which is just the kind of drama they’d do. Shape shifting into one of the Princesses and created minor chaos right at the door and then just being themself to enjoy the party, only needing to shapeshift again if people are catching onto them. This is likely the most plausible option.

Out of the 3 options, I honestly love Option 1 because of the implications it can bring forth. If Double Trouble was truly royalty or royalty adjacent, it’d be so fascinating and interesting! And if they’re related to Glimmer, we might get to see more of that family tree.

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In episode 10, we witness Catra lose it. After losing her bestfriend Scorpia she becomes paranoid and deluded. When Rogelio, Kyle and Lonnie come back from their mission which Catra sent them on, she pins Lonnie to a desk and asks if ‘people are talking about her’, this shows that she has low self esteem and has become paranoid from Scorpia leaving her. However, Double Trouble was also the cause to Catras paranoia. After Catra found out that Double Trouble wasn’t actually her friend and was only in it for the money, she looked unhappy. She literally thought Double Trouble was her friend and of course Loyal to her. This caused her to become paranoid and deluded as well as she relied on them throughout the whole series. When she is in the room which she pinned Lonnie in, she also shouts for Scorpia whenever she hears a noise. She also breaks her tablet when Double Trouble doesn’t reply and constantly checks up to see if they did reply. This shows that Catra relied on her friends even though she didn’t treat them right.

On the last episode, Double Trouble betrays Catra and causes Catra to be upset. When Glimmer enters the room and holds her staff up to Catra she says 'what are you waiting for? Do it’ which indicates that Catra has offically lost everything and was ready to die then and there.

At the end of the last episode we witness Catra save Glimmer. After Whoredak number 2 was ready to 'get rid of her’ Catra comes in and saves her, talking about the huge weapon that they recently just released. So, in season 5 we will finally see Catra being good and of course helping the rebellion in a way and also, I can’t wait for Glimmer to find out about Micah. That would be a wholesome episode.

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