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y’know, keith really only said ‘you’re my brother’ as a mean to break kuron’s hold over shiro and bring shiro back. to reach any part of him that might still be there somehow with something familiar. something he could recognize, something he knew. 

keith never stopped to ponder the extent of shiro’s feelings for him, but ‘brother’ had to mean something. had to reach somewhere deep and make him realize hey, it’s keith, it’s me, you know this, you know us. but shiro didn’t budge, so keith went all in, cut himself open with words he’d never uttered before, because he had nothing left to lose. 

i love you, he said, and god, he did. beyond the confines of space, and farther still. 

and shiro flinched at last.

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So … Can we talk about Allura’s racism?

I was rewatching Avatar the Last Airbender to see if it still holds up as an amazing piece of animation (spoiler alert, it does), and I got to the episode “Return to Omashu.”

For those who don’t know or remember, Aang & the crew travelled to Omashu so Aang could learn Earthbending from his old friend King Bumi, but when they got to the city they found the Fire Nation had conquered it. They were able to evacuate all of the Earth Kingdom civilians, but during the evacuation they accidentally kidnapped the governor’s infant son Tom Tom (long story).

That night, everyone was just kind of chilling & trying to figure out what to do with this random Fire Nation baby. Now, keep in mind, the Fire Nation has been conquering the world for the past 100 years. They wiped out Aang’s people, murdered Sokka and Katara’s mother, and might have killed Aang’s last human friend from his own time. But our team never suggests harming Tom Tom. Sokka scolded him for trying to suck on his battle club, calling him a “bad Fire Nation baby,” but a) babies shouldn’t play with weapons, and b) they didn’t know Tom Tom’s name. Katara swatted Sokka for scolding Tom Tom, then started cuddling Tom Tom & gushing over how cute he is. An Omashu general had kind of a jaded view on Tom Tom, saying he would grow up to be drafted in the Fire Nation’s armed forces, but Katara didn’t care. All she saw was a cute little baby.

This interaction, and all of Team Avatar fighting to keep Tom Tom safe during a botched prisoner exchange for King Bumi and Aang later sneaking Tom Tom back to his parents, led me to thinking about how Team Voltron would respond to finding a lost/abandoned Galra baby during one of their adventures.

Hunk & Lance would probably whip out some impressive baby care skills, after helping to take care of their younger cousins/nieces & nephews. Might even see some “friendly” debate over how to take care of the Galra baby; which way to lay the baby down for a nap, where to pat the baby to properly burp it, corn starch vs baby powder, etc.

Pidge wouldn’t know what to make of the Galra baby. She might observe from a distance, then get involved when the baby starts to play with an Altean block toy. If she can connect intellectually with the baby (teaching basic shapes, playing Peek-a-Boo, maybe doing some “dancing filanges”), she’ll be wrapped around that baby’s finger & a total mess when the baby is eventually returned to its family.

Shiro, as resident Space Dad, would be the Baby Whisperer. Sure, he’ll try to insist that nobody get attached to the Galra baby since they’ll have to return it to the Galra eventually. But he can soothe the baby’s crying better than the “baby experts,” holds the record for the least time spent getting the baby put down for a nap, and will quash the Garrison Trio fighting over names for the baby by providing his own baby name (like Adam or Ulaz).

Coran might try to “interrogate” the Galra baby (using unimaginable torture techniques like tickling the baby’s feet with a feather), but he’ll also provide the Team with valuable information about caring for the baby & may pull out some old Altean baby products (toys, a crib, a high chair, etc.) for the baby’s use.

Keith would be fascinated by the Galra baby. He’d instantly connect with the little guy; abandoned by his family, all alone in the world. He would wonder if this sweet little baby is proof that not all Galra are inherently evil. And he’ll be the first to throw himself between the baby & any perceived threat. He might even volunteer to infiltrate a Galra colony to return the baby to its rightful parents (his half-Galra heritage & Marmorra training allowing him to get in & out without provoking a full-on Voltron fight).

But Allura? How would she react? Would she sing Altean lullabies to the Galra baby? Would she insist they dump it on the nearest Galra-inhabited planet and be on their way? Would she just stand back & glare at everyone else as they fussed over the baby, infuriated that her team is showing so much care for a Galra when the Galra probably slaughtered millions of Altean babies.

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Vivo a pillole :“/

5 pillole al giorno per ¾ mesi… diventerò una pillola umana di questo passo

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Shiro: I'm not wearing my eyeliner or any of my makeup
Keith: It doesn't really matter, you don't need to
Shiro: Like, I don't have to wipe my ass but it is a preference of mine.
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Rating: E

Relationship: Shiro/Sendak

Additional Tags: Werewolf AU, Mpreg

Chapter: 1/3 | WC 3.7K

Read on AO3

Summary: Any sane person would see what danger messing around with another alpha—let alone an alpha without a pack—could bring, and they would stop upon realizing this.

Shiro does not stop seeing Sendak.

It’s Sendak’s fault, really. He’s the one to visit the grounds where he knows Shiro will be running patrol, and he’s the one that brings him a casserole, of all things.

A/N: This is the sequel to In Your Nature, so please read that if you haven’t! Otherwise, enjoy this self indulgent piece!!

Talking to his pack goes about as well as Shiro expects.

First and foremost, they’re concerned about him. Allura nearly throws a fit when she first smells Shiro, assuming he is the alpha, but once they see his disheveled appearance, it clicks into place.

They think he got into a fight with the alpha, which he doesn’t necessary try to dissuade them of. It’s more convenient than the truth, and Shiro doesn’t technically admit to anything that could be construed as a lie.

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How about Summoner decides to take their boyfriend Shiro out to a fair that's going in their for a little date? Not a small fair though, I'm talking about a big one full of all sorts of attractions, rides, games, and so on. C:

djdjdfj this is so cute???

  • At first he wasn’t nearly as enthusiastic as when he saw the fair, he’s been to a carnival or two, they’re small and nice
  • All the lights of various colors were beautiful, the music to accompany the rides and games wasn’t being played by bards???
  • Oh man, he was like a puppy, his eyes were shining and glimmering, looking in every direction, not wanting to miss a thing
  • Watching him bound around in excitement was more than amusing, and you were glad that you took his mind away from surpassing his father
  • He really needed a break and you were glad to give it to him
  • A part of you did feel bad for the owner of the milk bottle ball toss game…Those bottles never stood a chance-
  • Shiro immediately picked out the biggest bear as a prize and gave it to you
  • When you tried to tell him that it was his prize that he earned, he just gave a big laugh,and a kiss on the forehead before pulling you to the next stall
  • The next stall being a food stall where he practically salivated at the chicken they were selling, he only had to look at you with sparkling eyes to get you to give in and buy him his precious chicken-
  • He lived for the thrill, the roller coaster was just so exhilarating to him
  • But his favorite had to be the ferris wheel
  • He could see everything, and everything looked so small
  • It was also when he finally took notice of you gazing at his face so lovingly
  • It was sort of surreal, just the two of you, at the peak of this ferris wheel where you could see everything stretching out and beyond
  • He couldn’t help but return your gaze, he was quiet as he leaned down with a hand on the back of your neck to kiss you
  • His fingers itched to pull out the ring in his pockets, but he decided he was satisfied with just this…for now
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