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If there’s one thing I’ve learned while making my first short film is: The Importance of good

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The Sentinel
directors Adam Floeck & Nate Swinehart

An ancient stone warrior and a young runaway will cross a dangerous, twisted world, seeking a new home for humanity and for themselves.

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Falling into a well travelled

but unpredictable abyss.

Where anything is possible

yet the unknown of it all

is almost as debilitating as

making dreams become reality.

I’m afraid of the unrequited.


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  You push me against the wall and hold my body like you’d hold a china doll, tightly yet gently. Your beautiful face touches mine and you stare right into my hollow eyes. I can see deep inside your blue eyes as far as my gaze can reach. I just want to taste you in that moment. Your cologne is driving me crazy.  You are breathing on my face. Your majestic body is swiftly rubbing against mine, creating giant waves that travels through my body and disappears into ground below. You slowly drag your lips across my face and reach my lips. You take my lips in those honeyed lips of yours and kiss me. I am not on this earth anymore. I am floating amidst stars, there is a fire around me and I just want to burn and break. I want time to stop. I feel myself falling. I open my eyes on earth when I hit the bed. You take off your shirt. My shirt is somehow already off. Strange! You put your hands on both adjacent sides of my messy head and you lean in. I with hazy vision try to make out my coordinates so that I can put my hands on your back. I need to touch you. I want to feel your skin. And I don’t wanna miss and grab air. I am trying to be cool. My hands land correctly and I feel the heat of your body. Its as if fire from stars has come down to casually merge with your skin and ignite my fingers. You are kissing me. I can taste you. I can feel your warm tongue. I am in my body and out of it at the same time. I can see you like I am standing over there in the corner, like I am in a dream yet I can feel you on top of me closer than I have ever been to you. Your hands are tracing my body now. For a girl with a habit of avoiding things that create emotional and mental responses, these are a lot of stimuli, good good stimuli, altogether at once. My mind follows your fingers sometimes and sometimes it goes back to your lips glued to mine. You take my hands in yours crossing your fingers with mine, pinning them down on the bed. I close my eyes and trace your tongue on my body while you explore my corners.  I can see colors now, there is red and yellow dancing in front of my eyes. And then you put your face right in front of my face giving me that seductive look while you enter my body and I pull myself from dissolving into you. I have to keep it cool. Its not the time for you to meet my crazy mind and 50 different and totally unique personalities. You smile at me. Your smile melts my stone cold heart.  Now you are moving inside me. Your friction is creating fires and thousand volts of current in my universe. I find my lips rubbing against your check bone and my fingers in those frisky beautiful hairs of yours. And then you take my name. Why would you do that now? I feel myself slipping away from sanity.  One minute I am conscious another I am not here. There is a volcano erupting in me and the look in your eyes tells me you like it. You are kissing me again …I think. What is this place where nothing exists yet it is still wholesome and magical? Isn’t this the place drugs take you to? Or where all the art comes from?  I wanna live here forever. Can I live here forever?

~ excerpted from my journal purely dedicated to imagined scenarios. 

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concept: constantly talking about your crush on spider-man (who you definitely know is peter) just to see him get all flustered until he finally can’t take it anymore and tells you his secret


“Did you see the news last night?” Y/N asked coyly. 

Peter sighed, looking up from his math assignment. “I’m trying to work here.”

“But it was about Spider-Man!” Y/N exclaimed. She smirked a bit at the blush that went across Peter’s face. 

Of course Y/N knew that Peter was Spider-Man. She wasn’t stupid. He had fumbled too many times, made too many bad excuses, to be anything else. So, naturally, she used the situation to her advantage, all but telling Peter that she was practically in love with him. She really, really wished he would get the hint. 

“He saved some lady last night, she was interviewed,” Y/N continued. 

“Y-yeah?” he said, trying to pretend he was invested in his math homework. 

“He’s so brave, y’know?” She picked up a pencil, playing with it. “Risking his life day after day, doing his best to keep others safe.” 

His face was pink, but he didn’t respond. 

“And of course, he’s just GOT to be good looking,” she continued. “You can tell he’s fit, that suit of his doesn’t really leave too much to the imagination.”

If Peter wasn’t flustered before, he DEFINITELY was now. 

“I bet he has pretty eyes. Warm, like you could just sink into them, and fluffy hair that you just want to run your fingers through–”

Peter slammed down his calculator, making Y/N jump. “You don’t even know him!”

“I feel like I do.”

“Well, maybe you shouldn’t be falling for someone like him.”


“Because what if you don’t like who… who’s under the mask?” He trailed off, looking away. He took a deep breath. “It’s me, alright? I’m Spider-Man. Sorry to disappoint.”

Y/N laughed. 

He looked at her. “What’s so funny?”

“You seriously thought I didn’t know it was you the whole time?”

“Wait a minute–you knew?”

She grinned. “Duh.” She slid a bit closer to him.

“And… and you still said all those things… about me?”

She nodded.

“….Did you mean it?”

She grabbed his hand. “Every word.”

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I JUST HAD ANOTHER FLUFF CONCEPT IDEA: you and peter go to the pound as a date idea and it's just SO CUTE when you see Peter playing with the little puppies and both of you see this one puppy and you just HAVE to get him so u convince may and she lets peter adopt the puppy and you become PUPPY PARENTS (also who doesn't want to look over and see adorable peter playing with adorable puppies?)

Peter Parker???? AND puppies????? SHUT UP THIS IS TOO MUCH

Peter pulled Y/N by the hand into the front doors. She couldn’t help but laugh. It wasn’t that she was any less excited about seeing puppies, Peter just expressed it way more eagerly than her.

A woman spotted them and led them back Peter had called ahead, making sure they could come in when the puppies would be awake. The pair was greeted with a pen full of puppies, wagging their tails at the sigh of them.

They both awed, bending down to say hello. Y/N laughed as they tugged playfully on her sleeves, rolling on their backs for belly rubs. She glanced at Peter. He was nearly tearing up, petting every dog he could get his hands on.

Suddenly, one pup decided he wasn’t getting enough love and launched himself up to Peter’s face, licking like mad. Y/N laughed.

“Someone made a friend!” She said, scooting by Peter to pet the dog.

He looked between the two of them, giving a small howl. Y/N’s heart melted. He was a small black dog, ears much too big for his head, eyes a bright blue.

“Y/N, I know we made a promise we would walk out of here with no new dog but—“

“We are definitely breaking that promise.” She scooped up the pup, and he licked her nose. “He has chosen us. We can’t help that.”

“Totally not our fault,” Peter added.

Y/N grinned. “Let’s get this good boy home.”

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Trying to get back into the swing of writing.

Haven’t written Thancred and Phaedra in a romantical setting before so… here we are.

Thancred reunites with Phaedra (WoL) in Il Mheg.

[Please forgive any grammatical/spelling errors or lore based errors. Lore is not my forte. I’m trying. Also, forgive me if Thancred’s “voice” is not quite there. I’ve not written him much, and there’s a lot to unpack.]

They were alone.

For the first time since arriving in Il Mheg, it was just the two of them. Urianger was elsewhere, preparing for the journey and tasks ahead and Minfilia was outside last time Thancred checked. Phaedra stood with her back to him, poring over an open tome on the table.

Thancred’s mouth was dry. He was immobile and all the words and emotions he wanted to express had now left him dumb.

Five years.

It was five years since he last saw her. Last spoke to her. Last heard her laugh, or say his name, or just breathe. Five years for him, and he was unable to articulate himself. Unable to tell her what seeing her again meant to him.

He was able to distract himself during those long years. He focused on mastering the gunblade. Then, on finding and liberating Minfilia from Eulmore. He learned all he could about the First and the Source and how they were connected. He did all he could. He didn’t thrive, but he managed. It was easy to ignore the pang in his chest when he was focused. When he didn’t allow his thoughts to drift to the life he led in the Source. To his friends, the war they were dragged unceremoniously from. The body he left behind, and the woman he left there, too.

The Crystal Exarch was determined, there was no doubt about that. The fruit of his labours stood not ten feet from him and, true to form, Phaedra set straight to business. Ridding Lakeland of its Light Warden, and already on the path to removing another. All quiet and sincere determination; she went about what was asked without complaint or thought for herself. She ran into fights over and over again, coming out bloodied and bruised, but victorious…

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Concept: Peter is good friends since teenage years with y/n but since avengers are no longer a thing and she gets tired of saving people and being blamed for everything she becomes a mercenary cause at least they get paid and then Peter and Her fight from time to time but suspiciously is the only villain he cant catch 👀

Oh ho HOOO

“Oh come on, Spidey, are even trying?” the black figure mocked, holding the artifact in her hand.

Peter grunted from under the pole that had toppled on top of him. “My question is, why aren’t you running while you get the chance?”

Y/N got the hint, taking off after giving him a small salute. There wasn’t anyone in view to see their fight, but they had to put on a show either way. It wasn’t long until Y/N had gotten the artifact to her hirers, out of there quickly with a pocketful of cash. Her phone rang as she entered her apartment.

“I didn’t bang you up too badly, did I, Parker?” She said as she answered.

He sighed. “No, I’m fine, but Y/N, you gotta stop doing this.”

“I need to make money somehow, Pete. I’m more likely to get sued than get s paycheck with the hero gig. It might work for you, but for me, not so much.”

She heard him sigh. “Well, one of these days, I’ll actually have to stop you. Out you in your place. “

“But for now, Delmars as usual?”

He was quiet for a moment before he chuckled. “Yeah, Delmars as usual.”

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You can scream and cry and struggle all you want. There is no escaping here. This is your home now, and you can never leave. I said, stop screaming. No one can hear you. They haven’t even noticed your absence. But I would. I’m the only one who cares about you. Stop struggling, little one. This is our home, now and forever. I love-

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