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Stark!reader x Peter parker shrui x reader (platonic)

As I rode on my dad’s newest private jet with him and his new student I looked out at all the that littered the floor of the African floor

“Mr.stark where are we going exactly” Peter said tugging at the end of his shirt

“Well kid where we’re going is a place that can both blow your mind and put it back together in one day” my dad replied not turning away from his pilot wheel

Peter looked at me in confusion “we’re going to Wakanda” smiling at his cluelessness

“I thought that place was made up” he said even more confused

“Hardly” I smiled at him once more then turned back to my window to cover the blush most likely on my face

*20 minutes later*

“Here we are kids” my dad said from behind his wheel landing the air craft in the middle of wakanda

I walked out of the jet behind my dad next to Peter watching him mess with the hem of his shirt nervously as king t'challa and shrui walked out with their twenty guards behind them with okoye at their side

“Welcome starks and young spider boy” t'challa said in a booming voice

“S - spider man” Peter said almost immediately regretting with a frowning face I turned back and smiled at him making his small smile returning causing me to blush instantly

“(Y/n) , Peter follow me” shrui said snapping both of our attention back to the group in front of us I turned to my dad watching him nod in shrui’s direction as a sign to go I knew shrui almost all of my life we were friends and I trusted her so I walked hearing Peter jog to catch up from behind us

We walked till we reached her lab listening to Peter ‘oh’ and 'ah’ all the way there shrui walked to her computer as Peter and I walked around the lab

“If you two don’t mind I would like to show you what you came here to see today” her voice cutting through the quiet air not looking up from her computer

Peter ’ s face was red with embarrassment as we walked over to her desk

She pulled up a file called 'new improvements for the kids’ I pointed at it tapping my finger on the screen

“Really your not that much older than me”

“Hey my lab my rules hands off the merchandise” me and Peter both tried not to laugh but failed when we looked over at each other

“Any way what I really wanted you two to see is the new improvements I made on your suits for (y/n) we have a more flexible fabric and better heat resistance and for spider boy over here we have stretcher and stronger webbing in his now way better suit”

“That’s incredible I love you” I said wrapping my arms around her neck

“Even though you look like a burnt chicken nugget I still love you” she replied through the years our sister bond only grew with the power of vines quotes

“Was that a vine quote” Peter asked lifting his head to look at the both of us

“Yeah why” I questioned him

“Because f*ck your chicken stripes” he said me and shrui both turned to each other before cracking up

“All this chicken talk has made me hunger let’s go eat” I run down to the kitchen with Shrui and Peter on my heels

“How do you know your way around here” Peter asked with an amazed look

“After a few years you just know”

After we finished eating Peter went to throw away his trash and then come up behind me and scare me

“This is why mom doesn’t fricken love you” I yelled at him as they were holding their stomachs laughing

I grabbed the nearest piece of food near me (which happen to be guacamole) and threw it at the both of them

“It’s an avocado thanks” shrui said still laughing her head off

“Free shavacado” Peter yelled throwing his hands

“I think you mean guacamole” I said standing up and doing the dance that goes with that vine

We all laughed sitting back down

“Now I need to wash off all this guacamole ” Peter explained

“Last door on the right” me and shrui said at the same time

“Thanks” he said running off

“So how long have you liked him” shrui said turning to face me

“W-who” I didn’t want her to know I really did like Peter but by now she probably already knows the truth

“(Y/n) don’t play dumb you like Peter … His name is Peter right he’s a good kid not really my type but for you he is perfect”

“Shrui even if I did like him he could have anyone he wants why would he want me I’m nothing without powers”

“That is not correct because according to the - never mind not now (y/n) your more than just powers your smart and kind and funny and so much more if he can’t see that I would tell you what I would do but it’s for your safety I don’t”

“Thanks shrui you really think he likes me”

“Heck yeah now go”

I walked down the hall and turned back to see shrui give me a thumbs up and then quickly change to stop before I fell into Peter ’ s arms


“No p - problem what are you doing down here”

“L-look Pete I have to tell you something ”

I stop breath in then out then in again quick


He paused with a opened mouth , red face

I felt sad and mad and so many other things all in that one moment but it all washed away when he quick leaned in and kissed me

It was slow and sweet and tasted like the cool mint gum he gave me early today I could hear shrui screaming at the top of her lungs but that didn’t matter to me now Peter did

He leaned back as we both try to regain our breath I watched his chest raise and fall three times before hearing Peter speak again

“I love you bitch”

“Pete no”

“I ain’t never goin to stop loving you bitch”

“Come on”

We made our way back to shrui seating at the table

“I saw the whole thing”

“Yeah I know I heard you screaming from over there” I told her

“Now I’ll just sit here being lonely” she said putting her head in her hands putting a big frown on her face

“You think her and michelle would be good together” Peter asked

“Yeah I think so”

“Who’s that”

“Our friend from our school” peter explained

I wrapped my arms around Peter ’ s waist a just listened to them set up a date behind shrui and michelle after it was done Peter kissed my head it was peaceful not having to deal with the outside world for once and finally having Peter by my side

How was I going to tell my dad!?

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Top 5 Marvel Characters

Oh boy. No order because uh holy shit.

1. Clint Barton. SPECIFICALLY the comics one, the depressed, snarky shithead who says things like ‘Aw, coffee’ and like barely knows what he’s doing on a good day.

2. Peter Parker. I love comics Peter, holy shit, but I also really, really love Tom Holland’s Peter. God. Peter Parker deserves the best, to be honest.

3. Deadpool. He’s a really compelling character tbh. Also, I love Gail Simone? Her Deadpool is the best.

4. Tony Stark. I might catch shit for this and honestly, the MCU has ruined him, but for the first three Iron Man and two Avengers movies (despite the not great involvement of one Joss Whedon destroying like. everything.), my God, I loved him. I don’t caaaaaaaare. Not a fan of a good portion of the comics Tony, but. Ya know.

5. Shuri. I haven’t even seen Black Panther yet but I know for a fucking fact I will love her to death. I wanna see her destroy Tony and all his tech with one demonstration. I wanna see her take over the world. I wanna see her live a happily ever after. I really need to watch Black Panther.

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