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I found one of those free pens with the rubber stylus thing at the end during a conference and thought: “I wonder if I could draw with this…?” AND IT WORKED!

My old tablet broke and while I’ve been perfectly able to afford a new one, I haven’t gotten around to it…so I’m happy I can digitally draw again!

So, here’s a super rough Gohan in celebration (and also so I could test the app out). It’s a lot harder to draw digitally…I prefer paper and pencil.

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Lol! I forgot that I made this sketch


It’s the next part of beach day XD and there is more!


Please, dunnot read the second one, when I sketch I write pretty messy and without carrying so, it has like thousands of grammatical mistakes, so, better if you care your eyes.

And I will publish the last day of fransweek soon, being honest, I didn’t want to do it since I really don’t like Valentine’s day, such a dumb day XD but I didn’t have anything prepared for this day… still, today, I got an idea and I am pretty happy to start with it, so please, wait a little.

And the next part of heart racing (about the sweet chalastor fanart) will be tomorrow if everything goes swell, see you tomorrow, oxoxo

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