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i enjoyed rise of skywalker but rey being palpatine’s kid was fucking stupid. i liked it when she was force sensitive because She Just Fucking Is, i loved the whole plot point where she wasnt a legacy, she was just a person who got the opportunity to be a hero.that really got me in my feelings and then they changed the whole thing because they didnt want to let kylo be actually a villain -but rather change the big bad at the last second to a dude from the last fucking trilogy so that reylo can happen- and also wanted to have rey shoot lightning or whatever? come the fuck on

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people often compliment my cursive handwriting, but i only see it as ugly cause the 5th grade teacher who made me learn it was incredibly strict about it being EXACTLY like the picture, and also was just a bitter old hag who hated me bc i had adhd and would backtalk her. everyone else thinks my cursive is good but i think it looks sloppy and every time I write in cursive im reminded of this bullying ass, uptight elementary school teacher from a <1000 ppl town in West Texas, so I just write in print which is objectively shitty and almost illegible. anyways if you’re out there mrs castleberry. eat shit

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apparently the top tag trending on twitter is #itsoktobewhite

oh god. it’s been so long (less than a week) since I heard a white person talk about how we’re not allowed to be proud of being white. it’s been so hard. please pray for us

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all I’ve seen on fb for the past 48 hours is ppl talking about them raising the age for tobacco sales

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my manager gave me a script with a paragraph she wants me to memorize by Thursday. she wants me to spend Christmas memorizing a spiel on [redacted]’s rates and how easy it is to use??? lmaoooo I no longer feel even slightly guilty for being about to quit without 2 weeks notice for a job with better pay and benefits✌️

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yes im a socialist. yes i made an amazon wishlist so i could send it to ppl when they asked what i want for christmas but now have found myself possessed by the spirit of consumerism spending an hour a day adding dumb bullshit i probably wont and shouldnt buy. we exist

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had a dream i was taking notes on a witch healer/wise woman type creature that villagers my OC was talking to who gave benevolent advice of some kind. in a weird kind of dream logic where i was both experiencing meeting this being as the protagonist, and deciding what exactly it was and how it worked by writing about it. very cool but i wish i had been able to write down more than one thing about it in the dream (you can tell it lives about twice the normal human lifetime because of the markings on its fur, it’s been the same for this village for a long time and that’s how they know to trust her)

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If you're still doing these readings, can u ask Set if he has instructions for me? Thank you :>


he wants you to be prepared to defend yourself. it seems something is coming and he wants you to be able to withstand it, so work on perseverance and stamina. Set also wants you to be the first to jump at this challenge, to tackle it with confidence and creativity. finally, he wants you to trust him through this.

[free readings are now closed.]

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I'm trying to get into more folk music (the Mountain Goats are one of my favorite bands and I've really liked a few assorted artists I've listened to like David Rovics), where should I start?

- From Pete Seeger: Pete, If I Had A Hammer: Songs of Hope and Struggle, American Favorite Ballads, vol. 1-5, Rainbow Race

- From Woody Guthrie: Woody at 100

- From Lead Belly: Lead Belly: The Smithsonian Folkways Collection

- From Utah Phillips: Starlight on the Rails

- From John McCutcheon: Howjadoo, Winter Solstice

- From Phil Ochs: A Toast to Those Who Are Gone, There But For Fortune

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smarmyanarchist replied to your post “No, I do not like the Godspouse trend. Here’s why.”

I agree that I see people jumping onto these relationships really fast, and I wish the term was more like “consorts” or something that implies a romantic relationship without such a huge commitment attached to the whole concept.

Yeah, like something that equates to being datemates or something.

Actually, I was talking about this with a friend some time ago, and he was saying that people probably jump to godmarriage and oaths because we have no other way of making things feel official. Which is a problem, because we as humans like having markers like that in relationships.

Unfortunately, yeah, it’s all heavy business.

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