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So I had an awkward encounter at work today… Ive been there a little over a month now, this was my first conversation with this person lol

Random coworker:*runs up to me*

Me:*awkwardly makes eye contact & is instantly confused*

Random coworker: you’re giving me Leo vibes.


Random coworker: you know, Leo!


Random coworker: yea , from That 70’s show!

Me:*awkwardly pauses & after realizing what Leo she was talking about I started laughing*

Shit, I mean… I guess 🤣

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B - Is there some reason why we can’t deal with all these without fighting ???
V - A reason ??? Of course,there is a reason… YOU !!! YOU just can’t deal with        anything,anymore without hurting someone !!!
B - So,it’s me…Now it’s getting better !!! We’ve found a reason for our                        quarrels !!!
V - Good !!! So now,maybe,we should start having them more often !!!

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👉 @judicious34 ✌️😎💨🍯💦Slowmo Rosin 🎶Feels Good🎶💦🔥✌️🤤💨 #Judicious #JudiciousMOB #OG #Kush #Dab #Dabs #Cannabis #Marijuana #CannabisCommunity #CannabisCulture #MedicalMarijuana #MaryJane #Weedporn #420 #710 #THC #CBD #Stoner #Smoke #Dank #Sativa #Indica #High #Life #HighLife #Stoned #Music #Rap #HipHop #SmokeWeedEveryday

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Summary: Kuai Liang decides that it’s time to tell the Lin Kuei that he’s with Hanzo. It’s not easy news, but it feels right.

Characters: Sub-Zero (Kuai Liang), Bi-Han and Saibot, Sektor, Cyrax, Smoke (Tomas Vrbada)

Word Count: 2202

Request: “If you want, could you write Kuai telling Bi-Han, Smoke, Cyrax, and Sektor about his relationship with Hanzo (or at least one of them).” - anonymous

another request!!! woohoo!!! this has been done for a while but I’ve just been so busy. I apologize for the wait

I gotta be real, this fic is heavy. deaths are referenced, hatred is mentioned, and it’s mild angst. but I promise all of you that there is a happy, hopeful ending. this is on ao3!! enjoy

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