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#sneak peek sundays

Sneak Peek Sunday!!

So, next week I really want to focus on the requests I have to do. Which I why, this week’s Sneak Peek will be one of the requests and you get to choose which one.

And yes, I am opening votes early, just because I can😂


Originally posted by muvana

Here are your options:

  • The Wolf in the Woods * (Alpha!Ivar)

Summary: It’s time to leave your father’s pack and find your own mate. When Alphas scent you out and fight for your approval, only the most ruthless will come out on top and claim you as his.

  • Like Father, Like Son (Tony x Son!reader)

Summary: The Avengers become worried about your bad habits. Tony even more so when he sees a similarity from his young adult years. They all try to get you out of it before something bad happens, but they find that it’s too late…

  • You’ll Regret That (Ubbe)

Summary: Aslaug tells Ubbe that he has to let go of all his lovers due to her arranging a marriage for him. But he only has one lover who does take the news all to well.

  • Proceed with Caution! (Ivar)

Summary: After you get injured in a raid, Ivar argues with you about what would have happened if you had died. More importantly, what your children at home would do if they lost their mother


(*will contain SMUT)

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Sneak Peek Sunday - The Perfect Heir

It is officially Sunday here and I thought I’d release this sneak peek now because you’re all anxious to see what happens 😊


Ivar raises a cocky eyebrow, the thought that his suspicions could be right boost his ego and make him chuckle darkly. “What’s wrong with this one, (Y/n)? Weak bones? Blindness? Or something different?”

“Stop it.”

“Twisted hands?” he continues, ignoring your warning and taking heavy steps towards you. “Misshapen mouth? Eyes that are a curse from Hel?”

Enraged that he thinks your child’s eye color that she received from her father is a curse is your breaking point. Even though he doesn’t know that she has his eyes, your hand slaps across his cheek and sends a smack to echo around the room. Realizing what you have done after staring at his turned face for a second, your eyes grow wide with fear because you remember what happened the last time you slapped him.

His turn back towards you before his head does and you take a step back from him before he can reach out to wrap a hand around your throat like the last time. Before either of you can say anything, a sharp cry sounds at the door and both your gazes snap towards the sound to find a nursemaid entering with a baby in her arms.

“I’m sorry, but she won’t stop crying for you,” the nursemaid says in a small voice, her eyes snapping between you and Ivar as she takes a small step forward.

“Stop!” you quickly order, holding up a hand to prevent her from bringing your daughter closer. She freezes in her stop, bouncing the girl in her arms to try and soothe her crying. And your slowly turn your gaze back to Ivar, afraid to see what his reaction will be to the child being a daughter, what he will think of his ‘firstborn’ being healthy, but being a girl

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Sneak Peek Sunday - A Healing Soul

Posting from my phone because I am without a laptop 😊😊

“Ivar?” you whisper, checking to see if he’s awake and receiving a hum in a confirmation. “Tell me why you really killed Freydis,” you beg, clutching the furs closer to your body when you feel him shift beside you.

He pushes himself to sit up, turns his head to the side but doesn’t look at you. He stares at your hands holding the furs close to your chest as you push yourself to sit up. “She lied to me and deceived me, telling me her son was mine-”

“You know that’s not the answer I’m looking for,” you softly cut him off, his head turning away from you as he breathes out an irritated sigh. “There’s something more to it, something you’re not telling me,” you say, moving behind him and slowly running your hands up his back.

He sighs out again and shakes his head. “I hated her. For everything she did to me. To us,” he starts, looking over his shoulder at you and tilting his head so that it rests on yours. “I hated how she lied to me, made me believe that I could have anything I wanted and nothing bad would come of it, that I could just take you without…” He trails off, dropping his head and sighing again. “I hated her for tearing you away from me. I hated her, and I loved you.”

By now, your hands have moved up to his hair and have begun to loosen his braids because you know that it’s calming to him for feeling your fingers on his hair. “You loved me back then already?” you question, hiding a smile on your lips by pressing a kiss to his back.

He nods his head and bites his lower lip, craning his head to look at you. “She knew how much I loved you back then and she tried to use it against me.”

It’s your turn to bite your lip now, breathing out a heavy breath as you rest your chin on his shoulder. “And if our son had lived, what would you have done?” you question, knowing but not caring that Ivar can probably feel you heart pounding in your chest. “Would you have allowed Freydis to call it her son? Or would you have expected me to do that?” you add, and for a moment, Ivar’s breathing stops

Sneak Peek Sunday tags - @simsadventures @dreamlesswonder86 @youbloodymadgenius

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Sneak Peek Sunday - Truth and Trickery

Posting this from my phone because I am without a laptop

“Bucky’s on his way to Wakanda to make sure that his Winter Soldier programming isn’t the problem.”

“He should be put in an Agardian cell for what he’s done to her,” Thor snaps at Steve. His head turns back to you when you weakly squeeze his hand and whine in protest.

Slightly shaking your head, you breathe out a pained sigh and flinch in your spot. “No. I don’t want to see…” It’s hard to talk, every word making it harder for you to breathe as you rest your hand on your stomach. “It’s better if he goes to Wakanda,” you whisper, your head lulling to the side and touch Thor’s arm as he shifts of sit beside you on the hospital bed.

Thor takes your hands off your stomach and strokes the back of your hand. “You should get some rest, my love,” he whispers, pressing a kiss on top of your head as you try to shake your head.

“No. I want to know what the doctors say. If our baby-”

“(Y/n), please,” Thor softly begs, squeezing your hand before bringing it up to kiss the back of your knuckles. “Rest. You’ve lost a lot of blood,” he reminds, a quiet mewl leaving your lips as you lean closer into his body.

Steve watches the action intently, smiling to himself at the memory of the times when one of you were injured on missions. That smile falls quickly when he realizes that he will never share moments like that with you. It’s certain that you won’t be coming back to Earth after all that’s happened. Thor won’t allow it.

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“So this is the end, then,” she said. “The end of this fucked-up thing we had.”

Is that how you thought of it then? Fucked up?

Anna glanced at her room door. The large Queen poster her aunt gave her last Christmas was taped over a good portion of it. “Only because we did all that while knowing how badly you messed up my aunt’s life.”

Yer aunt had nothing to do with wot we chose to do. It was just between you ‘n me.

“It was selfish.”

Murdoc scoffed. “If that was selfish, then fuck me, love, I must be the greediest bastard on the planet. You’re never going to get anything you want in life by feeling guilty over wanting them in the first place.

Keep reading

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Some art and some unedited nonsense from the next chapter. Happy Sneak Peek Sunday!!!


Tyrion turned sad and his face fell. “If I did, I know whom you would always reach for.” He placed his goblet back on the table. “I wish you well today, dear brother.” He turned to go and Jaime felt his insides roll with the knowledge he had hurt his brother. The day their mother died, Jaime had made a promise to protect the youngest member of the Lannister family, no matter the cost. He looked at the stone between his feet. He guessed there was a cost too high for him to pay after all. “I hope you never know the truth.” He looked up at Tyrion as the dwarf stood at the door. “I fear what may happen if you are faced with everything you wish not to see.” He smiled, but it did not reach his eyes. “I will see you at the coronation.”

He left Jaime standing in the King’s quarters with a heavy heart. He went back to the looking glass and found even more fault in his appearance. How will he fair as a King when he could so easily hurt his brother without even trying? You were trying, a quiet voice said. You were angry over his words and lashed out. Spearing his heart with a blade coated with venom. All for her. Always for her. He would do anything she wished. Had done anything she wished. He turned from the glass and closed his eyes. Jaime ran a hand through his hair and growled low under his breath.

A knock at the door made him inhale deeply. He wished it was Tyrion so he could make things right, but he knew his brother was done with him. He would only see the dwarf again when the crown was placed on his head. He walked to the door and pulled on the metal latch. A green boy, not more than six, stood with his back as straight as could be. He was shaking so bad his mop of brown hair was falling into his doe-like brown eyes. Jaime leaned back and let the child in.

“Your Majesty,” the boy stuttered. “I have a letter from the Que…” he stopped his eyebrows coming together. “Your sister, Queen Cersei.” The stuttering made his words sound jarring and halted. He held out the parchment in his small hand and waited for Jaime to take it.

“I am not the King yet,” he muttered softly. “You do not have to address me as such until the coronation is complete.” He started to break the red wax seal with the roaring lion when he paused. “What is your name?”

“Podrick Payne,” he responded in this same broken way as before. Jaime finally realized it was not nerves causing him to stutter but a tongue that would not work properly. The child bowed his head and kept his eyes lowered. “I am sorry for my… speaking, Ser.”

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I’m a little early but I had the sneak peek ready to go, so I figured why not…? Wasn’t going to post another audio clip so soon but really, being able to share my friends’ voice acting is always such a joy!!


Alana belongs to the super skilled @miss-sheepy​ who has a fantastic webcomic and amazing art and– check them out, seriously! Miss Sheepy has been super supportive of my shenanigans since Idrisfall and I was so excited to have Alana show up!! Not only that, but having my other friend @steganoble​ lend me their voice for Alana!! Add a bit of @arcanememory​ (aka my voice acting sister in crime) as Nimbus…! Ah. It was just a warm hug of friendships from everyone involved. QuQ 

With Princess Nimbus deciding to start her own army (and basically recruit her own Brother’s … well, recruits) Alana is the second member of her little team! The other being Yury (belongs to Stega/Stray as well) whom after Round 3 is… taking a nap. Yes. A nap.) Alana appears in my Round 4 to accompany the Princess outside of the Castle as her guard to confront Adonis before the task.

Ignore the fact the file says Part 07… I had likely miscalculated while writing the scripts how many parts there would be… or was lying to myself and the voice actors about the fact I was taking on more than I could chew. 

All recordings and artwork were done in 2012/2013. The clip was mixed/editted in 2019.

The voice team includes:

@steganoble​ as the voice of Alana

@arcanememory​​ as the voice of Nimbus

The song is: Triumph Theme by Scott P. Schreer &  Robin L. Klein 

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Tagging @hellospunkiebrewster only let’s see if the bitch of tumblr alows you to see this 


“Annie” Theresa giggled “Ernest is going to find out! I know he’s not an idiot”

Annabelle held tighter to her girlfriend and whispered in her ear “I assure you, Officer Ortega is the loudest man, he won’t notice anything” And she kissed her again, trying to stop the giggling. “Alas, don’t tell me it isn’t fun to make out on your boss’s bathroom”

“Oh God if he finds out I don’t know what I will do. This is his bathroom!”.

“I’ve make out in worst places” Annabelle growled. She was about to lift her up when they heard a thud and how Bart was kissing another man.

“Good Lord!”



“I-This is-“

“We have much to explain, I see”

“Well, you have five minutes. Don’t ask me how I found out, we’re out of time” Ernest said, leaning on the frame of a well-hidden door.

The four of them looked away embarrassed and blushing furiously. Ernest just shaked his head.

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it is. and that means it’s time for sneaks! (this has actually been super helpful in getting work done on my WiPs, because every time i scan through them to find an appropriate snippet to share, i end up adding at least 300 words to each project.) 

so you know how it works. send me a character and an emoji and i will comb through and see what i have that matches. Billy, Logan, Ryan, Nick and Benjamin are all fair game. 

happy sunday, friends!  

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Hi! Christmas is over and Sneak Peek Sunday is back :D I‘m so happy I got to do @thedeckerstarnetwork‘s upcoming challenge banner! (It just went online, so you get the finished piece instead of a WIP today.) Please look up their post here and join me in the signup.

I actually have no active WIPs (we won’t be counting the „to be revived“-file) in line atm, but about 100 ideas, some more precise than others. Some Lucifer and a ton for Braime. I‘d love to discuss them and select them, so please send me a message if you want! Would you like to see more „medieval“ Braime or Modern!AU art?

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“You’re drunk,” she breathed against his neck.

 He wearily lolled his head against the top of hers. “A lil’ less ‘n earlier.”

“You’re drunk,” she repeated. “You don’t understand what you’re saying.”

“‘Course I—” Murdoc hiccuped, making her jump a little.

“No…you don’t.”

He clasped her shoulders, pushed her back just enough to blearily look into her own dark eyes. The colored lights of the party danced around her pupils like acidic stars. God, she was mesmerizing.

“Y’know…Y’know wot they say about drunk people, eh? That they…. That I….” He frowned trying to recall that odd bit of wisdom he wanted to rip off.

“Drunk man’s words somethin’ somethin’ honest thoughts,” he amended. “‘n I’m sooooo pissed right now. Shit-faced, really. Fucking knnnnnackered.”

Anna’s head dipped and he lost the stars. If it wasn’t for her strong shoulders holding him up, he was sure he’d just collapse to the floor next to the dripping sick plant.

“So this is you being honest, for once.” Her voice was like dissolving candy floss on his tongue—soft and sweet and gone too soon. “To me.”

Murdoc chuckled and he curled her hair behind her ear. “Um, yeah. Can’t think too clearly to lie otherwise, y’know?”

“How can I know for sure?”

He tilted his head. “My word’s not good enough for you?”

“Your word’s not worth shit and you know it.”

“That hurts, love. That really does.”

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Sneak Peek Sunday - Addicted

Addicted Masterlist


“Please just trust me-”

His laugh cuts you off and he let’s go of your throat, making you gasp deeply for air. “Trust you? It’s going to take a lot more than knowing what plant takes away a person’s pain for me to trust you,” he hisses, a stab of disappointment hitting you in the chest as he turns his head to the side, never stopping to chew the herb in his mouth and chasing that relief that you say it will bring. But he can’t feel anything yet.

You stare at him, trying to find something your mother used to tell you that can help you in this situation. A stubborn man needs more help than a willing man. That doesn’t really help you out now.

“If you don’t trust me, then what’s the point of trying to help you?” you harshly question, knowing fully well that he could kill you or even enslave you for talking to him like this, but sometimes the only way to get the message across is to be firm. “If you’re constantly reluctant to do what I ask of you then this isn’t going to work,” you mention, curling your hands into fists as a way to not snap at him. He is, after all, a king.

He turns back to face you, his jaw clenched and his chest heaving with furious breaths. “Then maybe you should leave. Go back to your hut, to be called a witch. I don’t care,” he hisses, shocking you but you only show it by your lips slightly parting. “I’ve lived with this pain my whole life. I don’t need you.”

Tags- @youbloodymadgenius @simam12 @dreamlesswonder86

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