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#so grateful

I have had a lot of good days and bad days, but today was pretty good despite the frustrating things that happened.  I work at the bookstore on campus and had to take things to our activities center on campus where we sell things during sporting events.  My coworker and I each had to take a rack of clothes with us. Now, it is important to note that it is very cold outside and extremely windy today, so as soon as we got our racks outside, they almost immediately were blown over by the wind and clothes went flying everywhere. Luckily, there were two guys walking nearby and they saw us struggling to lift the racks upright again. They helped us pick the clothes up and put them on the rack and then proceeded to help us walk the racks to the activities center so that they wouldn’t blow over on us again. It’s little things like that, that give me hope that the world is not as bad as it always seems.    

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Like… I know there are people celebrating 3k followers and more, but this is HUGE to me, okay? 

Somehow, hundred of you decided to click the ‘follow’ button when stumbling over my blog and I cherish every single one of you, even when I’m not showing it as much as I should sometimes. 

Whether you follow for my gif and ramble reblogs or happen to like my fluffy writing, I am truly grateful to you 🌻

Thank you 🥰 I feel blessed 🥰🥰

Special thanks to people who welcomed me here and helped to spread the word I exist. I hope you know who you are .


Originally posted by bluesteelstan

P.S. Don’t be afraid to interact. I’d say I’m all bark no bite, but I’m not even barking… usually :-*

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I finally got in touch with the EMT crew who tended to my crash last March, cut me out of the passenger seat of the demolished car, diagnosed my internal decapitation and burst abdominal aorta before getting me out, and transported me safely to the hospital where a vascular surgeon was waiting to do absolutely imperative surgery to keep me from bleeding out. Luckily, my hip and pelvis were so shattered and swollen that I did not. He told me after I woke up from my coma that “People dont live for 28 seconds when that happens. You didnt get to me for 28 minutes.” Those three EMT’s stabilized me and diagnosed my internal blood loss somehow before I seized violently the entire ambulance ride. Or so I’’m told… Bear in mind that my skull wasnt attached and my spinal cord was exposed. I wasnt expected to make it to the hospital. Much less to ever see my son again… and take hikes and go swimming and dance upfront at music festivals. I was told I would be in ICU through August. I was walking three and a half miles a day by August. At home. I ditched my cane in October. I’m not bragging, although I do occasionally. I was hit at 68 mph and lived to tell the tale. “You should see the other guy…” I’d say when people saw me with my neck brace and walker and tracheotomy scar. Really though, they scrapped the car that hit me. It doesnt run anymore. Never stood a chance. I was the last thing it ever saw. I digress. This post is to acknowledge those EMTs. I finally was able to track them down and get them a letter with a pic of me and my kid standing and smiling together. I hope it inspires them and fulfills them to see it. They kept me alive sure… but they held my 6 year old’s world intact. Thank you. Thank you.

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Blog Update Info

Hi everyone! I want to start off by saying thank you so much for all the love and support you have given me. I’m so so grateful.

Today I hit 300 followers!!!

I can’t believe it - and honestly I never expected it. So once again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.


In terms of blog updates, for those of you who have been unfortunate enough to come across my multiple rants about uni (I’m sorry about that btw 😩) you would know that I’m about to start soon (*ahem* tomorrow) so I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to post - that being said I still want to write and love to write so atm I am planning to put out at least a chapter or 2 of my fics each week around/on the weekend.

If i post more than that, I’m probably procrastinating so someone please come and yell at me or give me a virtual smack on the head 😅

Once again, thank u so much. You are all beautiful. You are all incredible. And I love you all so much.

I hope u have a lovely week ahead!!


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I reached 500 followers today. When I started this blog in June, I never imagined it would be this successful, especially in such a short time frame. I made the blog to work on my writing skills in a creative way (incorporating my love of the Islanders and hockey in general), but I’ve also made strong friendships on this site, and I’m so grateful for that. 

Thank you all for reading my writing—I’ve made major strides and I couldn’t have done it without your feedback and love. Above all, thanks for supporting me personally. The past 7 months were crazy and more major life changes are headed my way this year, but knowing that I have this community behind me makes me feel strong. 

Love y’all to the moon and back 💛💛

P.S. More imagines are in the works—I will post one tomorrow or Sunday ☺️

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I’m not sure if there are many people out there experiencing what I’m going through… But I need to vent! So I’ve only been ‘awake’ for maybe 2 or 3 days now. I’m not normally someone with anxiety, but last night I was extremely anxious, overwhelmed, my chest was heavy and I could not breath. While at work, mind you. So as soon as I get home from work and walk into my bedroom, my ears start ringing. Unbelievably loud. I really wish I knew if it were a good sign or a bad sign.. later that night, I wanted to give my guardian(s) an easy, simple task to see if they really are here with me already. I simply asked, may I please have a dream tonight? A good dream. I’m not someone who normally dreams either, and if I do I hardly remember them.. But I had two dreams last night, and I vividly remember them! My memory has also gotten slightly better! I’m extremely forgetful, but I’ve been remembering stuff I’ve been reading about spirituality, and conversations I’ve had with people. I can feel amazing changes making their way to me and I’m so grateful. 💜

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