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On a cold, rainy day last weekend in Butere @whoishussain_buja brought with them a small ray of sunshine in the form of Eid packages, containing brand new clothes for over 50 families in the village 👚⠀
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And I got Human Resources to investigate I find out Tuesday if I get my job back but I’m PISSED BECAUSE IM BROKE AND I WANT SOME DAMN FRUIT


Well if anyone can donate meanwhile, I’m eight months along and she’s measuring small and I’m hopeful but nervous. We have food shelves and stuff but rent and all that, so imma do the best I can. I really had no clue he could even fire me like that so please do send me $5 if you can. It adds up. Xoxo xoxo mad love, Makenna n her tiny cutie in her tummy

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the so called “”“ war on drugs”“” has led to millions of people, disproportionately people of color, serving unnecessarily harsh prison sentences; to chronic pain patients being denied effective pain mitigation treatment; to giving a general invitation to the federal government to have opinions on its citizens’ bodily autonomy


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On the distinction between racism as something institutionalized or wielded by power structures and racial discrimination (A.K.A. “being a total asshole”) as an individuals’ unfavorable behavior towards another individual on the basis of who they are as a minority:

Having thought about this for a long time I think this distinction was made out of a necessity: To allow for a more precise, nuanced discussion to take place.

That said, we all know what is meant when someone says “that asshole is being racist to me”, so it’s disingenuous of those in academia (or fresh out of it) to insist that the rest of the world outside of their bubble use language in their prescribed way. It’s not hard to just understand what people are talking about, and if academics think that in any given discussion that making these distinctions can help promote understanding, then they should be inviting us to consider their use of language rather than demanding it.

It costs nothing to be willing to just understand someone rather than to nitpick their particular word choices. Understanding is always more important than linguistic precision (which is not to say that linguistic precision isn’t important - it’s to say that one should always be valued more than the other).

If progressives and the left want more people to join our side, we have to be willing to meet people halfway, according to their current understanding, and invite them to expand their understanding. If we’re not willing to do that, we will lose. The far-right is more than happy to let people talk however they want - the right doesn’t care just so long as you hate the same people; and the right loves name-calling, subversion of language, and distorting understanding. They can and will take advantage of our unwillingness to meet ordinary people halfway in their understanding of these important issues.

If you’re the kind of person who says “I’m not here to educate you”, you’re not helping. You’re not part of the solution. It’s fine if you don’t have the time or the resources to educate others - you don’t have to play that role - but consider that maybe you shouldn’t be the one going out there to represent other progressives and/or leftists in that case to people who aren’t already on our side. If you’re not prepared to educate others, please make room for those of us who are.

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Thinking about how feeling closer to God reminds me that I am close to other people, that we’re all connected. It reminds me that I need to be more active in advocating for others, so I’m going to check out some refugee justice events coming up and see if I can make it 💗

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