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#social justice
Deuteronomy 14:28-29 NRSV
Every third year you shall bring out the full tithe of your produce for that year, and store it within your towns; the Levites, because they have no allotment or inheritance with you, as well as the resident aliens, the orphans, and the widows in your towns, may come and eat their fill so that the LORD your God may bless you in all the work that you undertake.
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Do you hear the Hong Kong people sing

9 June 2019, starting point of massive protests of anti-Extradition Bill to China in Hong Kong

12 June 2019, Hong Kong Police used excessive violence against protestors in a legal assembly (the time was still within the initial agreed time of the Police Force)

Then, Hong Kongers came up common 5 demands:

1. Complete withdrawal of the Extradition Bill

2. Withdrawal of the “riot” characterisation of the June 9, June 12 protests

3. Withdrawal of criminal charges of ALL protestors

4. Formation of an independent commission of inquiry into police behaviour

5. Immediate implementation of Dual Universal Suffrage

Until now, Hong Kong Government still gives no response (i.e. saying sth like “the Bill is dead” has no any legal enforcement).

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You can’t do any real good sharing posts and giving opinions about every topical social and political issue.

Find the issue that means something to you and dive into it like your favorite video game. Uncover every nook and cranny. Don’t waste your life knowing just enough about every headline when you can know far more about a single community and cause.

These are people experiencing these issues after all, and if you don’t talk to them, then you’re missing something very important.

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Men’s love for excess

Women, we have our own problems, but one common problem I see in men is the love of excess. For some men it shows through excess in food, some excess in work, others will direct it towards porn and sex. I find the last one the most worrisome as it tends to effect others as well. I’m not sure about gay men but straight men, especially of the cis variety, are often prone to wanting"bigger, more, better" at the expense of women who desperately try to appeal to this impossible standard.

“bigger butt, bigger boobs, bigger lips (not even going into the racist aspect this can get into but it is alright? Do better guys)”. It’s disgusting. Some women are born with these traits naturally but it puts so much stress on even them.

It’s a toxic mindset that I see time and time again.

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Welcome to my new discourse blog!

This’ll be home to any rants and essays I write, and also function as a home for my more pRoBlEmAtIc ships so I can keep em of main.

It’s still in the works, I’ll get this up and running regularly soon :)


• Anti-TERF/radfem

• Anti-trumed

• Ace/aro inclusion

• Pro-ship (including RPF)

• And more but those are the Big Four

But most of all:

Pro-respect and kindness

(Cept for n*z*s they don’t get shit)

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Tbh, I’m sick of the term sjw and tumblrina, if something makes a person uncomfortable then you make sure it doesn’t happen again. Please use the person’s preferred pronouns, and for foxs sake put a trigger warning on that thing.

Just be a decent person.

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Exodus 22:26-27 NASB
If you ever take your neighbor’s cloak as a pledge, you are to return it to him before the sun sets, for that is his only covering; it is his cloak for his body. What else shall he sleep in? And it shall come about that when he cries out to me, I will hear him, for I am gracious.
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Entonces ¿estás diciendo que si sufrimos pero todos sufren? ¿Esa es la justificación? ¿Aunque a lo largo de la historia las mujeres hemos sido violentadas por el simple hecho de ser mujer? ¿Aunque ahora ya no es sólo que no tenemos las mismas oportunidades sino encima que algunas ni siquiera llegan vivas a casa? “La violencia genera más violencia” Pero entonces, ¿Quieres que les pida “por favor” que hagan valer mis derechos? ¿Aunque los hombres no pidan permiso para acosarme o violentarme? ¿Quieres que me tragué mi enojo y vaya a pedir las cosas pacíficamente aunque más tarde buscarán una forma de desprestigiar la lucha? ¿Debemos “esperar” a qué esto cambie mientras diariamente 10 mujeres no regresan a casa? ¿Que debemos hacer para que se implementen programas de prevención más que de atención a víctimas? ¿Debo seguir haciendo lo mismo aunque la vía pacífica ya se ha intentado durante AÑOS? Aquí no tiene la culpa sólo el gobierno, la tenemos TODOS, la tienen desde los que ven y no hacen nada hasta los que reciben las denuncias y no hacen justicia por corrupción. La tienen las familias y la escuela por la educación que no se da. La tienen los que no empatizan un poquito. La tenemos las que permitimos que pasará una vez porque entonces esto se normalizó y les parece más grave una calle rayada que una mujer desaparecida.

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Hi, All!

So I know I don’t interact much but I figured while Tumblr was slowly dying would be a great time to finally introduce myself.

So hi! My name is Philos (They/Them). I’m Black, aroace, and agender. I’m 19, live in the US and currently go to university here. I’m majoring in anthropology and minoring in French and history. My interest include:

-Anthropology (what a surprise)



-Social justice (hence the anthropology)

-Crafting (Specifically bookbinding/journalmaking)


-Stationery (love that shit)


-Paganism (I consider myself an agnostic pagan)

So if you like any those things (or none of them) feel free to follow and I’ll probably follow you back. I’ll probably talk a lot about my interests on this blog as well as my mental seeing as that recently took a steep downfall and I’m just starting to crawl out of the hole. Basically this blog will be about me, my life, and my thoughts from now on. Not all (or most) of what I post will be that serious so don’t worry if your like me and come here to get away from how shitty the world is. I’ll tag those as #serious or something like that. Feel free to let me know if you need something tagged and I’ll do my best. Let me know if I tag anything wrong or forget to as well. I want my followers to feel comfortable.

So yeah that’s about it. Feel free to message me, send me asks, reply to this post, etc. Love ya! (Also I changed my bio so read that too although most of that info is in this post)

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