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Jaan Kaplinski
The morning began with sunshine - we brought the rugs
to be aired, sent the children to the sand pit,
and went ourselves to the garden where
the dandelions and couch grass were already rampant; the strawberry bed
full of flowering corn mint with bumblebees buzzing.
We had to clear everything up, dig the whole ground,
tear couch, horsetail and bindweed out root by root.
It takes a lot of time, surely later on
it will be so nice to think that we have gone through every bit of soil
with our fingers. In the early afternoon
it was so hot that I even took my shirt off, digging. In the west
the clouds were already gathering, and in late afternoon,
when the first beds were ready, it began to rain.
I sowed the carrots and turnips
when it was already raining, with my black waterproof on.
At night, before falling asleep I saw before my eyes
only earth and roots.
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