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alizarincriminal said: Kink: being direct about your feelings

Send me a kink and I’ll rate it:

turn off / not my thing / haven’t thought of it before / cool / hot damn / TURN OOOOOOON / TAKE ME NOW

Kaede is a shy and awkward bean… unless she’s had a little to drink.

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Ok, how about a contest you can do right now, and since she complained about it, Tressa can go second. Ali vs Tressa, round 2: Sell a pair of snow boots to a Shadelander who doesn't travel for a living.

Ali: Welcome all! Today, I present to you these pairs of special boots you can’t find anywhere in the Sunlands. At first glance, it looks like normal thick boots that you can’t use in this weather here. But!! It can be of great use to those who want a twist to a typical home decoration! You there! You’ve been living here for all of your life, haven’t you?

Shadelander: I…have, actually. You really think something like this will be useful for me?

Ali: Of course! It’s great for anyone!! It’ll make for creative storage for objects in your house, like your cooking utensils. You’ll never lose another utensil again, I promise you that! And there’s no worry about cleanliness; These boots are brand new, no blemish at all. What do you say if I sell this for…150 leaves? It is a bit of a luxury item after all.

Shadelander: That’s a very decent price for a pair of something so unique! I’ll get one! *hands over 150 leaves*

Ali: Thank you! *hands a pair of snow boots* Have a good day sir!


Ali: Ah, I may have forgot you were suppose to sell as well…

Tressa: …aaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAA Why?! How?!

Ali: *shrugs* I did warn you that your confidence may fall short if I go first.

Tressa: *sighes and grumbles in the corner*

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Yumeko: I’ve been dropping obvious hints that I like him.

Tatsumi: wow, he sounds like a total moron.

Yumeko: he’s not a moron, hes actually very smart! Hes just….really dense.

Tatsumi: Well Yumeko, try to be as obvious as possible, like you gotta hit the hammer on the head like ‘hey I love you!’

Yumeko: Very well, * deep breath* hey Tatsumi-san, I love you.

Tatsumi: See like that

Yumeko: ….

Tatusmi. Yumeko, if you can’t figure it out then you might want to consider that they’re too dumb for you

Yumeko: *Internal screaming*

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;; yua just needs some who doesn’t stress her out and understands that sometimes people are too much and will be patient and finally help her not, you know, suppress her own emotions because she’s afraid of them while simultaneously trying to ease other people’s pain 

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things eddie izzard has called sexy:

-the name of a hotel

-the action of slapping a typewriter

-the queen of england

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                                                 FRAIL     LIMBS     LIFT     TO     TAKE     THE     BLANKET     FROM     THE     OTHER,     ,     she     so     very     glad     to     have     it     now     around     her     ,     ,     it     stronger     than     any     shield     she     could     have     acquire-     “     thank     you.     .     .are     you     sure     you’re     not     cold?     ?     “     she     asks     this     through     chattering     teeth-     in     all  honesty     she     was     shocked     this     man     was     being     so     kind     to     her,     ,          maybe     it     was     the     fact     that     she     looked     like     a     train     had     run     her     over,     ,     or     he     was     one     of     the     people     she     feared     most,    the     ones     who     would     play     nice     with     her     only     to     take     her     back     to     her     captor.     /    /  @jaoquins

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