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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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Name the top 5 people you would marry, no questions asked and why?

idk if i can list 5 tbh.. i’ll try

1. rihanna bc i’ve always gotten good vibes from her + she’s soo pretty & woke & talented so ya

2. harry styles bc same with the good vibes + british + handsome af

3. perrie edwards?? for the same reason. honestly anyone who hasn’t come off as sketch is fair game + she’s gorg

4. brendon urie bc that Talent™️ & he’s beautiful & hilarious

5. zendaya! bc she’s introverted so she’ll never make me socialize ever & she’s stunning & hella woke

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your tags about the hills i felt that - with a lil sun in the corner of the page and clouds that filled the sky so you didn't have to spend ages colouring in blue

Yes! Colouring the sky was a right pain in the arse. And if different shades of green were available, colour the hills in different greens to add what the professionals call “artistic depth”

Like this:

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What if you woke up one day, and you were a baby again?

“Hmm,man, i would be super scared! What If there’s big predators near?! I’m not sure when mollusk…well,manifested,but i’m sure is when i already knew in the time how to breath breathe and swim right…

Or Hunters?! Uh, don’t know If they do capture baby dolphins,but a little and lone mammal on the sea would catch attention to hoomans…”


“ I will [clicking noises] ‘kick’ butt of this alessi creep dude! He’s [whistle] coward,taking advantege of youngers? When i was small, mollusk scratched some jerk out that freakin tank!”

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PKMN.  //  @valorxdrive

⋞ ╰ ⚔ ╮ ≽

Just a dream…” Verona echoes, running her clawed digits over broken structures, moving through the stony archways of a temple just barely clinging to its might. It is overtaken and overshadowed in ruin. She walks like a ghost may walk through the halls of their haunt; a mere apparition of the seraphim Sora had been speaking to for some time now.

This place – the so-named end of the World – spoke in a smotheringly vivid and poisonous language, its whispers writ down in scripts slathered across stained cobbles and built upon the foundation of corpses who had no other way to speak. They spoke in a fierce cold, a perpetuating aura of strangulating suffrage and foulness which wrapped ‘round them and pulled them every which way in screams and shouts that no one else hears

MADNESS some call it.

Katabasis for others.
The hero’s journey through the Underworld

And this, the pinnacle of all Hell on earth, and Diabol in his seat as depicted by the terrorizing ebony marble form carved before them in a desecrated monument built to h i s satisfaction…

She pauses at his toes – not even such – and simply stares.

“Mayhap,” She turns her head to Sora but not her gaze, half-gilded irises trained on the too-intelligent statue’s eyes looking d o w n on them in scorn and covet. “That was all it ever was.” She gives a breathy laugh. “Fantasia… The memories of you and I…” At last she looks to him. “Naught but a d r e a m. And we have no time for dreams.”

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Am I the only one who was nearly crying with laughter as Josephine was talking to Gabriel? Like I know it was supposed to be a heart felt moment but did you see how uncomfortable Bellamy was? Sighing, rolling his eyes, “Alright, that’s enough. Do it.” This was meant to be a scene between Jo/Gabriel, the close up on Bellamy’s face was beyond unnecessary. Yet here we are.

Poetic cinema my dudes.

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