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Draco: Hey, can I go out with Harry tonight?

Pansy: Whatever, okay? I’m not your mother

Draco: Okay *runs out of the room*

Pansy: CURFEW IS AT 9!

Draco: I know!

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Lily: *holding baby Harry for the first time*

James: Everybody, there’s someone I’d like you to meet. This is Harry. Harry, this is everybody

Remus: Oh god, I can’t believe one of us actually has one of these

Sirius: I know, I still am one of these!

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Hello Good Person. Do you have any lafxangelica left in stock?

(You’re lucky, this is my last one. It appears to be missing its pricetag, though, so I’ll give it to you for the low, low price of free)

Lafayette Everything’s going to be fine! It’s just a crush-

Angelica, entering the room: Hello, Laf

Lafayette: I love you

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PhantomGirl: So the hairdresser arrives at noon tomorrow-

SunBoy: Great, and while you’re doing that, I’ll check in on the ring bear!

PhantomGirl: I’m sorry, you’re saying ring bearER, right?


PhantomGirl: Okay, look into my eyes and say, “I promise I’m not bringing a dangerous, wild animal to my best friends’ wedding.”

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