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#source: infernal devices

Headcanon ships throughout TID:

Clockwork Angel: WESSAAA. Lol who’s Jem?

Clockwork Prince: JESSSAAA. Lol what’s Wessa?

Clockwork Princess: … … … That song Jem wrote though… … … That cave scene with Will though… … … Fuck it, HERONSTAIRS FOR LIFE!!!

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Charlotte Branwell

You know who doesn’t get talked about enough? Charlotte.


She raised like 5 teenagers when she was in her twenties, even when she didn’t have to.

She took care of the Institute for years, even when all the credit went to Henry.

She loved Henry and married him even believing that he only did it to pay off a debt, not knowing for years that he loved her back.

She stayed with him when he couldn’t walk anymore and always supported him and his inventions.

She was the first female Consul and because of it she had to constantly prove herself to the other Shadowhunters.

She ended the tradition of Consuls speaking to the populace from the balcony of the Gard, saying that it was too similar to the behavior of a pope or king.

I just love Charlotte so much.

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I give YA (mainly YA Fantasy) a lot of hate, but all I want is for the fantasy aspects to be taken more seriously. At least make the teeny drama spectacle of it better. As a consumer with rights and a HUGE fan of fantasy, if you aren’t fully contributing the fantasy aspect of your “YA Fantasy” series, please give me SOMETHING as a reader to look forward too. The drama, the relationships, literally ANYTHiNg.

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Jace: Every Herondale has this star, right?

Tessa: Every Herondale who descents from Will and I.

Jace: It must come from a very powerful charm.

Tessa: Something like th-

Magnus: She and Will hooked up in a cell and the star happens.

Jace: …

Tessa: Thank you, maybe the next time I see Alec I will have a very funny story to tell your husband, Magnus Lightworm-Bane!

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I tried to keep closer to games where you choose a LI, however, I have the three loves of my life (which are from books) at the top (and yes I’m cheating with the couple, but f it), then otome games and Dragon Age at the bottom because yes.

I still can’t understand my type tho.

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Heronstairs for the ship ask game!
  • who hogs the duvet
  • Will. Jem often wakes up at night freezing cold while Will has turned himself into a burrito next to him.
  • who texts/rings to check how their day is going
  • Both. Jem sometimes sends texts to tell Will to have a good day, but Will will randomly call him when he has a free minute.
  • who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts
  • Will. Jem likes to say it’s him, but they both know it’s Will. After all, he did get Jem tickets to see and meet the London Philharmonic Orchestra.
  • who gets up first in the morning
  • Will. Jem often gets up in the morning to find breakfast and tea ready.
  • who suggests new things in bed
  • (I know what this really means but I’m ignoring that) Will. Jem will be falling asleep at midnight and Will will just randomly say things like “We should go skiing.”
  • who cries at movies
  • Jem. Will had a huge wet spot on his shoulder after Titanic.
  • who gives unprompted massages
  • Jem. He has a sixth sense that tells him when Will is tense or frustrated and he gives the best back massages ever.
  • who fusses over the other when they’re sick
  • Both. Will won’t leave Jem’s side even if it’s just a little sniffle, and Jem just makes sure that Will has everything he needs while silently freaking out.
  • who gets jealous easiest
  • Will. He’s better now but when they first got together he was jealous of everyone Jem went out with without him (but only because he was afraid Jem was going to break up with him).
  • who has the most embarrassing taste in music
  • Will. He definitely does not have a playlist with a bunch of songs from kids TV shows and he definitely didn’t name it in Welsh so nobody knew. 
  • who collects something unusual
  • Jem. Every time he breaks a string on his violin or a hair falls out of the bow he keeps it and he has no idea why.
  • who takes the longest to get ready
  • Will. Jem has learned to shower and get ready early because Will takes forever in the bathroom and locks the door.
  • who is the most tidy and organised
  • Jem. He once Jon-Mari’d their drawers and Will kept complaining because he couldn’t find anything.
  • who gets most excited about the holidays
  • Will. He insists on buying new ornaments for the Christmas tree every year and Jem is trying to come up with something to make him stop because they’re running out of room. 
  • who is the big spoon/little spoon
  • Will/Jem. Jem gets cold at night more easily than Will does so Will is like the perfect human heater.
  • who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports
  • Will. He almost punched Gabriel in the face when he lost at Mario Kart.
  • who starts the most arguments
  • Will. Jem loves him but sometimes he can be just so irritating.
  • who suggests that they buy a pet
  • Jem. That little gray Persian kitten his friend offered to him was just too cute.
  • what couple traditions they have
  • They have Santa and Mrs. Claus mugs that hug each other and they use them every day for tea during the Christmas season and often fight over who gets Mrs. Claus.
  • what tv shows they watch together
  • Houdini and Doyle, Sherlock, Masterchef, The Great British Bakeoff
  • what other couple they hang out with
  • Cecily and Gabriel. Its mostly as a part of Jem and Cecily’s plan to make Will and Gabriel like each other.
  • how they spend time together as a couple
  • They do go out on walks and dinner dates but their favorite thing to do together is cuddle up on the couch and read.
  • who made the first move
  • Will. He worked at a bookstore and wrote his number on Jem’s receipt when he bought a book and then kissed him when they said goodbye after their first date.
  • who brings flowers home
  • Will. Jem often comes home to flowers on the kitchen table and worries that he forgot some anniversary or birthday or something.
  • who is the best cook
  • Jem. Will can make some basic dishes, but Jem’s mom taught him how to make a bunch of Chinese food and he makes it for Will all the time.
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Voltron Characters as Infernal Devices Characters

James “Jem” Carstairs - Shiro

William Owen Herondale “Will” - Keith

Theresa Grey “Tessa” - Pidge

Gabriel Lightwood - Lance

Cecily Herondale - Allura

Gideon Lightwood - Hunk

Sophia Collins - Shay

Henry Bramwell - Coran

Lotor - Tatiana Blackthorne

Charlotte Fairchild - Krolia

Tatiana Lightwood - Matthew Holt

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Jessa and Wessa Weddings

In the Jessa wedding Tessa “is wearing Will’s bracelet still”

In the snippet Cassandra wrote for the Wessa wedding (the fairytale), she mentions how Will picks up Jems cane and wishes for Jem to be there, to walk with him, to be his suggenes. I hope to Cassandra Clare above, Tessa wears the Jade Pendant at the wedding.

That way both weddings showed how the three of them never truly left one another, and that Tessa loves them both, and both live and love through her

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Baby Carstairs

Okay, disclaimer. I only read the original three Mortal Instruments books, the Infernal Devices trilogy, and the first Ghosts of the Shadow Market instalment. But I’ve definitely seen the hype about Baby Carstairs’ name, and. Well.

I did think Jem and Tessa were way more likely to honour Will than Cordelia or any of the other Herondales in naming their baby. And I’m glad! It honestly makes no sense to me that Jem would name his child after a cousin he never actually got the chance to get to know. It’s also taboo to name your child after a living family member in China, so that rules out any of their current friends. I definitely would’ve been behind Charlotte or Sophie though.

But while I’m so glad Jem returned the favour of naming his first born after his parabatai, I’m sorry, I just can’t get behind the name Wilhelmina for a baby born in modern day.

(Also, isn’t it kind of weird for Tessa to have named two of her children after her lovers?)

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