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#source: my pansexual ass

I’ve come to the wonderful realisation that I’m super gay for most of the women in She Ra.

Adora is super dorky and makes me melt, but She Ra is just, holy fuck please punch me..

Glimmer is a soft adorable angel, please I wanna be sparkly with her!! 💕💕💕

And Catra, BIG disaster gay, and has me weak, especially in THAT GODDAMN SUIT

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Inktober 2018 | 3 - Cutie ♡

(Click for better resolution!)

Is it any surprise that my Pan ass drew a picture of a cute girl? Lol I don’t think so… 😅

This was kind of a redraw of an old drawing I had made, where I was designing a dress (which looked terrible), so I’d at least show that I can draw dresses, and that I’m much better at drawing clothes.

Her pose was giving me trouble, my hand just wasn’t cooperating today.

Oh well, if any of you think she’s cute, comment on it, and we can be hopeless together lol.

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