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Do you think Five ever got pissy cuz he has the least cool codename? Like…

  • Spaceboy is kinda “meh” but at least it’s not generic and you can ref Bowie
  • Kraken? Sick af, probs the coolest name tbh
  • Rumor? Cool nice nice
  • Seance? Also pretty sweet
  • Horror? Hell yes

But…The Boy…

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So I’m on a writing spree these days, writing for ten different fandoms at the same time

And basically everything I’ve written for the TUA fandom is about my main boi Ben Hargreeves

aNYWAY, to get to the point, send me some prompts and requests!!

No guarantee I’ll do them, but I really want to work on the way I write these stoopid umbrella beans because I love them!

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Media Sensation (Luther Hargreeves Drabble)

Character/s: Luther

Word Count: 693

Tag List: @dontdowhatisayandnobodygetshurt @hypsiacrobasiphobia @way-obsessed-5 @melody-of-scream @mrsdiegohargreeves

A/N: Wow she’s really writing for therapy again isn’t she? Ahhh anyways I’ve been wanting to write this, but it was an incredibly slow process. My emotions and mental health has been all over the place lately and hoped this would help. None of the words come easy, but I’m glad it’s over. It’s not my best, but I wasn’t expecting that haha. If you do read it, I hope you like it! 💜

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Luther: Well, I think that, uh, we go to the Icarus Theater.
Five: Luther, take a seat. This is clearly the plan of an idiot. But a plan nonetheless, and one that required the barest modicum of human logic, which frankly, I thought was beyond you.
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Five: *spends a week building a robot for a presentation only for it to yeet itself off a table 10 minutes before the presentation*


Diego: *reads an entire Stephen King novel in a day despite hating both horror and reading*


Five: “I’ve been really into ripping duct tape with my mouth lately.”

Allison: “See, this is what I mean. Normal people don’t say stuff like that.”


Diego: *takes an acting class with a sibling but calls his mom to tell on the other because they said a curse word during a scene*


Klaus: *Tries to take a drink but ends up pouring water directly down his nose*

Diego: “Dear god I hope I was recording.”


Five: *starts his senior project the night before it’s due despite having weeks to complete it*

Five: “This is the hardest I’ve ever worked in my life.”


Vanya: “Hey did you end up reading that book I bought you?”

Allison: “Yeah, I’m pretty far into it.”

Vanya: “Oh, did they get to the mountain yet?”

Allison: “What mountain?”

Allison and Vanya; *simultaneously realize they are talking about two completely different books*


Hargreeves: “You wanna go on a little trip with me? To, like, Japan maybe?”


Allison: “So what are we doing for my birthday?”

Luther: “Was thinking about Burger King. Get you the nugget special.”


Klaus: *screaming across a crowded Target, holding a shirt* “mOM MY FIRST TUBE TOP!”


Luther: *forgets to turn the oven on and serves dinner still frozen*


Klaus: *thinks he sees his siblings like a block up*

Klaus: *yelling* “ALLLLISON!! LUUUUTHER!!!!”

*two people turn around who are definitely not Allison and Luther*

Klaus: “…I’m never going outside again.”

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