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Flare; So uh…this is the first time I’ve even summoned a DEMON, even by accident… <S<;;;

Angel; well Foxy lady, lemme be th’ first to educate yeh…after all, if yeh play yer cards right, I can be yer sweet devil, or yer GUARDIAN ANGEL <3

Flare Hart belongs to me, @zikkafriday

Angel Dust and Hazbin Hotel belong to @vivziepop

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Mini version of a previous piece 🕷️
This will be available in the next shop update on Friday 28th at 8pm GMT.

Now that I’ve gotten used to working with the orb weavers, I’m just about able to handle smaller spiders. I got this guy in the summer but have only just been able to pin him (this time no gloves!).

#skullpturas #spider #arachnid #tarantula #blackwidow #spiderman #entomology #golddecor #gilding

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Destiny 2 day… x.


Got a full fireteam of the bois in discord. (Left to right: Galov, DaReaper, GameWizard, Jrib, myself, And Sarab.) All but three of us are warlocks.


After Galov got bored of the crucible and left, I finished my iron banner, took out my misfit and WENT TO TOWN.


Galov and I also did forsaken so I met spider dad, he has a weird thing for ghosts but he’s a respectable business partner who misses the queen (he struggles to admit it)

DO I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION? NO? THEN WHY TF ARE YOU READING THIS FAR? that’s what I thought. Gonna be posting a destiny 2 vid of shenanigans soon-ish so be on the look out! Until then my YouTube channel is just cobalt owl so feel free to watch some r6s or sot gameplay

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Coincidence Diary #1

So. I haven’t been posting anything so I just thought I should just post something just because. I mean. What changes when I post boring things?

But anyways. So I was having a conversation with a friend on the train back home and she mentioned an oc she created based off a spider (specifically, the Japanese Golden Orb Weaver) and I told her:

“You know what’s funny? The day you talked about it, the same day during the morning hours, I saw a large spider on its web between two trees.”

So yeah, it was a funny little coincidence. It was around three days before today and it was morning on my way to school so I was sleepy so I didn’t have a good look but I vaguely remember, if I’m not wrong, that the spider was large with black and yellow colors.

And pulling up a picture of the spider, she deduced it might be the same spider species that she based her oc off of….. Maybe. I’m not too sure but yeah.

That’s all for now.

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Day 21 - Spider + Sea Serpent

Mostly a scavenger, the Colossus prowls the depths, devouring the fallen remains of other large sea creatures, or anything foolish enough to delve deep enough.

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I realize these arent the best but i found this girl coming in a plant shipment from florida. I was wondering if you knew what she was!

So it’s pretty hard to tell based on these photos BUT…it looks like she’s got some weird pointy bits on her abdomen? And the long egg sac…makes me think she’s from the family Uloboridae, the hackled orbweavers. I’d need clearer photos to say for sure. But I love her! Thank you for sharing Juniper.

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