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I watched The Avenger’s: Endgame a few days again & I have to admit, It was amazing!! :D, I enjoyed every second of it, I’m sad we won’t be seeing Black Widow, Captain America or Iron Man in Phrase 4 of the MCU movies, but that was to be expected :3

Honestly it broke my heart when Iron Man & Black Widow died, I honestly thought Hawkeye was the one who was going to sacrifice himself for the soul stone & when Iron Man died stopping Thanos, It surprised me, but I do like how they brought back most the heroes in the final battle & I love how they brought Gamora as kinda a blank slate, So I look forward to see how the Guardians will recruit her again, That’s hopefully if they do, It’s going to be a lot funnier with Thor around XD

Soon I’ll be able to watch Spider Man: Far From Home because I want to see how Spider Man improves after the lose of Iron Man his idol, I also hope to see more of Ant Man, Valkyrie & a few of the other heroes in their own movies (It be nice if they did a Black Widow movie based on her past :D)

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See, this is why I’m pissed about them letting Mysterio be the only person’s perspective we got on the whole “”“stolen”“” tech issue. Because anyone with a single smidgen of sense will realise that, at the absolute very least, if Beck designed BARF for Stark Industries while working for SI, then it belongs to SI, because that’s how research and development works. So like, absolute minimum case is that the tech wasn’t stolen at all, because Beck was employed to design it for a fucking innovation company, so therefore that company patenting it is?? Not fucking stealing????? Beck had a job, he did it, he got paid for it. Most inventors would be delighted if their company took up their idea and ran with it, and he absolutely would have been credited with the innovation, even if it was SI’s name on the side of the box it comes in, because that’s how this sort of thing works. The company produces it, the inventor is credited, ta da. Innovation.

That said I personally am of the line of thinking that Tony was the one who came up with the concept and loosely designed it before giving it to a team of SI staff to refine make marketable, and Beck was merely one of the guys on that team, because Tony’s been using interactive holographic interfaces since 2008, so I don’t for one second believe that Beck was the one who came up with BARF; not when it’s so steeped in tech that Tony has been using with casual ease since two thousand and fucking eight.

But I’m pissed that Mysterio’s was the only voice we heard on the situation because I fucking knew that that trash up there would be the result. People without much critical thinking ability would take Beck’s word at face value (take the villains word at face value; the villain who specialises in lies and illusions) and they’d be like “oh ok, tony stark stole tech,” which??? Isn’t the case. So I’m pissed that they let Mysterio’s version of events go unchallenged. Because he was full of shit and people all over the place are just believing him with no questions asked.

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whats up danger | p.p [teaser]

summary: it’s 2023, after tony stark, after steve rogers, and after natasha romanoff. new york city is under attack, leaving the fate of everyone in the city, including their friends, in their hands. the only problem? are they too scared to step up, or are they ready to follow the legacy the fallen avengers passed on?

warningsendgame spoilers, possibly some far from home spoilers, stark!reader, fluff, also peter and reader are in senior year of high school

wc: 549

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a/n: @mcuspidey​ i’m making ur feed less toxic 🤪

you’re a stark, act like one! 

you’re not as strong as you think you are. 

tony would be disappointed in you.

you woke up with a jolt, eyes scanning the dark room. your breathing was heavy, and you felt the arm that was once wrapped around you droop to the side. you put your head in your hands, the sound of the bedside light clicking on sounded through the otherwise silent room. the bright light flooded in the room as a soft hand was placed on your back.

“you okay?” he asked from behind you, reaching up and putting his head on your shoulder blade. you rubbed your hands over your face, nodding as you lead back into his now open arms. your back was pressed against his chest, clad in a grey sweatshirt he was messily stuffed in his bag before patrol. 

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Unfolding [Curious Part 2 Preview] MJ× Fem!Reader

Summary: “I apologize, but it was only self defense/Running away just made sense” 

In the aftermath of “Curious,” your friendship with MJ is strained. She’s hurt you left and you’re trying to come to terms with your feelings. Some things are hard to come back from.

Warnings: (for full chapter) Angst, mentions of PeterxMJ, denial, hurt, swearing, just sad sad sad sad

Words: 558

Part 1

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