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#spider man: far from home

I finally got to watch Spider-Man: Far From Home (yes I know I’m late but I’m also poor and busy 🤡🤧) and it was a great movie!! But I’m really gonna have to binge-read spiderman/Peter Parker reader fics to heal my hurt heart from seeing Peter x MJ :(

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Fandom: Spider-Man: Far from Home
Pairing: Peter Parker & Pepper Potts
Characters: Peter Parker, Pepper Potts, JJJ is there at the end
Summary: Pepper’s reaction to the end of Far From Home is to do what she does best, handle PR.


Barely an hour after the release of Mysterio’s final moments, screens around the city once more light up with news.  A newscaster looks frazzled, like he’s just been pulled back into the seat.  His partner is much more composed, and it’s her that speaks.

“Moments ago Pepper Potts-Stark, current CEO of Stark Industries and widow to the late hero Iron Man aka Tony Potts-Stark, called a press conference in defense of suspected supervillain Spiderman.  We go now to the live coverage of the event.”

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Bucky: [comes out of the kitchen, his metal arm covered in tinsel and Christmas lights]


Steve: Wha- ho- why?

Bucky: Don’t.

Peter: [lifts Bucky’s arm] You like it?


Sam: Very much.

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So i decided that i felt like posting my top 10 favorite villains ever so here we go.

10. Professor Zola

Idk, he’s super smart, has a cool accent and had an entire room full of computers for his brain??? That’s pretty cool!


Originally posted by sabacc

9. The box ghost

I should have put him higher on the list, i love him. He’s probably the funniest villain ever, outrageously ridiculous and just… kind of stupid.


Originally posted by ghostzone-blog

8. Technus

I mean, he’s a literal genius, absolutely fabulous and so godamn funny! So why not?!


Originally posted by pan-ace-multifandom-trash

7. Heckapoo

Okay, she’s not technically a villain, but i love her and she was okay with Mina overthrowing Mewni so i think she deserves it. (i couldn’t find a better gif)


Originally posted by hazystrangers

6. Doofenshmirtz

I mean, i dont even know if i should consider him a villain with all the amount of fluff he actually has, but he always has “evil schemes” and always fails so i love him.


Originally posted by vincedakota

5. Toffee

A huge genius who made up a master plan just to get his finger back, color him evil!


Originally posted by ninjawarrior100

4. President Snow

Because he’s a dictator and also a terrible person! (+ he’s awesome) (also his smile at the end gave me chills so he’s scary as well)


Originally posted by dothrakidaenerys

3. Quentin Beck

A manipulative liar with a secret hidden goal who fakes everything? Sign me up!


Originally posted by marvelheroes

2. Bill Cipher

Cause he’s a demon, hilarious and so Fing cruel, i love him!(also really easy to draw)


Originally posted by the-swift-tricker

1. Poppy Adams

Cause she was a genius, funny, charming, sadistic and just overall the best villain ever!


Originally posted by femalesoftvandfilm

That’s it for me! Feel free to do the same if you feel like it :P

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