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#spider man: into the spider verse
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Here we take a look at the parodies/homages/knockoffs of Spider-Man featured in DC Comics

1. Justifiers Spider-Man Knock-Off (Justice League Quarterly #3): From the planet Angor, home to Champions of Angor, the Justifiers, and the Extremists. Appears to be based on some sort of lizard or reptile. Not sure what the “Q” is supposed to mean.

2. Authority Spider-Man (The Authority #16)

One of dozens of Marvel knock off characters who fought the Authority during Mark Millar’s opening arc, created by a guy who’s clearly a Jack Kirby knock off

3. Bug of the Maximums (Superman/Batman #22)

A parody of Ultimate Spider-Man created by Jeph Loeb during his run on Superman/Batman. Fought a bad guy named Halloween and had a girlfriend named Kirsten. Superman saved her from falling off a bridge.

4. Bug of Earth-8 (The Multiversity)

On the new Earth-8 there exists Bug, “The Hero You Hate To Love.” He exists as a comic character and movie franchise on Earth-23 and Earth-36.

5. Louse-Man (Convergence: Supergirl Matrix #2)

Got bitten by radioactive head lice. Encountered Mae Kent, Ambush Bug, and Lady Quark. Thought Mae had pretty hair.

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TITLE: Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse
TYPE: Film
DISTRIBUTOR: Sony Pictures Releasing
PRODUCERS: Sony Pictures Animation, Marvel Entertainment
DIRECTOR: Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey, Rodney Rothman

INCIDENTS: The whole film is styled after a comic book aesthetic, which includes the “POW!” and “BAM!” effects made in the medium. This can be potentially dangerous to photosensitive epileptic viewers.

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You remember that scene in Spiderverse where Peter goes to talk to MJ? And Gwen says “I’ve been there,” and that it’s not his MJ. Do you think that’s how she felt when she saw him the first time? Looking further, that scene where May goes “are those sweatpants?” Gwen looks at him sadly and says “yeah, that’s what they are.” If that wasn’t painful for her, seeing the news report that the original Peter Parker died must have destroyed her. Shout out to my baby girl Gwen. She’s thriving.

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