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#spider man: into the spider verse

Marvelous May is meeting on Tuesday May 28 starting at 1:00 PM                                                                                

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man meets many different versions of himself when a gateway into the multiverse opens up.

The film runs 117 minutes and is rated PG.

For more information, please call 340-1458.

image c. Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.

LOCATION: Ben May Main Library                    

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hi lovely ! as i’m slowly reaching the end of my marvel requests and have no idea what you want me to post next, i make this post! here are everything in my drafts - sorry my mind often goes crazy - but go crazy too and tell me what you want to read next or if you wanna be tagged. :) or just see this post as a wip list!

last update :  may 24th 2019


➧   professional :  in which seokjin is in fact the best detective of seoul - and investigate into y/n’s boyfriend’s murder.  ( kim seokjin x f!reader )

black mirror

➧   lies :  you just couldn’t believe it when lindsay called you to announce you kenny’s condition. even now, in front of him, you couldn’t believe it. was this person really your boyfriend?  kenny x f!reader )

castle rock

➧   fear :  when the typical romantic weekend take a much sinister turn..  ( jackie torrence x the kid )

days gone  

  • will be done once i finished the game! :D

➧   zero to hero :  anon asks.. hello!! cope’s sister hcs were totally amazing!!! can i get hcs or a scenerio where the reader is iron mike’s daughter?? and rippers kidnapp her and deek saves her? tysm!love your blog <3 ( deacon st. john x f!reader )

➧   puns @ilooklikeididyesterday asks.. can i request a boozer fic where he meets a nice funny girl and they make arm jokes together? please make this cute and sweet enough to rot my teeth  ( boozer gray x f!reader )

➧   home :  anon asks.. hi, can i please request a days gone fic please. a fluffy boozer x reader one if possible, maybe post game with a jack cameo 😊 ( boozer gray x f!reader ) 

far cry 5 / new dawn ocs

➧   wrinkle in time :  @liilaac asks.. how about a time travel au with kelly ? and like, she’d go back to pre-collapse hope county or something ? :3 just an idea tho, don’t feel like you need to write it if you don’t find any inspiration. 💖 ( kelly j. stevens )

➧   natural :  hannah is a failed dancer turned stripper for a living. but as misunderstandings turns a cold october night into hell for her, she has to run and hide into the forbidden forest of the whitetails. this is where she’s saved by a mysterious yet enticing man, ananta. could he be the witch haunting the forest?  ( hannah wilson x ananta lawler; mob au )

➧   please :  "call out to me, please!” ( hannah wilson x ananta lawler; birdbox au ) 

life is strange

➧   fitler :  y/n know about the worship everyone seem to give ‘mr. jefferson’ - and y/n know how everyone is confused about the constant cold she sends him. but she was sure of herself. there was something wrong with the photography teacher and this obsession with those yellow glasses.  ( mark jefferson x f!student!reader )

➧   you are the reason :  maybe all those small jump in time weren’t enough to save rachel, kate and all the others girl.. maybe a way bigger one could change it all.. all the way to 1995.  ( max caulfield x mark jefferson )


➧   thanksgiving :  “our mutual friend invites us for thanksgiving dinner with their other friends and now there’s a full-fledged food fight going on with potatoes and turkey flying everywhere and we’re both seeking refuge under the table whilst sharing a bag of chips that you brought (just in case) au”  peter parker x f!reader )

➧   awake :  “why are you awake right now?”  natasha romanoff x reader )

➧   come back home :  “nobody’s seen you in days.”  wanda maximoff x f!reader )

➧   notice me : “are you flirting with me?” “you finally noticed?”  peter parker x f!reader )

➧   the value of honesty :  “you said to be hoenst stop hitting me!”  natasha romanoff x reader )

➧   eeny, meeny, miny, moe the parker twins were always linked to the hip, surviving everything together. but ever since peter has discovered his alter ego, he started to change.. slowly, unobtrusively.. and suddenly, one night, y/n finaly see that her twin weren’t anymore the sweet brother she always knew..  peter parker x f!twin!reader )

mr. robot

➧   lonely nights headcanon :  @liilaac​ asks.. hey sweetie !! when you have some time, could you maybe write a little elliott (mr.robot) x reader ? fluff or angst or whatever you feel like writing 💖  elliot anderson x reader )


➧   heretic :  being a woman in 1209 wasn’t the easiest thing but that never stopped y/n from being her own person. and when she asked to follow her mute brother to protect the relic, it doesn’t please the strangers - especially brother geraldus. but brother ciarán, proud and fond of her, still accepts. however, the determination, inteligence and independency the young woman shows doesn’t please the french brother - at all. could she be the devil tempting fellow brother diarmuid?  diarmuid x f!reader )

spider-man intro the spider-verse

➧   ketchup :  “we’re both strangers sitting in the same booth at an eatery because all the other booths are full and you’re drawing smiley faces on your plate with ketchup and wow your concentrated frown is cute au” ( miles morales x reader )

➧   the girl next door :  “we live next door to each other and i can see you through the window while you’re dancing to your ipod in your flannel pajamas and disheveled hair and god you’re a dork au” ( gwen stacy x f!reader )

➧   hiraeth @awritingsideblog​ asks.. “can we stay like this forever?” with spider-gwen x reader? maybe the reader is from miles dimension but the reader and gwen fall in love?  ( gwen stacy x f!reader )

➧   secrets, secrets : “am i your lockscreen?” “you weren’t supposed to see that.”  ( miles morales x reader )

➧   superpowers :  “i think I just ripped my pants.”  ( peter b parker x reader )

spider-man ps4

➧   please, don’t do this  ( peter parker x f!reader )

➧   help him :  “as long as he could remember, peter always had a crush on y/n but she also always had been with his best friend harry. he tried to be happy for her, for both of them and he was. making her one of the few to know about his secret identity to have at least some kind of intimacy with her was enough for him, he promised.. but life made them lose sights of each other and peter thought he was finally done with his unrequired love. this, until one day she bursts back in his life and all the feelings he thought were lost rushed to the surface.”  ( harry osborn x f!reader x peter parker )

for the series, check their own masterposts to see which parts are wip!

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First of all, I haven’t actually seen Spiderman: Into the Verse, but I really want to. I have heard it’s a really awesome movie. I have been seeing people draw up their own spidersonas, and I was like: Ya know what? I’m gonna do it too. Though not with me personally. I just thought I do Hiro and Carrie instead. Plus considering Spiderman and Big Hero 6 are made by Stan Lee, why the heck not? I can imagine these two saw the movie and they got outfits that represent spiderman outfits but with their own twists. Plus, I used the colors from their superhero forms. Like red, purple, and black for Hiro, pink, dark blue, and white for Carrie. And headcanon, Carrie’s fav colors are pink and blue while Hiro’s is red and purple. And another thing, I don’t draw full figures all that much and I certainly like how this came out. Hiro is certainly still shorter than Carrie and I just like it how he is. XD So yeah, there you have it. This picture was fun to draw and color. Enjoy!

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Another fanart from into the Spiderverse, I love the animation style and the character design so much. It is probably now safe to say I’ve seen the film an unhealthy amount, and have analysed too many screen caps from it. GKW…

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