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chapter three; me and you


pairing: peter parker x stark!reader

words: 4.2k

warnings: lots of angst


After the blip and when everyone including you disappeared, you realized that things weren’t as safe as you thought. Even under your father’s iron wing, you knew the world was going to be a very dangerous place.

last chapter 

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Ok so I don’t want to b a downer but

If in avengers 4 tony dies and he dosnt pass on stark indurstrys to peter. Or atlest intust him to take over the creative side of the business to him I will cry also if in the future if someone dosnt say to peter “your just like tony” and he dosnt reply with “no I’m better then him. Just like he taught me to be”. I will actually stab someone like homicidle murder

Welcome to drunk thoughts will tdog 101

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1 of 9/ Hello, I don't even have a Tumblr (I just lurk on tags) but what you said about Tom Holland really resonated with me. I myself was introduced to Spider-Man, like most people, with the Tobey movies and I've consumed every piece of media from Spider-Man ever since (and yes, I've read almost every single Spider-Man comic there is.), but Tom's portrayal of Spider-Man really stood out to me. I love what was done with the character and I was so relieved when they didn't do Spider-Man's origin

2 of 9/ because I’ve seen/read it enough. Would it be nice to hear more mentions about Uncle Ben? Of course! But it’s clear that Tom’s Peter has come to terms with his death, and it seems like the Spider-Man fandom needs to do this as well.I think it’s funny how you mention about people complaining about Tom not being Tobey because I swear the vast majority of all the complaints against him are from Tobey fans. I’ve seen them complain when Andrew Garfield was Spider-Man, in Tom interviews,

3 of 9/ clips from the movies, and I even saw some of them whining when Brian Intihar (creative director) of the Spider-Man video game said Tom was his favorite Spider-Man. Now this isn’t all of Tobey fans cause there’s some great ones out there that are not like that, but it seems like a lot of the complaints come from them just because Tom and Andrew aren’t Tobey. Also those people who complain about Spider-Man and Tony’s father-son relationship that it’s unrealistic are essentially

4 of 9/ telling me that they’ve never read the comics. I’ll explain; in the comics pre-Civil War, Peter and Tony had a father-son relationship until Civil War happened. Peter was on Tony’s side during Civil War, but started to feel a bit unsure. Once he saw the prison where Tony was keeping people he switched sides because of how horrible it was. And at that point, their father-son relationship ended (they’re friendly with each other now but that’s it). Here’s a quote from Peter from

5 of 9/Amazing Spider-Man Issue #544, “I trusted you! I let you get close to me… you were like a father to me!” And there’s another quote from Amazing Spider-Man Issue #641 that mentions Tony and Peter’s father-son relationship again. Doctor Strange says to Tony, “You once cared deeply about Peter. You saw something in him. You believed in him when no one else did- until he stopped believing in you.”(I’ll post the rest when my ask limit expires.)

6 of 9/So, yes, a part that people complain a lot about is something that is canon within the comics. Also the point of Spider-Man being in the MCU is to be able to play in the sandbox with other Marvel characters so it’s not surprising that they decided to make Tony, Peter’s new father figure since it allows for Spider-Man to have a deeper connection in the MCU since Iron Man is kinda the face of the MCU. Now the other complaint is Spider-Man being another Iron Man, which once again tells  

7 of 9/me they didn’t pay attention to the movies. In FFH the symbolism of Peter’s Stark suit getting destroyed and him making a new one, shows that Peter is shedding himself of Tony’s legacy and that Peter has fully become Spider-Man. There’s even a quote from Rachel O'Connor (executive producer) from the ‘Suit Up’ bonus feature in the FFH Blu-Ray that states this about Peter making the suit.

8 of 9/ “That is really important on a thematic level and symbolizes Peter’s evolution as a character and his coming to the point where he is willing to step up. The suits that Tony has made for him rely a lot on technology, which is sort of Tony’s superpower. Peter doesn’t need it because he’s Spider-Man. Part of making the suit in Tony’s workshop is to step up but on his own terms. Not to try to be Iron Man, but to be Spider-Man.” I’d give more examples, but you already did a great enough job.

9 of 9/ As a long time Spider-Man fan I’m just sick and tired of all this hate being thrown about. Love whatever Spider-Man you love, but don’t attack other people’s love for their Spider-Man just because it’s not the one you like. Anyways that’s enough rambling from me. Just wanted to say that I loved your post and wanted to add some more proof to your points.

Thank you. 

All of this is very important and valid. I’m glad you’re adding your point of view and I’m grateful for it. We need more fans like you.


Originally posted by richdifeo

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I had this random idea for a story (I should just give away all of my idea for stories I know I’ll never write 😂) while I was watching Spider-Man: Homecoming last night. And the night before lol.

So even more than he already was, Peter becomes obsessed with being Spider-Man and The Stark Internship. Too obsessed. It takes over on him almost like he has a symbiote but different. More of a darker tone to it. He doesn’t care about his friends or relationships anymore, all he wants to do is impress Mr. Stark and be the best hero but it all goes to his head. Stark realizes Peter might be too far gone and it’s his fault and he’s the only one that can bring him back. The idea of Peter killing Adrian Toomes/Vulture was played with, and that Peter becomes overwhelmed with emotion that the reason he can’t fail as Spider-Man is because he believe he’ll fail his Uncle Ben and others like him that have Uncle Ben’s out there in their life.

Yeah whoa it was a lot that I created within like 30 minutes of the movie but I thought it was a deeper and darker story that was interesting. And the idea of Symbiote Spider-Man crossed my mind because Tom Holland would absolutely ace that side of Peter Parker if shown, but I liked the idea of personal demons taking over him instead. So it’s a story that I’ll probably never write (never say never blah blah), here it is anyway! Just in case anyone would’ve been interested

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Part of puppets on a string

“Sophia, it’s bedtime!” He called after checking the little girl’s new bedroom. The previous few days she had slept on the couch he used whenever he got a little too into his work, crashing onto it when every last drop of energy had been drained from him. He hadn’t wanted to leave her alone in a bedroom in the sanctum, and this way he could easily keep an eye on her.

Now they had moved into their new loft she had her own bedroom. He didn’t want her to get too dependent on sleeping around other people. That wasn’t good for toddlers or something, he… he should probably read a parenting book at some point.

When there was no answer coming from the living room, he peeked his head back out into the hallway, calling again before heading over to check on her.

She was sitting on the couch where he’d left her previously, blanket wrapped around herself.

“Didn’t you hear me, kid?” he asked in amusement, leaning against the doorway and trying to catch her eyes, which were stubbornly pointed at the black screen of the TV.


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tony, watching the news: huh, they say a lot of companies will see shortages of supplies next year because of the coronavirus’ effect on the workforce in China

peter: the coronavirus was a cruel scheme thought up by the trump administration in the hopes of forcing production back to the US from overseas

tony: ……peter, are you secretly a conspiracy theorist…?

peter: nah, but if I were, that would be a good one right?

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Tony: [pours cereal then milk into his bowl]

Harley: [pours milk then cereal into his bowl]

Shuri: [pours cereal then orange juice into her bowl]

Peter: [pours milk on the table, then pours cereal on milk, then puts the bowl on top]

Tony: you all should be put on register, I don’t care which, but someone with some sort of power needs to be watching you at all times.

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Ironstrange AU by FlorDeDesierto, Chapters:8/10


Tony is a fair and benevolent king who just wanted some peace for his people, he wasn’t expecting to end up accidentally soul bonded to a stupid sorcerer, and of course, he wasn’t expecting to feel the painful need to stay in his stupid strong arms.

This. was. not. funny.

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Peter: Old MacDonald had a farm-
Tony: He's not special. Lots of people have farms. Why do people insist on focusing on him?
Peter: I am TRYING to put your DAUGHTER to SLEEP
Morgan: Dad's jealous because he doesn't have a farm
Tony: [pulling out his phone]
Pepper, from the other room: Tony! Don't even THINK about it!
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