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Love Letters From Peter #39


Originally posted by petersbenjamin

Dear Y/n,

Kissing you at the top of the Eiffel Tower will be the highlight of my year because it was as magical and charming as I had thought it’d be.

You smelled like roses and cinnamon, and I could taste the chocolate on your lips from when we had those lovely crêpes for breakfast. Your nails scratching my hair will forever be a tingly, amazing feeling and I don’t know why but I think you’d be great at giving back scratches. Don’t ask why my mind is so weird, it just is XD

The view was gorgeous, but not so much as you in that pink sundress with big white flowers and the dainty flower crown I got you from a souvenir shop. You left your hair loose and it seemed like the slight blush on your cheeks and the mascara in your lashes and your lipstick was all just for me. It made me so happy.

Ned and Betty were there too but I couldn’t think of them for a single second. How could I when an actual princess like you was standing before me kissing me like I was your whole world? You’re mine, by the way and I still can’t believe it :)

Our trip is going to come to an end and May just sent me a message that has me over the moon. We both got accepted into the same college!! I can’t wait to tell you the good news and see the surprise on your pretty face, I love you so much.


Peter :)


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word count: 2,723

warnings: sexual remarks, oral, slight dom kink, 18+


“so when does your flight leave columbus?” peter asked, his voice thick with sleep. 

“tomorrow at nine a.m.,” you answered, “i can’t wait to see you.”

he beamed, “me either, love. it’s been a long three months without you.”

currently, you were sitting in your dorm room at ohio state university. you were on a facetime call with your boyfriend, peter parker. it was approaching midnight, 11:38 p.m., to be exact. the next morning, you would be boarding a plane home. you were beyond excited to see everyone during thanksgiving break, as you hadn’t seen your parents in a few weeks. parent’s weekend was the last week of october, so it had been a while. your heart ached at the thought of being curled up in bed with your dogs. your heart also ached at the thought of being curled up with your sweet, loving, boy. 

peter had opted for a small private college in town for engineering and psychics. since he was a part of the avengers, they provided most of the funds for his tuition. it also helped that stark industries was on his résumé. meanwhile, you were about five hundred and thirty-three miles away in columbus. 

yet, ohio state was your dream school. you wanted to go there since you could remember. it also helped that your father was an alumni. the university granted you a scholarship for that, and your ACT and SAT scores helped as well. you felt extremely blessed to be at your dream school, and you always remembered to remain humble. 

“well babe,” peter began, “i need to start my term paper for my english class. anything on your mind before i go?”

“i just can’t wait to fuck you,” the words tumbled out of your mouth, and you mentally slapped yourself for saying anything. 

peter raised a brow, “oh really? well, i can say the same for you princess.”

hearing your favorite nickname made your heart skip a beat, “i’m sorry i said that.”

“don’t be sorry,” peter smirked, “i loved hearing that. just you wait, princess. i’ll take care of you, just like i always do.” 

“i want you now,” you whined. 

“wait twenty-four hours and you’ll have me,” peter cooed, “i promise, princess. i have to go work on this paper, okay? i love you. text me.”

you pouted, jutting out your lip. peter sighed, “i can’t get distracted. it’s a ten page research paper. it’s really important babe.” 

“okayyyy,” you huffed, picking a string on your comforter, “i love you too. see you tomorrow, handsome.”

“see you tomorrow, beautiful,” peter grinned, and the facetime call ended. 

you plugged in your phone, letting it charge. you used to have a roommate, until she had to transfer in the middle of the semester. now, there was more empty space in the room. it was truly inevitable not to feel so lonely. especially when you were so fucking far away from everyone. 

you hopped out of bed, opening the curtains. from your hall, you could see some of the glittering lights of the city. you could feel your heart aching, longing for the familiarity of your home. queens was your home. columbus was your second home. no where could ever compare to the place you grew up. 

only a few more hours, though, and you would be home. 


“is this seat open still?” a voice interrupted your thoughts. 

startled, you glanced up to see a young man standing in the aisle of the airplane. even though you had the middle seat, the plane wasn’t entirely full. you decided to scoot closer to the window so you could see the sky. 

you nodded, and the young man slid in beside you, “sorry, my seat was supposed to be the window seat, but i think you’re sitting in it. i don’t want to make you move. besides, looking out scares me a little bit.” 

“i’m so sorry,” you apologized, “i didn’t know. you can have it back if you want.”

“oh no,” the man chuckled, “it’s not a big deal. don’t even worry about it.”

“where you flying to?” you inquired, as the man settled in his seat, “i’m (y/n), by the way.”

“i’m trying to get to manhattan,” the guy shrugged, “i’m aiden.” 

“oh that’s cool!” you nodded, “i’m from queens.” 

“gotcha,” aiden smiled, “actually, i’m coming from ohio state. i’m guessing you attend there as well?” 

“yes,” you gushed, “i’m a kinesiology major, how about you?”

“i was a political science,” aiden replied, pulling out his phone, “but i switched to business. international marketing, specifically. i’m a junior though. i assume that you’re a freshman?” 

“yep,” you answered, “navigating everything myself.” 

“you’re not doing too bad,” he chuckled, “our background has probably helped a lot. do you have a snapchat or anything like that? don’t worry, i’m not hitting on you or anything. if you have a boyfriend back home, or at ohio state, i completely respect that. i just don’t want someone struggling alone. i’m not saying you are struggling, but i know the ins and outs of the school. if you ever need anything, feel free to ask.” 

“oh yeah, i do,” you pulled your phone out of your pocket, “i’ll just add it to my notes and add you later. you’re extremely kind.” 

“it’s not a problem,” aiden smiled, and that’s when you truly got a good look at him. 

he was more than likely a college athlete. probably at ohio state for something like rugby, lacrosse, or rowing. he was fit, with a darker complexion. freckles dotted the bridge of his nose, and his dark brown curls were full. his jawline was clean, his handsome face completed with hazel eyes. god, if you weren’t single, you probably would have tried to make a move on the guy. he was gorgeous. 

however, your anticipation to see the love of you life was eating away at you. your knee bounced up and down as you talked to aiden the rest of the flight. it was nice to have someone to talk to, as the it made the time fly by. 

in no time, the plane was landing. aiden followed you as you boarded off, and towards the gate. security and bag checks felt like forever, but you finally made it through. you said your goodbyes to aiden, hoping that you two would reconnect once again. almost immediately, you were entering the train that was going to take you to your next stop. then, you would only be walking a couple blocks home. peter informed you that as soon as you were home, he was gonna come over. 

you were excited, but a little anxious. insecurities started to creep into your thoughts. what if you had gained a noticeable amount of weight since the last time you saw him? what if you looked different? what if you weren’t good enough? even the thought of being naked in front of peter frightened you. however, you figured it was a little normal to be a little anxious. after all, it had been about three months since the last time you saw him. 

suddenly, you were home. in front of you was your house, the crisp blue sky making the white paint appear clean and bright. the late november air was brittle, and the sun was on its way to dip over the horizon soon. skyscrapers in the skyline began to glisten as the sky got darker and darker. the traffic, people, and animals all became white noise as you walked up the sidewalk.

happiness flooded over you, especially as soon as you heard your dogs barking. you turned the knob, opening the door. your parents welcomed you with warm hugs, your dogs jumping everywhere with excitement. 

after talking with your parents for a while, you trudged upstairs to your room. as soon as you opened the door of your room, you let out a sigh of happiness. so this is what pure happiness felt like. the feeling of bliss was immense. 

you heard some commotion from your dogs downstairs, which you figured was a passerby or an animal. it happened often in your neighborhood. you could hear someone walking up the steps, and you inferred it was one of your parents. 

it was not your mom or your dad. it was peter. immediately he scooped you into his embrace, and you felt yourself crumple into his arms. tears rolled down your cheeks as he squeezed you slightly, kissing the top of your head. 

“i had no idea you were on your way,” you sniffled. 

“once you stopped responding to my snaps for a bit i was worried,” peter murmured, “but i figured you were here. so i just decided to head this way.” 

“i love you,” your eyes met his, “i love you so much.”

“i love you too,” peter grinned, “i love you more than you know, princess.”


“so what were you saying yesterday?” peter turned to you. 

you raised a brow, confused, “what are you talking about?”

currently, you two were in your bed cuddling. it was the day before thanksgiving, so your parents were out buying groceries for the big dinner. so that left you and peter alone. the room was dimly lit by the christmas lights strung on the ceiling, and your favorite playlist was on low volume. peter’s shirt was off, and so were your pants. it just made things more comfortable. 

“you talked about wanting to fuck me,” he answered, gently kissing your neck. he ran his fingers through your hair, “or was i mistaken?”

“i think you have a hearing deficiency,” you snorted, rolling over.

“heyyy,” peter whined, “how about i give you a back rub?”

the idea was tempting. it had been a long time since you had received a backrub from peter. sighing, you slipped off your hoodie, leaving you in just your bra and underwear. you laid on your stomach, and peter straddled your back. 

his hands worked in gentle, soothing patterns on your skin. they stayed on your shoulders and back for a while, but started to drift downwards towards the small of your back, along with your butt. as he continued, you could almost feel the sexual tension in the air of the room. it was almost electric between the two of you as his hands roamed your body. 

“hey princess,” peter’s voice was low, “can i take off your thong?”

you felt yourself stiffen, “no.”

“is something wrong?” his tone shifted from lust to fear. peter shifted his body so that he was now laying beside you again, “baby, what’s wrong?”

“i feel ugly,” you muttered, “it’s been a while, and i don’t know, i guess i feel insecure.”

“hey,” peter’s hand cupped your face, “you’re still beautiful (y/n) i fell in love with. i don’t care if anything has changed. if there are more stretch marks, i’ll kiss them all. whatever you’re worried about, let me handle, okay? you’re beautiful, (y/n). you’re so gorgeous. three months has no change to your beauty.” 

“i love you,” your bottom lip trembled, and your eyes were brimmed with tears.

“i love you more,” peter’s lips met yours gently. he pulled back for a second, brushing a strand of hair away from your face. 

peter looked as handsome as ever. it was clear he just shaved, as his face was clean. his floppy brown hair was somewhat contained, and his brown eyes shown, as there was nothing but love for you in his eyes. his lips were full, and he a looked wiser than he did since the last time you saw him. you figured stress, college, and being a hero all were factors. his muscles were apparent, rippling whenever he moved. god, you were so lucky to have this man. 

you pressed your lips to peter’s, this time a little more forceful. he was taken a back by your actions, but regained control. he licked your bottom lip, and his tongue entered your mouth. he shifted you so that you were now underneath him. his callused hands trailed down the sides of your body, going up and down in slow motions. you could tell he was being careful, as you both wanted to enjoy this moment between the two of you. 

“fuck,” peter mumbled. 

“what?” your lips were still against his. 

“i’ve been waiting for this for a long time,” he admitted, “i can’t wait to make you cum.”

“then do it,” your words almost pushed him over the edge. 

he tilted your head up, kissing directly under your jawline. you moaned softly, urging him to continue. he placed sloppy kisses down your neck, nipping at your skin. he had barely even started with you and you could feel how wet you were. 

“can i take this off?” peter’s breath was hot against your skin. 

“yes,” you answered, arching your back so his hands could unclasp your bra. he casted it to floor. 

he placed kisses all over your stomach, stopping at the waistband of your thong. 

“is it okay if i take this off too?” his tone was full of lust, you could tell he was beyond turned on. 

peter’s cheeks were a slight tinge of pink, and his ears burned bright red. you figured you were just as bad, as you laid naked in front of him. his eyes casted over your entire body, taking it all in. 

“you’re so beautiful,” peter seemed completely awestruck, “like fuck. can you do something for me princess?” 

“what’s that?” you bit your lip. 

“please sit on my face,” his question was more a plead as the words tumbled out of his mouth, “i want you to ride my face.” 

“peter i don’t know,” your were unsure. it had been a while since you tried that position with him, and you didn’t want to suffocate your own boyfriend. 

“i’ll still be able to breathe baby,” peter chuckled, as if he was reading your thoughts, “please? i need to taste my princess.” 

his words were enough. you nodded, and peter laid on his back. nervously, you swung one leg over his body, and he pulled you closer to where he wanted you. once you were situated, his eyes met yours once more.

“just relax,” peter cooed, gently kissing each one of your thighs. 

his tongue found your clit, going in slow, circular motions. a moan escaped your lips, only encouraging peter to keep going. one hand was on the small of your back to keep you steady, the other reaching up for your breasts. he began to suck slightly, which drove you closer and closer to your orgasm. god, you had missed this. peter knew exactly what you loved, and he showed no signs of slowing down either. 

peter glanced up at you, watching as you moaned for him. his tongue slowly began to lick up and down, “such a good girl, keep moaning for me. i love when you’re loud.”

your moans echoed off the walls as peter continued to lick all over your pussy. his fingers tugged at your nipples, and you could feel your orgasm coming. you came without warning, your vision becoming blurry. your thighs trembled as pleasure washed all over you. peter gave your pussy one final lick, sending a shudder through your body. 

“are you okay?” peter’s voice was no longer demanding. it was more gentle and soft. he helped you off his body, laying down with you in the bed. he began to trace his fingers down your exposed back, going in slow, soothing motions. 

you nodded, “just tired, now.”

peter smirked, “did i wear you out?” 

“just a little bit,” you scoffed, rolling over. 

“don’t roll away from meeee,” he protested, wrapping you up in his arms, “i love you, princess.” 

“i love you too,” you whispered, giving him a chaste kiss. 

peter sighed with content, pulling you closer to his body. the door to your room was shut, so your parents wouldn’t bother the two of you. as you began to run your fingers through your hair, peter began to drift off. soon enough, he was out, his chest rising and falling. it wasn’t too long after that you fell yourself yourself. 

coming home to peter was your favorite thing in the world

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A/N This has been in my drafts since around September as I LOVE CHRISTMAS, it’s my favourite holiday of the year. I was going to wait until closer to The Big Day to post this, but I wanted to get some original content out there to make up for my abhorrent lack of original posts. Enjoy! Also - I cannot be the only one who thinks that Christmas with the Hollands would be the best time EVER?

Warnings: none!

Word count: 2.4k - more under the cut! (I’m so sorry this is so long)

You and Tom had been dating for just over a year, and you were now part of the Holland family. As such, you were top of the guest list at the exclusive Holland family Christmas lunch every Christmas Day.

This Christmas was no exception.

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Criminal 1: *webbed up* you may have beaten me Spider-man, but you’ll be no match for my new partner!

Spider-man: Alright! a new big bad! Tell me what’s your ‘full proof plan’ mr.criminal!

Criminal 2: my plan? I’m not gonna tell you my plan!

Spider-man: look you’re new to this, so I’ll just tell you how it goes. You tell me your plan, You get beaten by me, you get webbed up, and you go to jail! Sound good?


Spider-man: wow, you’re like incredibly rude. Are you sure you want this guy representing you

Criminal 1: I-I’m so sorry! He’s new, go easy on him!

Spider-man: Come on man, It’s like villiany 101! This so embarrassing for you.

Criminal 1: *ashamed* I’m sorry. Here let me give you our next heist plan as compensation.


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Originally posted by parkers-myth

Plot: even heroes need saving sometimes

Just a short blurb full of cuteness

For once, Peter just wanted to stay in bed an do nothing. No decathlon practice, no Legos with Ned, no lab with Mr Stark or patrols as Spiderman. For once, he wanted to waste his day lying down and watching TV like any normal teenager would do. He didn’t originally want to be a ‘lazy ass’, at least not when he woke up the previous day.

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word count: 1,849

warning: this smut will contain a slight daddy/dom aspect. both characters are of age

also, i suggest listening to no idea by don toliver or got me by roy woods while reading this!


“(y/n), you will be paired with conan for the lab today. i’m sorry that m.j. is not here today. i’m not quite sure where she’s at,” your chemistry teacher stated, glancing at you. 

“it’s fine,” you shrugged, your eyes locked on the paper in front of you. 

however, it was not entirely fine. conan, the guy your teacher paired you up with, was your old crush. well, not entirely old. you guys talked at the beginning of the semester, when junior year started, and things went well until conan found another girl, emma. he didn’t tell you about her, either. you found out the hard way, noticing how he nudged his way into her social media posts. it was typical boy behavior, but it hurt your feelings nonetheless. 

conan slid into the seat next to you, running a hand through his dark hair. he still was extremely attractive in your eyes. he was a lacrosse player, so he was extremely built. he was tall, with latino roots. his olive complexion paired with his green eyes killed you. his shoulder muscles rippled through the dri-fit shirt he was wearing today. 

“hey,” conan’s tone was cool, “you ready for this awesome lab today?”

your eyes met his, “it’s probably not as cool as emma.” 

“ouch,” conan muttered, “her and i, we didn’t work out, by the way. she found another guy, i guess.” 

“oh,” your tone dripped with fake sympathy, “did you find out the way i did?” 

“uh no,” you could tell he was uncomfortable, “actually, i pulled up to her house, and there was another car there.” 

“i’m sorry,” you felt a flash of real sympathy. although conan was a dick to you, his situation still sucked. 

“well,” you drew in a breath, “let’s get started.” 

you and conan began the lab, and you began to warm up to him as time went on. by the end of the lab, he had you giggling and flirting back with him. what you didn’t notice, was your best friend, peter parker, glaring over at conan. 

“so,” conan began, “you think you could unblock me on snap? i’d love to catch up sometime.”

heat rushed into your cheeks, “like a date?” 

conan nodded, “yeah, like a date. i wanna start over with you, if that’s okay. i know i can’t make up for my past actions, but i would at least like to try to resolve things.”

“um,” you stammered, “i just might take up your offer. i’ll talk to you later. i gotta go to lunch.”

you got up from your chair, searching for ned and peter. you guys all sat together at lunch everyday, as you all were a tight knit group. you found them, and trailed behind them slightly. once you guys were all at your table, you could sense the tension. especially from peter. something was up, as both of them were silent. 

“is everything okay?” you cleared your throat.

“is flirting with conan okay?” ned’s tone was laced with sass.

“come on,” you huffed, “we were paired together for a lab, that’s all.”

“he broke your heart,” ned scoffed, “we do not go back to toxic boys. i thought we went over this like a million times. i don’t want to hear it young lady.”

“i heard him ask to unblock you,” peter’s voice was eerily quiet, “are you gonna do it?” 

“probably,” you were beginning to grow frustrated with the boys. couldn’t they just let the past go?

“wow,” peter muttered, shoving a carrot into some ranch. 

“what is the big deal?” you raised a brow, “it’s just as friends.”

“that’s not what his eyes said,” ned rolled his eyes, “c’mon, you can stay the night tonight with peter and i at his place. we’ll supervise you to make sure you don’t add that toxic ass dude back. we just don’t want your feelings to get hurt again, that’s all. conan hurt you really bad last time. we’d just hate to see that happen to you because we’re your best friends. i hope you know where we’re coming from.”

you sighed, realizing that ned was right. typically, people never changed their behavior, but conan seemed sincere. maybe you would unblock him, but not initiate any conversation, “okay, i’ll come over tonight. is there anything you want me to bring?”

ned shook his head, “nah, everything is on me. we’ll just order a pizza or two and watch movies all night.” 


you entered peter’s apartment, blanket in one hand, snacks in the other. although ned told you not to bring anything, you still felt bad for pissing off the boys. you figured some of their favorite snacks would help clear the air. 

it was about midnight when you arrived at the apartment. you had to cover a shift at work, then buy the snacks at a convenient store. so, you were a little later than expected. ned was already knocked out on the couch, but peter was still awake and alert, watching whatever was on the t.v. an empty pizza box was on the coffee table, but you figured there were some leftovers in the fridge. 

“hey,” your voice was quiet, as you were careful to not disturb ned, “sorry i’m late.”

“it’s okay,” peter’s eyes brightened when he saw you, “i was getting a little worried.”

“i’m okay,” you giggled, “i didn’t know spider-man got worried.”

peter hopped up from the couch, “hey, can we talk?”

you set your snacks down on the coffee table, slightly alarmed, “um, yeah.”

“we can talk in my room,” peter motioned his head towards his room. 

you followed him to his room in the dark, holding onto his shirt. you felt anxiety bundling up in your nerves. what was there to talk about? you thought everything about conan was discussed at lunch. once you were in his room, peter turned on a lamp, illuminating the room with a dim light. 

you felt peter’s lip meet yours, kissing you eagerly. he pulled back, “i’m sorry, i probably just fucked everything up between us.”

you shook your head, “i guess i’m just a little shocked.”

the truth was that you were in love with peter. even though you were best friends for years, you had been in love with him since your freshman year. conan was an attempt to move on, as you believed that peter liked m.j. you figured that wasn’t the case anymore. 

“is it?” peter’s voice was soft, “i’ve had feelings for you for a very long time. i thought it was obvious.” 

“is that why you were jealous when conan was flirting with me today?” you inquired. 

“maybe a lot,” he murmured, “i just want to have you to myself. i don’t like sharing.”

you blushed at his words and how smooth they sounded, “well i’m not yours yet.”

“you can be,” peter’s lips brushed against yours. 

“make me then,” you stated, surprised at your bold words. 

peter began to kiss you hungrily, his fingertips brushing the small of your back. as the kissing became more intense, his hands dipped under the fabric of your hoodie, his hands trailing up and down your back. gently, he lead you to his bed, where you laid down. he got on top of you, careful not to hit his head on the frame of his bunk bed. 

“be careful,” you giggled.

“it just forces me to be closer to you,” he smirked. 

he kissed down your neck, leaving a trail of sloppy kisses. your fingers laced into his curls, tugging slightly as he began to suck on your collarbone. 

“please don’t leave a hickey,” you warned. if your parents saw you come home with it, you’d be dead.

“too late,” he chuckled, “can i take your hoodie off?”

you nodded, and his hands carefully unzipped the hoodie, taking it off of you. his eyes immediately met with your chest, and a hand squeezed one while his mouth met with the other. a moan escaped from your mouth, and his hand covered your mouth. 

“we can’t wake up ned, princess,” he ordered, his command in a hushed tone, “just relax and let me make you feel good.”

you felt yourself almost come undone over his words. it was your first time someone made you feel this way. surely this wasn’t peter’s first time with a girl. he was just so confident with everything. 

“is this your first time with a guy?” peter’s voice interrupted your thoughts.

you nodded, slightly embarrassed, “yeah.”

he tilted your chin, so that your eyes met his, “don’t be embarrassed. just relax, and let me do all of the work, princess. whenever you want me to stop, tell me. i’ll tell you what to do. and don’t worry about ned, he’s out for a long time. we won’t get caught.” 

“okay,” you responded, eager for peter’s next move. 

his fingertips traced the waistband of your leggings, “can i take these off?” 

“yes,” you answered, sitting up slightly so that he could easily take them off. 

his hands trailed down your legs, his eyes hungrily taking everything in, “god, you’re so beautiful.” 

gently, his lips brushed against your thighs, and you suppressed a moan. a hand slipped into your thong, his thumb pressing against your clit. once he felt how wet you were, his face reddened slightly. peter began to suck on a breast, his thumb remaining on your clit. his eyes met yours, and you knew you were going to cum soon. 

his tongue trailed over your nipple, and he slowly inserted fingers inside of you, “is this okay?”

“yes,” you moaned, “god it feels so good.”

“i told you i want to make you feel good, princess,” he murmured, kissing you gently, “are you going to cum for me soon?”

his fingers picked up their pace, pumping inside and out of you, while his thumb remained on your clit, the pressure intensifying. his mouth left sloppy kisses all over your breasts, his teeth slightly tugging on your nipples.

“peter,” you groaned, “i’m gonna-”

“then do it princess,” he commanded, “cum for me.” 

you pressed your lips against his as you came, your thighs trembling. his fingers slowed, and he pulled them out of your thong. you felt embarrassed as your realized how wet everything was now. it was all over his hand, your thong, and on the sheets. 

“don’t worry about it,” peter’s tone was gentle, “i loved it. i’ll grab some new sheets, and grab your bag from the den.” 

“can we cuddle after we’re done cleaning up?” you figured it was close to one now, and you were exhausted. 

“of course,” peter gave you a quick kiss. 

he came back moments later with your bag. you got dressed while he changed the sheets. once he was done, he scooped you in his arms, bringing you close to his body. 

“i love you,” he pressed his lips on your forehead. 

“i love you too,” you kissed him, “and i mean it.”

“good,” peter beamed, “conan is in for a surprise then, huh?”

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synopsis : how much can amnesia steal from you? a little more than everything.

[Series Masterlist] // [Chapter 12] // [Main Masterlist]

A/N - Let’s pretend MJ in this gif is our dear Y/N again ;)

Warnings - mentions of death, guns and violence in general


Originally posted by spidey-chelles

                                                Chp 13 - Old Fights

Your eyes fluttered open and shrill waves of throbbing headache hit you immediately, disorienting you. Your whole body ached because you were sprawled on the marble floor in a awkward twisty position. 

You groaned, checking your scalp to make sure it wasn’t bleeding. 


You sat up with a start, wincing as the sudden movement made your head hurt more. You fumbled around for the table, using it as an anchor to stand up. It took you a few seconds to find your footing and even longer to see everything clearly, and the first time you noticed was that the black journal was gone. And so was Rachel. 


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character intro: megan moore

“Tell me something about yourself, anything.” Peter asked trying to start a conversation and maybe know a bit more about Megan.

“You never showed much interest before, why now?” She turned to face him, intrigued.

“Because i know now, that you have a reason to be the way you are,” She stared at the floor for a few moments.

Megan had opened up to Peter about her family because she thought he deserved to know. The girl didn’t know why that thought made way to her mind in the first place, crawling and eating all of her other thoughts. But when she finally told him, Megan felt a sense of relief.

“Everyone has a reason to be the way they are, Parker,” Megan finally spoke, eyes glued on him now. “But they can also choose who they want to be. If they want to use that reason to become an asshole, or not. Not everyone who had a life full of pain will make other people’s life painful,” She paused for a brief moment to think, “Some will of course, and that’s… unfortunate. But not the only option.” Megan finished giving Peter a soft smile.

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