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Summary: Peter and Morgan are stuck in an elevator (prompt from @anxiousangstyangel)

Morgan’s parents are out of town for the weekend so Peter offered to watch her for the weekend. It wasn’t a big deal, he’d taken care of the girl several times before. But this time was different because this time the Stark family was spending the summer in California instead of New York. So Tony sent a private jet to take Peter to California for a long weekend.

“Hiya, Morguna!” Peter exclaims happily as he walks off the plane and to the Stark’s California house. Morgan shrieks with a wide smile and bolts away from her parents toward Peter. He crouches down just in time for Morgan to throw her little arms around his neck.

“Petey, I missed you!” Morgan shouts.

“I missed you too,” Peter says softly. She clings tightly to her big brother as he stands up and begins to walk toward their parents.

“Hey, kid,” Tony greets once they get close. Peter sets Morgan back on the ground to hug Tony and Pepper tightly. “We missed you out here,” Pepper kisses his temple.

“I missed you guys too,” Peter lets himself relax into their familiar embraces. After a moment or two, he leans back, “When do you two leave?”

Pepper checks her watch, “About twenty minutes.”

Tony takes Peter’s bag from him and claps his shoulder, “Let’s get inside.”Morgan insists upon Peter carrying her inside and jumps back into his arms the second she has a chance. Peter had only been in the California house once, to help the family move in. But he hasn’t been back all summer. It’s a big place, full of large glass windows and spectacular views of the ocean. Everything is top of the line and perfectly placed. Peter used to feel out of place in homes like this and he still does. But there’s something about it that just makes Peter feel that he’s at home.

Tony dumps Peter’s bag by the elevator doors and gives him a soft smile. While Pepper and Morgan go into Morgan’s room to get her changed into pajamas, Tony sits Peter down on the couch. “How have you been?”

Peter shrugs, “I’m fine, a bit lonely.”

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brand new eyes

ship: dad!tom x y/n

warnings: a little bit of heated discussion, but nothing the two lovebirds can’t handle!

characters: dad!peter, y/n, ben (peter’s son)

“good afternoon fellow residents. we’ve received a few requests from the constituents of lakeville to talk about the plight of single parents as a discussion topic this afternoon. who’d like to start us off?” 

a lone hand raises hesitantly and wavers a little upon reaching above everyone’s heads. 

“ah, yes. mr holland, our resident superstar. please, do share your thoughts.”

tom smiles a little, takes a little mock bow and makes everyone laugh. even i break a smile. unusual, but he’s charming.

then again, he’s only charming until he opens his mouth. “fellow adults, i think that when we look at the plight of single parents, more often than not we think of single mothers. i’ve observed, too, that many of the guidelines and schemes set up by the city council’s board members, while a valiant effort, seem to lack inclusivity. it is not commonly known that almost 20% of all single parents are fathers doing their best to raise their children right. a lot of these guidelines fail to realise that when it comes down to it, sometimes the male species just isn’t as… used to taking care of children or being home-makers. we need a little more time to adapt, as much as it pains me to admit. if it were up to me, i’d hope for a little more inclusion on this basis. thank you.” and man, did the audience eat it up. every adult woman in the audience is suddenly reeled in like they’re hooked on a bait, regardless of relationship status. except me. 

i’m new in town, and i’m a little different than every other woman here. it’s a decently tiny town, and most of them seem to be extremely traditional, so it’s absolutely no one’s secret that i am chafing under this “expected behaviour” umbrella that seems to have been imposed on me. 

so i stand up for something i believe in. literally. rising out of my seat, i make eye contact with the mayor, who waves me ahead. i smile, nod appreciatively and begin, “thank you tom, for your valuable insights. but I’d argue that the current legislature isn’t quite enough, regardless of the gender of the single parent. i don’t think that we, as a constituency are using the power in our will to help these people - all the single parents out. they’ve landed up here because their partner left them and their children to live alone. and so the child is forced to grow up parentless because of the fact that with only one overworked parent being the sole breadwinner of the family, there is no one to look after, nurture and well and throughly look after the kid. and i for one, don’t ever want that to happen to any child. so i think that they deserve better. better laws, better schemes, better pay” fuelled by adrenaline and the flood of memories that seem to have been unlocked, i collapse into my chair breathless. 

i see pictures, and remember scenes like they were out of a movie. 

mom doing the laundry. mom coming home after a long day. her missing out on the ballet recital, unlike all the other moms. crying alone in the middle of the day in my tiny bedroom. but it hurt all the same when the day came for me to go off to university. strings of “i love you mom”s and “don’t worry, i’ll be safe” spilling out of my mouth.

the audience nods, and agrees, some of them clapping politely. i smile gratefully at each of them. however, somebody’s simply not sated just yet. 

“with all due respect ms… y/l/n? i agree, but don’t you think that there should be some special allotments to single fathers? they too, are handicapped in the same way as every other single mother out there.” he states. but he’s quickly losing audience approval, and it shows. many of the attendees are frowning, heads cocked, attempting to understand his point of view. 

i nod, agreeing, “yes, perhaps there should. but it seems to me as if the single fathers already have more than enough benefits in place. let’s just talk about simple street theory. how many of us, regardless of age, or how we were brought up saw single mothers as people who had made a mistake, were living with the consequences and didn’t really deserve much sympathy?” over half of the audience sheepishly raises their hands, i abstain from doing so. my mother showed me how tough life really was, and i couldn’t look at other single moms without the thought of her engrained in my mind. 

i nodded, and carried on, “and how many of us, upon recognising a single father, have offered this exact same sympathy, love and care we’d bequeath to single mothers?” more hands shoot up this time and i thank them for their honesty. “if we’re talking about social constructs being designed to help women raise their kids better, then yes. they are, because at least the people in charge recognise the bias shown to these two sets of single parents. single fathers may not have the same kind of help as single mothers do, but they also don’t have to experience the same kind of emotional stress that single mothers do. single mothers face strange looks, get called names like ‘slut’ and ‘whore’ and are generally mistreated way more than single fathers. most people respect, adore and look up to single fathers, seeing them as responsible or caring. so perhaps, when society affords the simple act of acknowledging our single mothers and giving them a little respect, then we can drive our equal rights van through the neighbourhood. but with so many of us still having this bias, it isn’t possible just yet. single parents, regardless of gender, are superheroes. i think it’s about damn time we treat both genders of single parents right, don’t you?”

the gymnasium is dead silent, but i can feel my blood pounding, rushing, swooping into every crevice in my heart, furiously trying to match the beat of my anger. 

then a clap. tom. he stands and takes a bow, but this time it’s one of yielding. the others quickly follow suit, especially a few women whom i’ve recognised to be former single mothers (now happily married). and all i can think of is, “this is for you, mom.”

as the event wraps up, the parents head next door to pick up their kids after school. as i’m coming down the steps, i see a little blonde boy trip as he runs towards someone, too far off to see clearly. i rush down to help him, brushing the dirt off of him. smiling, i ask, “you okay there, little man?” and he plays right along, “mhm! thank you y/n!” and bounces off to greet his approaching father. 

the blonde meets a brunette and locks his arms tightly around his neck, as his father tosses him up slightly and carries him in his arms. then they exchange a few words, and the man turns to look at me, and i swear, my heart stops. 

it’s tom. 

and suddenly everything clicks into place, his defensiveness of the legislature, his push for better laws and schemes and the fact that he currently does not seem to have a significant other in town. 

he’s a single father. 

both of us are walking towards each other, and before he’s able to get a word out, i’m immediately apologising “i’m really really sorry. i thought you might’ve been ignorant in the accusations made but i didn’t realise you were speaking from experience. i’m so sor-” and then his hands are on my shoulders and he’s laughing and stating “you have nothing to apologise for. yes, you may have been a little unaware, but everything you said was very, very true. i guess i haven’t realised the expanse of my privilege as compared to single mothers. so thank you, for opening my eyes to the big picture.”

my cheeks burn into colour, and i feel a shy smile creep up onto my face, "thank you, tom.”

the blush only grows darker as tom’s son whispers (audibly, too) to his dad that “y/n’s really pretty” and tom responds with a “definitely, but she’s also super smart” and then grins at her.

she decides to go out on a limb, captivated by his glowing smile. “would you maybe want to grab a coffee with me?” she asks quietly. he beams, even brighter than before as he dips his head, eyes so stunning they’re citadels of light, and nods.

as they walk towards the nearest cafè, y/n feels a soft, tiny little hand slip into hers. looking down, she sees tom’s son smiling cheekily at her and she can’t resist chuckling and ruffling his hair. the three of them garner the stares of other pedestrians, as y/n realises that with tom’s son’s hand links all three of them together. almost as if they’re a family. the thought fills her with an incredible warmth and she’s suddenly glad to have met the two boys.

because with them, she feels like she’s looking though brand new eyes.

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Peter: Mr. Stark, I caught the biggest fish today!
Tony: You went fishing?
Peter: No.
Tony: Huh. Alright.
Peter: You're not going to question it?
Tony: There's some things I don't need to know
Peter: [thinking about how the fish was wearing a small suit while wandering New York in a fish tank on wheels before leaping out at him] Your loss
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Peter and Ned, Off to the Gym

Peter and Ned high five and bustle off.

Ned: Homework’s done—!

Peter: Off to the gym!

Tony, impressed: Wow. You two are showing a lot of drive today! I’m proud of you.

Peter, weird smile: Uh-huh…

After they’ve left the room, Ned looks at Peter, a little concerned.

Ned: We’re talking about a Pokémon Go gym, right?

Peter, snorts: Of course!

hc: Stark Tower is PokéStop. Peter and Ned wander around and Peter uses his security clearance to allow the two to explore restricted areas for more Pokémon. It all started when he almost caught a Porygon in one of the research and development labs…

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1. what do you think is going to go down in Spider-Man 3 (because damn was FFH a cliffhanger, and 2. what do you think would go down in Spider-Man 3 if Tony was still alive (because damn I love it when you pretend Tony is still alive because I DO TOO TnT)

1. ok spiderman three is gonna be me walking onto the screen and crying for exactly 3,000 seconds, screaming for another 3,000 seconds, and then recreating the time travel machine to bring tony stark back to life, kick thanos’s ass, and bitch slap mysterio.

no but in all genuineness I have no idea what’s actually gonna happen in the movie besides me crying in the back of the movie theatre fam

maybe peter goes into hiding, but that’s all I got dude


• if tony was alive I think spiderman three would be entirely little snippets of tony wandering around different cities in Europe looking for anyone who wronged peter and threatening to beat the shit outta them

• it would start with tony rising from the grave and immediately he like sniffs the air and goes “the fuck, the fuck, the fuck is in the air?” he would hunt down a source to view the news and he’d see what happened with peter. after that he’d be like? on a hunt. to (1) find peter and (2) find mysterio/anyone who worked with him and BEAT THEIR COLLECTIVE ASSES

tony, running up to that one man in Holland: hAVE YOU SEEN MY SON? HE’S ABOUT THIS TALL, CLEARLY BI, BUT WE HAVEN’T HAD THE TALK

• everyone spots this one guy who looks like tony stark running around, muttering “what the FUCK where the FUCK is peter what the FUCK is going on” but they all go “is that— nah there’s no way that’s him” and so he’s not found out

• this scene repeats multiple times, with different random citizens (played by celebrities who have been made into memes, such as keanu reeves, john cena, maybe dr. phil idk) and then once with nick fury except he says “there is no FUCKING way that’s tony stark” instead

• in between short, 30s scenes of tony being hella confused and lost and worried and just really really angry at mysterio, you see peter in a deep, moving struggle with how people are treating him now. maybe he goes into hiding. maybe you see him trying to help citizens and they’re like “NO, I don’t trust help from you!” and it’s atrocious

• all while he’s battling the public (they probably stone him when he goes outside, and like no one will sell him groceries or anything, and so one of the main antagonists of the movie is just people and their perception of him), he’s also battling some super villain who is utilizing his vulnerability. the public is backing up the super villain cuz most of them think peter is evil, but the villain reveals to peter their master plan, so peter knows civilians are gonna be hurt if villain gets their way. so even tho everyone is rooting for him to die, he’s fighting the villain

• peter can’t go to school cuz he’s scared people are gonna really try to hurt him. maybe you see him hiding in an alley or something like “idk what to do Mr. Stark. I wish you were here to help me. you always knew what to do” (there is a fleeting scene of tony’s half of the adventure. he is extremely lost and confused and just like screaming at the sky in frustration as peter says this, for irony)

• peter repeatedly references how he wishes tony was there throughout the film and one time as he’s saying it, maybe as he’s losing the final battle or something, tony just sprints into the camera shot, screaming “I FOUND YOU, YOU LITTLE SHIT” and u see peter get tackled by tony (it’s a hug)

• and then, they fight off the villain together, and tony captures footage revealing peter’s “evilness” is fake, and that the villain was the evil one all along, yada yada. then tony posts the footage and sends it to the news and all is well!! there’s a sappy scene about it all being okay again. ned is there, MJ is there, tony and pepper and morgan are there, may is there, all is peachy keen!

• anyway marvel should hire me is what I’m saying

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Summary: Peter and Harley fight

TW: swearing

This isn’t right. Peter doesn’t fight. Not with anyone. Especially not Harley. But here they are, looking right in each other’s eyes and shouting.

“Relationships take effort!” Harley shouts, his face is full of nothing but anger. The love that usually fills his eyes when he looks at Peter is gone.

“You don’t think I know that!” Peter counters just and loudly, stepping towards Harley.

“You’re never here anymore, Peter!” Harley screams. Peter can see how truly hurt he his by this. He tugs on his hair. “I feel like I don’t know you anymore!”

“I’m right here!” Peter takes a step closer to Harley, spreading his arms wide. “I’m right here! Talk to me!” Peter grabs Harley’s hands and pulls them to his chest. Both boys are breathing heavily now.

Harley yanks his arms out of Peter’s grasp and takes a few steps back, “You don’t understand a fucking thing, Peter,” Harley growls. He takes three quick steps towards Peter who cowers, “Get the hell out.”



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first of all, ily!!!!!! ok second like do u have any hcs for peter harley and morgan acting like siblings and or maybe even calling themselves siblings (bc it's easier to explain) thx!!!! i love ur blog!!!

omg ily too anon :) this is cute!! there are a lot of levels to siblings:

being mean to each other

• there are a lot of wholesome aspects to acting like siblings, but most of the time? being siblings just means being mean to each other. they prank each other. they steal each other’s leftovers from the fridge. they push each other into the lake. they are never safe from the monstrosity that is themselves.

peter: has anyone seen my leftovers from last night? I put my name on them and everything

harley: *eating said leftovers*



harley, sliding the dirty plate under his placemat: nah I got no idea where your leftovers went

• morgan is sitting in the corner eating the leftover dessert, too. peter probably mopes, but then eats harley’s leftovers in revenge

• sometimes, tony is the one to eat the leftovers and he just watches as the kids all blame each other like

peter: oh, come ON harley! you are ALWAYS the one who ate my leftovers!


morgan: well it wasn’t me either

peter: harley those leftovers were gonna be sO GOOD AND YOU—

harley: it wasn’t ME!

peter: I’m gonna STRANGLE you—



• tony thrives off of their arguing. pepper, however, does not

the wholesome part

• what rlly unifies harley and peter is their shared love/protectiveness over morgan. like? sure they’re arguing but like the SECOND someone comes for morgan, they’re both like


• like if she’s being bullied, they’re both gonna show up at her school and just give the bullies the look until they stop. like that blank, “imma kick ur ass if u don’t watch it home slice,” look.

• this dedication to morgan, however, does not always work in their favor

harley: peter, you are such a nerd. like. you actually do your hw?? why??? cuz you’re a LOSER, that’s why!

peter: caring about my grades doesn’t make me a loser harley. failing pre algebra like YOU would make me a loser :)

harley: it’s not my fault the teacher hated me! I’m not a teacher’s pet like you—


harley: NO WAY LOSER—

morgan, walking in: *crying* I had a nightmare

peter and harley, at the speed of light: a whAT? it’ll be ok cmere we’ll help you

morgan, who only pretended to have a nightmare to get them to shut up:


• also whenever one of them does something wrong, the others are like “LMAO that was so DUMB” until pepper or tony tries to scold them for it. at that point they’re all immediately on the side of Team Kids. “peter snuck out for late night patrols last night?? no, no, I’m certain I heard him snoring, tony! there’s no way he snuck out!! :)” “but I caught him on camera—” “no way!! must be a glitch!! :)”

• anyway in short they’re all kinda ride or die

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Whumptober Day 17: “Stay With Me”

Tony was used to being woken up by loud noises throughout the night. Living in a tower with four superheroes, an AI that has more brain cells than all the Avengers combined, and two robots that are unbelievably clumsy, there’s bound to be some sleepless nights.

But tonight was different. Tonight Tony was jolted out of his peaceful rest by someone screaming in terror. Now Tony was the kind of person who took quite a while to wake up in the morning. But it only took him one second to recognize the voice calling out for help.


He clambered out of bed, nearly tripping on his way down the hall. Shoving the door open, he pauses to take in the situation.

Peter was tangled in his sheets, his fists clenched and pressed into the mattress as heavy sweat drips down his face. The kid was screaming so loud Tony swore his ears might start bleeding.

“Peter!” Tony shouted, rushing to sit on the edge of the bed. He scrambled to grab Peter’s hands, which were scratching against his own chest.

Tony barely heard the door move behind him, before there was a weight pressing into the bed and hands helping him hold onto the super kid’s wrists.

“Peter? Sweetie, can you hear me?” Natasha asked, placing a hand on Peter’s shoulder.

The teenager only moaned in response, his face crumpled up in a grimace of terrorized anguish. Natasha pulled Peter up and into her lap, stroking his hair softly. His screams had devolved into broken whines now, and his fingers were clenched tightly around Natasha’s hands.

“Pete. Buddy, you gotta wake up, okay?” Tony muttered, gently patting Peter’s cheek.

Finally, after nearly five minutes, Peter jerked upright in a panic, glancing around the room. His sudden movement nearly cause his head to slam into Natasha’s chin, but luckily she dodged it.

“маленький паук?” Peter’s eyes settled on the nervous faces of Tony and Natasha, and he sighed, slumping against the wall.

“Are you okay?” Tony asked, placing a steadying hand on Peter’s shoulder.

Peter lifted his hands to rub his face, trying his hardest to take deep breaths. “Yeah, I just… sorry. I don’t know what happened.”

“You had a terrible nightmare, that’s what. Do you wanna talk about it?” Natasha asked, moving so that she’s sitting next to Peter on the bed.

“It was the Blip. Or I guess it was where I was during the Blip.” Peter whispered. Natasha and Tony glanced at each other in worried confusion.

“Where you were? Peter, you never told you ‘were’ anywhere. We though it all passed in seconds for everyone who got blipped.” Tony asked.

“Well I don’t know if we all had the same experience. From talking to others, it seems like they all had an easy time. But me, not so much.” Peter mumbled, with a simple shrug of the shoulders as if those three sentences explained everything.

“Peter, wha- Where were you all those years?” Tony asked, shock overwhelming confusion.

“I don’t know where. I guess, inside the soul stone? I mean, that’s what Mr. Strange said. But it was like a nightmare. Everything I never wanted to happen was repeating over and over for every second that I was there. I saw so much. I saw you guys and Captain Rogers dying, I saw Ned dying, I saw Mr. Toomes too. And I lost count of how many buildings came down on my head over time.” Peter paused, reaching up to wipe away his tears.

“Everything I was scared of just playing on repeat for five years straight, and I didn’t even know how long it had been when I finally woke up. And then I came back to Earth and you almost died and for a second… I actually forgot I’d ever gotten rescued. I thought I was still in that place.”

Tony remained quiet, processing the bomb Peter had just dropped. Meanwhile, Natasha decided to put aside her worry and shock to comfort the crying teenager in her arms.

“Come here, маленький паук.” She said, wrapping her arms around Peter and letting him cry in her lap.

“You don’t have to worry about that. You never, ever have to go back there. I promise you.” She assured him, running her fingers through his curly hair.

Tony managed to snap out of his daze, moving to sit on Peter’s other side, rubbing the kid’s back.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you guys.” Peter mumbled, wiping his eyes with his sleeve.

“Hey, it’s okay. You don’t have to apologize. We’re always here when you need us.” Tony said.

“Why don’t I go make you some tea?” Natasha asked, leaning down to look at Peter’s face. He nodded, sitting back against the headboard. Natasha smiled, before heading to the kitchen.

“I’ll let you try to get some more sleep.” Tony moved to climb off the bed, but he was stopped by a smaller hand gripping his wrist.

“I just… will you stay with me?” Peter asked, seeming embarrassed by the question.

“Yeah, of course, Pete. Move over.” Tony moved to sit next to Peter, letting the teenager snuggle into his side.

“Try to get some sleep.” It took a few minutes but eventually Tony felt Peter’s head fall forward as he started snoring quietly.

Natasha returned with a mug in hand, smiling warmly at the two in the bed.

“Don’t worry, I’m only gonna tell everyone about this.” She warned him, setting the mug down on Peter’s nightstand.

“Very funny, Widow.” Tony grumbled, wrapping his arm around Peter’s shoulders.

Throughout the night Peter stirred restlessly, seeming to be in an upsetting dream on and off. But with some whispers and a comforting hand rubbing his back, he would relax, settling further into the mattress.

Tony smiled, forcing himself to stay awake until the sun came up so he could watch over his kid. He’d die before he let anything hurt Peter, even his own subconscious.

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