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#spiderson fic
Hi! I love your fics, so I'm requesting again馃槉 Aren’t you supposed to be the adult? With tony and penny/Peter (you can choose if you want it to be Peter or penny) (from Drabble Challenge! #1 - 150)

Sorry this took so long! (I didn’t use the prompt exactly, I mostly used it as inspiration for this.


Penny sits on the couch in the living room, thinking over what she is going to say to Pepper when the couple walks in, Pepper with her hand on Tony’s bicep. They look happy, Penny notes. Pepper’s cheeks are flushed with blush and her smile radiates her love for Tony. Penny is happy for them, but there’s something she has to do first.

“Hi, Pen!” Tony greets, kissing the top of her head. “What are you still doing up?”

“How did your date go?” Penny asks, ignoring her dad’s question and leaning into his arm as the couple sits down on the couch beside her.

Tony looks to Pepper with a loving smile, “It was great. We had a wonderful time.” Pepper nods her agreement.

“Dad?” Penny asks. “Could I talk to Pepper for a moment?”

Tony lifts an eyebrow, “Are you going to do what I think you’re going to do?”

Penny shrugs, “You did it to me when Harry came over so I think this is deserved.”

“Well,” Tony stands, looking at Pepper, “good luck.”

Pepper tips her head to the side, “What?” Tony just smirks and walks out of the room, leaving the two women alone. “What’s up, Penny?”

“I know you and my dad are getting kind of serious now,” Penny starts. Pepper looks embarrassed. “My dad is the only family I have and if you ever try to come between us I will tear you limb from limb.” Pepper gulps. “I don’t want to see you break his heart, he absolutely adores you, Pepper. Don’t mess this up.” Pepper nods, looking determined.

“Penny, can I ask you a question?” Pepper leans forward. Penny nods. “How would you feel about me marrying your dad?”

Penny’s eyes widen comically, “Really?” For as much time she spent wondering about what her dad’s future with Pepper would look like, she tried not to get her hopes up that Pepper could someday be her mom; she’d seen too many of her dad’s relationships fall apart.

“Yeah.” Pepper smiles warmly. “That’s actually what the dinner was about, we wanted to set time aside to discuss it and we did. We came to the conclusion that neither of us can picture a world without each other. So, what do you think?”

Penny doesn’t respond at first, she just tackles Pepper with a big hug, “I’ve always wanted a mom.” Penny doesn’t have to look at Pepper to know the older woman is choked up. “And I can’t think of a better one than you.”

Pepper pulls out of the hug then, and sure enough, her eyes are quite misty. She takes Penny’s face in her hands and kisses the top of her head, “I can’t think of a better daughter.”

Penny and Pepper hug again, both crying. Penny clings to Pepper’s shoulder, “I’m sorry I threatened you.”

Pepper laughs, “It’s alright, Pen.” Pen. It was the nickname her dad had called her ever since she was a little baby. Pepper has never used it before and Penny finds that she doesn’t mind it at all.

She’s going to have a mom.

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I will hold you ‘til I hold you right

A/N: So forever ago, I asked for prompts. This sat in my Google Docs for months and months because I wanted to make it a full fic, but all I cared about was this scene. So I decided today that I’m gonna post it as a drabble. Special thanks to @sophie-the-compulsive-fangirl and @hardjaxlarnir for giving me the prompt “captivity”

Title from “Lost” by Dermot Kennedy

“Peter, come’re.” Tony outstretches his arm in invitation, the motion pulling at his sore, beaten limb. But he needs this physical contact that grounds him, as much a comfort for Tony as he hopes it is for Peter. They had been taken eight hours ago, but the trauma they’ve endured since then has made it seem like so much longer. The younger boy sniffles, a tear spilling down his cheek as he complies, folding himself into his mentor’s side. 

“I’m sorry,” Peter mumbles into the cotton of Tony’s shirt. It’s coated in dirt and blood and Tony swallows down bile at the sight of it.  “I should’ve-”

“Shhh. Nope. You’ve done amazing, kid. You shouldn’t have done anything, kid. This isn’t on you.” He wraps both his arms around Peter, and god he’s shaking. Tony reaches up, gently scratching at the nape of his neck and through his long chestnut curls. “This shouldn’t have happened.”

The room smells of piss of molding water, and Tony inhales a whiff of it as his mouth opens in a choked off sob. It had just been their normal morning jog when he was grabbed, Peter unlucky enough to be with him at the time. No, this is on me, he thinks. He knows, without a shadow of a doubt, that he would give anything to erase this trauma from Peter. Their captors seemed to catch on too, deciding the best form of torture would be having him watch as they messed with Peter first. For Peter’s part, he had been so incredibly strong, taunting them in a Tony-Stark-like fashion for the first few hours, but his bravado crumbled as the pain increased and time passed, his body working overtime to heal open wounds and darkening bruises. Anger coils in his chest, so hard and heavy in its depth that he struggles to sit still. But that’s not what Peter needs right now, so he stays still.

“I’m scared, Mr. Stark.” Peter whispers, burying his head further into Tony’s shoulder.

“Me too, bud.” Tony admits, fingers continuing their ministrations through his mentee’s hair. 

“You are?” he asks, lifting his head to look up at Tony. 

“All the time. Why do you think I put all those protocols in your suit? I’m - I’m terrified of something happening to you. Something like this…Pete, I’m so sorry. We’re gonna get out of here. I promise you.”

Peter just nods, eyes glazed and unfocused as he lets his head fall back against Tony’s chest. In the distance, the familiar sound of repulsors pierce the air. 

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Irondad Fic Rec

Sorry I disappeared! I was rereading a long fic, writing one, and have been working full time. I might make these less frequent to make it easier on me but I have no plans to stop anytime soon. Today’s fic is

Hero by lady_oneder

Summary: Time travel is fickle, and Tony is busting out his dad moves. Peter just wants to take the physics test he studied hard for.


Tony, Morgan, and Peter accidentally travel back and time and meet Howard and Maria Stark


Can this be a trope please? I absolutely love all the tension and interactions between Howard, Maria, Jarvis, and Tony, Peter, and Morgan. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of this and I really just want to read about 50 more fics just like it. Howard Stark’s A+ parenting is my favorite tag because it’s so sassy and never means what it says. The juxtaposition of Howard’s parenting vs. Tony’s parenting is truly beautiful.

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A/N: Written for the wonderful @blondsak for the irondad fic exchange!! She actually gave me this idea and I like to think I twisted it and made it my own. Angst and fluff ahead friends.

Also on Ao3

“FRIDAY has already scanned the area. There’s no civilians. Give me the mission rundown.” Tony says. He’s hovering above a rooftop with Peter, surrounded by dusty warehouses that look like they haven’t been visited in at least two decades. It’s a low grade mission for Iron Man, but he’s been trying to train Peter more. He’d been tipped off that more of Toomes weapons were being sold here, and Peter has seemed to make it his personal responsibility to keep them off the streets since The Vulture fiasco.

“Okay I swing in while you stand guard out here. The tracker said the computer that we want to hack into is somewhere in the middle of the building. We just have to get to it first. So, we take out the guys, or girls - girls can be super villains too! - guarding it, and then have FRIDAY or Karen download all the info. And then, get out and bust the bad guys. Easy peasy.” Peter smiles, fingers drumming against his leg in anticipation. 

“I think you’ve got it. Let’s go. You’re gonna do great, kid,” he says, trying to encourage Peter in a way he never was as a child. Or even an adult. He really doesn’t want to mess this up, whatever this is. 

Pepper had immediately coined it as co-parenting over dinner one night, much to Tony’s denial. 

(“So you’re co-parenting the kid now?” she’d quipped, her brow raising as she suppressed a laugh. 

“No. I’m not a parent. A co-parent or a co–”

“You spent dinner last night telling me about his chemistry project and academic decathlon meets. The only other person you talk about more is yourself.”

“Not true.”

Her amused smile turned smug as she cast her gaze to the ceiling. “FRIDAY?”

There was a pause as the A.I. gathered her data. “In the past 5 months, you have talked about Peter 40% more than anyone else. Most of your conversations with Happy Hogan revolve around Peter Parker as well.”

“That doesn’t prove anything.”

“You picked him up from school, Tony. Because he was sick.”

“I was being a responsible mentor. ”



“Fine, live in denial. Tell May I said hi at your monthly dinner where you talk about your kid.”) 

Tony smiles at the memory. And yes, maybe he had bought back the tower on impulse after Karen called him while Spider-Man was half out of his mind with pain and a knife wedged six inches into his leg. And if he thought the sight of blood seeping profusely from the wound was awful, it was nothing compared to his mentee’s muffled cries as he held him against his chest during the flight over. After that, Tony had upped his training. Which brings them here. He’s brought out of his reverie with the sound of said kid quietly singing “Private Eyes” to himself. Under his mask, Tony smiles as he sighs. 

“How stealthy of you, Spider-Man.” 

Peter mutters an apology, but continues to hum the song at a lower volume. A few minutes pass before he speaks up. “I found it! It’s not even guarded. Okay, Karen, just do your thing.” A beat. “Okay, Mr. Stark. It’s downloading. I’ll just…wait here.” 

“Boss. I think -” FRIDAY stops mid sentence, her constant, faint humming silencing completely. He calls out for her, and nothing happens. He calls for Peter and Spider-Man. Nothing. His stomach drops, a panic coiling it’s way up his throat, constricting his airwaves and he has to get out, has to help Peter, Peter –

“Confused, Stark?” A voice taunts into his comm. It’s an older, male voice, raspy and definitely not the voice he was wanting to hear. “Just consider me an old friend.” 

Keep reading

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A prompt!! Some parkner wherein Peter has a nightmare, and wakes up, thus waking up Harley and he's there for Peter and comforts him and gets him to go back to sleep. Btw I love ur writing, and also this specific nightmare trope gives me life. 馃挄馃挄馃槉馃槉

Thank you for the wonderful prompt! <3

It took Peter a while to open up to Harley. After May died it took a long time for Peter to come back out of his shell, even to Tony. He was especially nervous around new people. Like Harley. At first, Peter was wary of Harley and rarely spent a moment alone with the other boy unless Tony was with him.

But then something changed.

To this day Peter doesn’t know what caused the shift, but he’s so glad it happened. Because all of a sudden Peter found Harley grounding and comforting to be around. Peter was drawn to the other boy when he was anxious or when he just needed a hug. Which was almost every day. 

It didn’t take long for them to fall in love. 

And as soon as they began dating, Peter relyed on Harley even more. Harley quickly became tuned to Peter, understanding nearly everything about him and how his mind worked. Peter is grateful every day for him. 

Now Peter finds himself in front of Harley’s door. His back is still sweaty and his heart is still pounding from his nightmare. With anyone else Peter would be hesitant, not wanting to disturb them. But Peter doesn’t have that apprehension with Harley. Besides his boyfriend is probably still awake due to his awful sleeping schedule so Peter doesn’t even knock, he just turns the handle and pushes it open.

Just as he thought Harley is still awake and reading on his bed. But the second Peter walks into the room, Harley is on his feet.

“Peter?” Harley steps close to Peter, one arm touching his cheek where minutes ago tears had poured down, and the other arm falls easily to Peter’s waist, pressing comforting circles to his skin. “Nightmare?” Peter nods. Harley brushes his thumb under Peter’s eyes, wiping away any last tears. “I’m sorry, darlin’,” Harley pulls Peter into a tight hug.

“It’s not your fault,” Peter mumbles into Harley’s shoulder. “Can I stay here with you?”

“You don’t even have to ask,” Harley tells him, hands moving gently up and down Peter’s back. “Do you want to come sit?” Peter nods again and allows Harley to guide him to sit on the bed.

Harley leans back against the headboard and Peter assumes his normal position, resting his head on Harley’s stomach. Harley wraps one arm around him, trailing his fingers up and down his arm.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Harley asks softly.

“Can you read to me?” Peter counters. He knows Harley won’t say no. And sure enough, Harley picks up his book and begins to read aloud. Peter doesn’t know the book, he doesn’t know what’s going on, but it’s enough because soon enough Harley’s calming voice lulls him to sleep.

Peter wakes up slowly. He feels someone press a kiss to his forehead and Peter smiles sleepily nudges the hand that’s running through his hair. He feels a laugh rumble under his head.

“Morning, gorgeous,” Harley says softly, his voice slightly hoarse. “How are you feeling?”

Peter blinks his eyes open and looks up at Harley from where he is resting on his chest, “Better.”

“I’m glad,” Harley smiles and leans down to kiss Peter slowly.

“Thank you,” Peter traces a pattern onto Harley’s chest, “for helping me last night.”

Harley shakes his head, “I’m your boyfriend, of course, I’m gonna help you. You don’t have to thank me.” He drags his thumb along Peter’s cheek. “I love you, darlin’.”

“I love you too,” Peter grins dopily.

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warnings: poison and sickness

a/n: okay so yesterday flopped and i actually thought it was a good chapter and this one is bad so at least this one deserves to flop 

read on ao3

Penny knew something was wrong. 

The entire night her “spidey sense” was acting up, letting her know that there was danger nearby. It was nothing immediate, but it was a nagging feeling that was bothering her. The problem was: Penny couldn’t figure out what was wrong. 

The gala Mr. Stark was hosting had an exclusive list of attendees, security guards at every entrance/exit, and cameras hidden in every possible corner. 

So, why did she feel like something really bad was going to happen? 

“-enny, Penny, you okay, kid?” 

Penny shook herself out of her thoughts. “What?” 

“You okay?” Mr. Stark asked her, “You seem worried. Care to share?” 

Penny didn’t want to distress Mr. Stark for no reason. So, she lied. 

“No, I’m fine!” Penny exclaimed, “Just…can’t decide if I want the salmon or the filet mignon.”  She held up her menu and pointed at the two options, “What would you recommend, Mr. Stark?” 

“Definitely the salmon. Pair it with some Chardonnay. Very classy. And, you’ll love Chardonnay. Just don’t tell your aunt I let you order wine, she’ll murder me.” 

“Tony,” Pepper interrupted, “She’s fifteen. Don’t tell her to order wine.”

“It’s one glass, Pep, it’s not like I’m telling her to get drunk.” 

“Would they even let me order it?” Penny asked, “I’m not twenty-one.” 

“It’s basically like champagne; you can order it, kid. But, only one glass. I’m not that irresponsible.” 

He earned a glare from Pepper at that statement. “You shouldn’t be encouraging her to drink wine at all, but fine, just one glass.” 

Distracted by their food and drink, Penny completely forgot about how off the party felt. However, after finishing her drink, she started to feel warm, too warm, and her vision was becoming very hazy. 

Penny reached out to grab Mr. Stark’s sleeve and gently shook his arm. “Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good…” (i’m so sorry,,,,i had to)

Mr. Stark turned to look at her, concern in his eyes. “What’s wrong, Pen?” He put his hand to her forehead, noticing how flush she looked, “She’s burning up!”  Mr. Stark said to Pepper; Pepper rushing to get security and to call a doctor, fearing Penny’s sudden illness was because of something sinister. Mr. Stark quickly grabbed a cloth napkin, dipped it in a glass of water, and pressed it to her forehead. “Hold that there,” he helped her out of her chair and put his arm around her shoulders, “You need to lie down.” 

Before they could make it out of the room, Penny collapsed. 

“Penny!”  Mr. Stark fell down beside her and tenderly pulled her into his arms, brushing her hair back out of her face. “Stay with me, kid, you’re gonna be okay.” 

Penny felt like she was burning. Her heart was beating so fast she actually thought it was going to burst. She just wanted this to stop. 

“I-I don’t know w-w-what’s happening, Mr. S-Stark,” Penny said, her speech slurring, “P-Please make it s-stop.” 

Mr. Stark’s gaze softened. It pained him to see Penny hurting so much and not being able to take it away. “I’m trying, honey. A doctor is on the way. I promise this will be over soon.” 

An anxious Pepper returned to them a few minutes later; the doctor with her urgently tending to Penny. “Um, Tony, I need to speak with you…privately. I don’t think Penny should hear this right now.” 

Tony didn’t want to leave Penny, but he needed to hear what Pepper had to tell him. He figured talking a few feet away would be fine, considering Penny was so out of it she probably wouldn’t hear what they were saying anyway. 

“So, I asked a guard to show me the security footage to see if anyone tampered with Penny’s food or drink because I thought maybe she was poisoned, I mean, you can’t just get that sick out of nowhere. You’ll never guess who poisoned her drink. Well, actually, it was technically your drink, but the waiter must have switched them by accident. It was Justin Hammer.”

Tony was shocked. Because one, it was supposed to be his drink that was poisoned and two, Justin Hammer was supposed to be in prison. “But, Hammer is in prison-”

“Happy checked the news. He broke out this morning; he probably figured poisoning you would be some petty act of revenge or something for throwing him in jail. And, the gala was the perfect opportunity.” 

This was his fault. 

Penny being poisoned was his fault. 

“Don’t do that, Tony,” Pepper started to say while grabbing hold of his hands, “I know you’re blaming yourself, but it’s not your fault. That drink probably would have killed you. And while this should not have happened to Penny, her metabolism is going to save her, okay? She’s not going to die.” 

That calmed Tony a little.

But, only a little. 

“He hurt my kid, Pep,” Tony glanced over at Penny, lying on the floor, silently suffering because an old enemy decided he still wasn’t done torturing Tony, “I’m going to make him pay.”

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I’m gonna do something a little different today and rec a whole series! I’ve wanted to do this for awhile, but I always get caught up on how to format it. As a series, this is incredible. One of my absolute favorites. But I also believe that each individual fic deserves attention. They’re all so different and so good in their own right. So without further ado, enjoy

IronFam Post Endgame Cuddle Fic by Sahiya

Nursery School Hell Germs 
Summary: Peter and Tony find out what anyone who is related to a small child knows: that the germs they bring home from preschool are THE WORST
Word count: 4,904
My mini review: Sick Tony and sick Peter taking care of each other and being dramatic in the process is everything. I love the little details the author chose to include, like not having TVs in the bedroom to limit Morgan’s screen time. My poor babies are so sick and I love the equilibrium of trying to take care of each other when they both feel like death. It’s probably my favorite sick fics ever and it doesn’t get too repetitive with descriptions of what’s wrong. The dialogue is super authentic and well done, and appropriately witty at points. It’s really, really well written. Anyway I’m in love with this fic. It’s wholesome and wonderful and the best sick!fic

Head Above Water
Summary: “FRIDAY has all the emergency numbers,” Pepper said, “including Morgan’s pediatrician. There’s food in the fridge––soup for Tony and Morgan, lasagna and mac and cheese for you. Make sure Morgan is drinking her Pedialyte, and see if you can get her to sleep in her own bed tonight. And don’t let Tony go on a fever-driven work binge.”
“Got it,” Peter said, nodding. “FRIDAY, fridge, Pedialyte, no work binge.”
Word Count: 15,080
My mini review: Time for Tony to get sick with his other kid! I love Peter trying his best to take care of them and how he’s completely unconcerned about their germs lol. I could feel how overwhelming this would be for him and it’s a great companion piece to Nursery School Hell Germs. There’s a part in this, in the 2nd chapter, that just makes my heart melt and I about cried. It was such a realistic real portrayal of that character and emotions. was perfect. Peter is The Best™ big brother and son in this!! The Best™. This fic is soft and perfect, as is all of Sahiya’s writing. 

All That We See or Seem 
Summary: “There is one more thing, Tones,” Rhodey said, watching him.
Oh God, Tony thought wearily. “What is it? Just tell me.”
“Peter thought you were dead.”
Tony blinked. “What?”
Word Count: 16,738
My mini review: The first time I read this series, I read it backwards. So I started with this fic and it’s my favorite of the three. This fic is everyone taking care of Peter, but instead of being sick, it’s in the aftermath of torture. It’s done so well and Morgan Stark broke my heart. You know when you read something and it’s everything you didn’t know you wanted? That’s this for me. I love Tony and his reaction and Morgan with hers and all the characterization and it’s just really really well written. This fic made me tear up. There’s so much more I could say, certain lines that I adore, but I don’t want to spoil this fic any more than I already have. So give it a read. For all the angst, there’s so much comfort! I love it 3000.

That’s a lot! But I hope you guys read and love this series like I do! And Sahiya doesn’t have a Tumblr but if you liked it, please let her know! Also if you know a way to contact her, please have her message me so I can invite her to my discord group. Thanks for reading, supporting, and being a part of this fandom. 

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IronDad Fic Rec

Happy Hump Day. Per usual, I’m obsessed with today’s fic rec. If you also like it, be sure and let the authors know! This is for everyone who loves FFH & Irondad.

Planes, Trains, and the Trauma Response by @imgoingtocrash & @savvysass

Summary: The world around him is solid. It makes sense. Despite the existence of aliens and literal gods in their galaxy—the science of it all makes sense. They just have yet to figure it all out.

Then he’d been thrown into a spiral of falsehoods—one after another, all so fast, all so real—and suddenly he’s in the Netherlands. It’s too nice compared to the horrors he became used to—a far cry from the real world: a world of dead parents, dead uncles, and half of a universe, dead with the snap of one creature’s fingers.

Where once there was certainty…now there’s fragility. So, when he sees Tony step out of the plane instead of Happy…he falters.

OR: Tony appears during Far From Home. Not much changes, but some things do. At the very least, Peter gets cared for in the wake of a barrage of traumatic events.


Do you ever read a fic and just get so excited??? I re-watched FFH and found this fic, also known as everything I’ve ever wanted, a couple hours later. I think I was so excited about it when I was reading it that I didn’t feel how sad it is. I’m just ecstatic that this exists. It’s seriously everything I’ve ever wanted. I love it so much!!! And it made me cry!!! Give me all the angst and whump where Tony can comfort Peter!! And from the bottom of my heart, thanks for not making Tony an illusion @imgoingtocrash and @savvysass. I would pay money to see this played out on screen but you’ve wrote it so well I’ll never have to. 

Also it’s super in character, really well written, and killed my feels, if you couldn’t tell already. It’s a super sweet fic that you need to read.  I love it 3000 and it is perfect!

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Iron Dad & Spider-Son Fic Rec

Today’s fic is really short and really enjoyable. I’m so so excited to share it with you guys!

Lab Day by @ferretshark

Summary: A snapshot of a lab day with Peter and Tony


Okay so first off, this is a drabble less than 500 words. So you have absolutely no excuse to not stop what you’re doing right now and read this fic. It’s a wonderful little slice of life that just makes me smile so much! I love Susan’s look into the early irondad relationship and how they start to work together doing one of the most widely accepted headcanons of this fandom, lab days! I love Peter’s uncertainty and awkwardness and Tony’s I’m-the-coolest vibe.

And if you ever like a fic, always be sure to let the author know!

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“Don’t hesitate, just kiss me.” from FLUFF PROMPT LIST With penny Parker and mj

I’ve never written MJ before so please be kind!

MJ knocks twice on the door, stuffing her hands into her pockets while she waits for her girlfriend to open the door. Penny had invited her to have a date night tonight while May was at work. MJ quickly said yes. With how busy the two of them can be with AcaDeca, Penny’s internship, and Spidergirl, the two of them can rarely spend evenings together.

Penny throws open the door a few seconds later with a wide grin on her face. Her hair is wound into a messy braid on her shoulder and she is wearing a pair of fluffy socks, grey sweatpants, and a sweatshirt that she definitely stole from MJ. Her eyes seem to sparkle.

MJ can’t help but share her infectious smile, “Are you going to let me in?”

Penny blushes and steps aside, to allow MJ to walk in, “Sorry.”

MJ rolls her eyes, “It’s alright, genius.” As she takes her coat off she asks, “So what’s the plan for tonight?”

“We’re gonna make some dinner and then have a movie marathon,” Penny says excitedly as she takes MJ by the hand and drags her into the kitchen. A recipe book is open in the middle of the kitchen table and the counters are covered with food, ready for them to make dinner.

“Let’s do it,” MJ takes Penny’s face in her hands and presses a kiss to her cheek, enjoying the way Penny’s face turns pink with blush.

As the two girls begin to cook, they move around each other seamlessly. And to MJ’s surprise, she finds herself enjoying this soft domesticity with Penny. She never thought she could find something as mundane as cooking entertaining, but with Penny it somehow is.

While MJ is stirring the pasta, Penny wraps her arms around the other girl’s waist, leaning her head on MJ’s shoulder.

“Can we do this every night?” Penny asks softly.

MJ smiles and leans her head against her girlfriend’s, “I wish. This is…nice.”

Penny grins triumphantly, “I told you you would like it!”

MJ turns her head to kiss Penny’s cheek, “You were right.”

Twenty minutes later, all the food is done and MJ and Penny heap their plates full of pasta and sauce before heading into the living room and curling up on the couch. With their sides pressed together, the two girls find a random movie to watch and begin eating. Once both of their plates are empty, they relax. MJ leans back on the couch so Penny can take up her favorite place at her side, legs entangled and Penny’s head resting on MJ’s shoulder.

When they first got together, Penny was afraid that she would annoy MJ with her excessive cuddliness. The other girl quickly dismissed her fear, proclaiming that nothing about Penny could ever annoy her. And it hasn’t. In fact, MJ loves how perfectly Penny fits against her.

They watch the movie, Penny tracing random patterns on MJ’s leg. About halfway through, MJ leans down and presses a soft kiss to Penny’s cheek. Penny looks down as she blushes before she looks up at MJ, head tipped to the side in confusion.

“Why do you always kiss my cheek?” Penny asks, sitting up more to face her girlfriend.

MJ smiles and touches Penny’s cheek, “Because it makes you blush.”

Penny rolls her eyes, “Can’t you just give me a normal kiss?”

MJ pretends to think for a moment, “No, I don’t think I can.”

“Just kiss me!” Penny whines, pouting her lip. She looks adorable.

“Well, when you put it that way…” MJ smiles and leans forward, her hands wrapping around Penny’s waist to bring her closer. Just before her eyes close, MJ sees Penny smile and lean in. They kiss gently, Penny’s warm hands reach up to cradle MJ’s face.

When they pull away, Penny brings their foreheads together, “See? That was a normal kiss.”

“You’re adorable,” MJ laughs as she tucks a strand of hair loose from Penny’s braid behind her ear.

Penny kisses her again quickly, “I love you too.”

Send me prompts!

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Iron Dad & Spider-Son Fic Rec

I’m sorry that the fics this week have all been short. I keep telling myself I don’t have time to reread the long ones, but then I reread six short ones in a row.

Topsy turvy by @iron–spider

Summary: hey

omg that delivered

you’re right, Stark phones are far superior

or is it just this particular one you gave me

Tony stares at his phone as the messages come in, and he narrows his eyes. He shifts a little on the couch, glances at Pepper.

“What?” she asks, catching his eye. She looks down at his phone. “What did Peter do?”

“Do I have a Peter face?” Tony asks. “Peter in danger expression?”

“I don’t know,” Pepper says. “Is he in danger?”

Tony sighs. “I hope not, but I’m—I’m not optimistic.”


This is the type of IronDad fic I live for. Tony digging Peter out of trouble with lots of banter and concerned dadding. I love this fic so much. 

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IronDad Fic Rec

Hey friends! I’m on a roll. Five days in a row! (Don’t worry, it won’t last.) 

Better together by @aileenwood

Summary: Due to traffic, after what seems to be like the forty longest minutes of Tony’s life, during which he endured Peter practicing random animal sounds with Morgan on the backseat (he’s pretty sure they don’t have whales at the Central Park’s Zoo, so their practice wasn’t making a whole lot of sense) while trying to estimate how long they will take so that Happy can be there to pick them up on time, they finally arrive.

“See you in three hours, Boss,” Happy tells him through the window as they disembark. He takes a look at Tony and the kids, who have already started making their way towards the entrance without him. “Good luck.”


DOMESTIC IRONFAM RIGHTS!!!! I love this fic so much! Tony taking his kids school shopping? Fun zoo adventures? Protective big brother Peter Parker? Yes!! This is such a fun wholesome read! 10/10 recommend. 

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Iron Dad & Spider-Son Fic Rec

I should have posted this one a month ago. But I, uh, didn’t. So…Have a Christmas fic in the middle of January. I bet some of you haven’t even taken your tree down yet.

Tangled wires by @iron–spider  

Summary: Tony sits cross-legged on the floor of Peter’s living room, holding the offending string of lights in his hands. The whole room glows in psychedelic reds and greens, blinking manically in what Tony imagines the inside of Peter’s head looks like at all times. Peter himself is sitting on the floor across from him, a look of pure concentration on his face as he puts together a small snowman that jingles whenever he moves.

“How did you do this?” Tony asks, finally, staring intently at the string of lights. “Why did this happen? Did May do this? Was she liquored up?”

“So many questions,” Peter says, brows furrowed as he sticks the snowman’s arms in.

“So little answers,” Tony says. The string of lights is completely tangled, in a way he’s never seen before. And he’s seen lots of tangles.


@iron–spider is amazing for a reason y'all. The characterization. The dialogue. The banter. This fic made me giggle and it just has the feel of what Christmas is supposed to feel like. I also love that I get the mentor/mentee turned genuine friends vibe from this. I love my irondad fanon. 

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I've see you asked for prompts so... What about a sleep over, like Peter goes to the cabin spend the night and he has a nightmare, BUT, this is the differente part, Morgan wakes him up, tells him it's okay to have nightmares and that she can stay with him if he wants, but do what ever you want I just want a big brother lil sister moment, I'm sure everything you write will be great

Here you go my love! Probably every sentence in this is clunky but I don’t care because I really loved writing this prompt! :)

“He’s back!” Tony shouts joyfully from the front porch as Peter steps out of the car, bright grin covering his face. Morgan squeals, tearing out of her dad’s grip and bolting towards her brother. Peter catches her easily, swinging her around once before pulling her in for a tight hug. 

“I missed you!” Morgan smiles, wrapping her legs around Peter’s waist. 

“I was only gone for two weeks!” Peter laughs, kissing his sister’s cheek. 

Peter carries Morgan back up to the house where he drops her back to the ground to embrace Tony. “Welcome home, kid,” Tony says with a soft smile. Tony’s hand easily finds its way into the boy’s hair. 

“Thanks,” Peter grins. A yawn spreads across his face as he blinks sleepily. 

Tony laughs, “Tired?”

“I had two exams yesterday and two more on Monday,” Peter moans. 

Tony claps him on the shoulder and gently leads him into the house, “Well lucky for you dinner is almost ready and you can go to be right after.” Peter thanks Tony again as they walk into the kitchen. 

Pepper, who is cooking something that smells absolutely amazing, looks up from her recipe book and gives Peter a warm smile. 

“Hi, Pepper,” Peter says as he walks over to embrace the woman. 

“Long week?” Pepper asks as he basically crumbles into her arms. 

“You have no idea,” Peter groans, tucking his head against her neck.

Pepper smiles sympathetically, “Just take it easy okay?” Peter nods. “Why don’t you go help your sister set the table? Dinner will be ready in just a few.” 

Peter helps Morgan set the table and pretty soon the Starks sit down for dinner, passing plates routinely between them as the conversation flows easily. 

“How are May and Happy doing?” Pepper asks Peter. 

Peter groans, “I’m so glad I’m not living with them anymore.”

Tony laughs, “College dorm rooms are better than living with your aunt and Happy?”

Peter nods seriously, “They’re so gross and there’s so much PDA!” Peter sighs, “But they’re happy together so…”

“When’s Uncle Happy coming to visit?” Morgan interrupts, messily scooping food into her mouth. 

“Next week, Morguna,” Tony ruffles her hair.  

After the dishes are cleaned and leftovers are stored in the fridge, Peter hugs all of the Starks and walks up the stairs to their wishes of goodnight and sweet dreams. 

“Peter! Help!” Morgan’s shrill voice echoes through his head as she cries out in pain. 

“Morgan?” Peter calls. Nothing but darkness surrounds him and all he can hear is his little sister’s cries for help. 

“Kid! Where are you?” It’s Tony this time. “Help us!” 

“Tony!” Peter screams. He stumbles blindly through the darkness. Something sharp scratches his leg, sending him to the ground. Peter cries out in pain and calls out, “I can’t see. Where are you?”

“Morgan’s hurt,” Tony calls back. “Please, she doesn’t have much longer.”

“Peter, help!” Morgan sobs. 

Peter covers his ears, curling on his side, “I can’t help you. I don’t know how! I can’t find you!”


Peter wakes up to someone shaking his shoulder. He gasps, sitting bolt upright. Beside his bed is Morgan, one arm wrapped around her stuffed elephant, her eyes deep with worry. Peter wastes no time in scooping Morgan into his arms, burying his nose against her hair, “You’re okay,” he murmurs to himself. 

“What’s wrong? You were shouting,” Morgan says softly.

Peter gently releases her from his hold, “It was just a bad dream,” Peter assures the little girl, brushing her hair out of her face. “You can go back to sleep now.”

Morgan shakes her head stubbornly and sits across from Peter, “I want to stay here.”

Peter huffs, his thundering heart echoing in his ears. Morgan needs sleep. And he just needs to be alone he can calm himself down, “Go to bed, Morgan. I’m fine.” Morgan says nothing, but she crawls into her brother’s lap and hugs him tight around the middle. 

“Your heart’s beating really fast,” Morgan acknowledges, her cheek smushed up against Peter’s chest. 

Peter sighs and returns the embrace, finding comfort on Morgan’s body weight on top of him, “That’s because I was really scared,” he explains. 

“Are you scared now?” Morgan looks up at Peter with big brown eyes. 

Peter shakes his head, ducking down to press a kiss to her forehead, “No.”

“It’s okay to be scared,” Morgan says matter-of-factly. “That’s what mommy and daddy tell me when I have nightmares. They said that even after we wake up dreams can still scare us.”

Peter smiles, “Well they’re very smart people.”

Morgan pulls away from Peter and pulls her stuffed elephant into her lap, rubbing the ears, “I can stay with you if you want until you’re not scared anymore. That’s what you do for me.” 

“That would be great, Mo,” Peter says. “But let’s try to get some sleep okay?”

Morgan nods and crawls under the covers beside Peter. As Peter lays down on his back, Morgan cuddles up to his side, using his chest as a pillow. “You comfortable?” Peter asks his sister with a soft smile on his face. Morgan nods sleepily into his chest and as Peter wraps an arm around her, she snuggles even closer. 

“Night, Petey,” Morgan whispers. 

“Good night,” Peter returns, knowing that with his sister by his side he’ll fall back into a restful sleep.

Send me some prompts! <3

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Iron Dad & Spider-Son Fic Rec

I really didn’t mean to rec the same author two days in a row, but this fic was next on my bookmarks. And this author is super talented. 

Occupational Hazzard by @captainkirkk

Summary: Peter flaps a hand in the air, grasping for words. All he’s left with is the thought that’s been running through his head all night: “There was this dilapidated building out near Hell’s Kitchen, rotted all the way through, and I kept staring at it and thinking, This thing could go down at the smallest breeze.” Peter gestures at the roof over their head. “Even this apartment could go down easily enough.”

May rubs his hand. “Buildings don’t just collapse, Peter. Did something happen to make you worried about that?”

Peter shakes his head. He doesn’t ever give her details. He doesn’t tell her about the intimate, gnawing kind of horror that came with being trapped beneath a collapsed building and knowing no one was coming to save you; the way it felt like his bones were being ground into the damp cement; how he’d felt small and very soft, and how his thoughts keep going over the components of a building—rusted metals, long nails strong enough to jut through cement—and how that might’ve pierced him if he’d moved wrong, like a fork pulled through slow cooked meats.

(Peter learns to cope and communicate with the people around him, post-Homecoming.)


I have a weakspot for traumatized Peter. I’m also a complete sucker for fics that merge school life and Spidey life in the way that this fic does. The way it details Peter’s trauma is so realistic and something I think about literally all the time. I wish there were more fics like this. I absolutely love Peter and Neds friendship in this. I need more fics with Ned. I also really love how concerned everyone is for Peter! May! Ned! MJ! Tony! One of my favorite parts is this little excerpt into May:

May watches the news with a wet kind of intensity, and grips Peter’s hand. She doesn’t say anything, yet. She doesn’t have the words. One day, she’ll cup his jaw and tell him how proud she is, how she looks at the red and blue posters strung up around Queens, the t-shirts barring his symbol beginning to populate even the further parts of the city, and thinks about how amazing he is.

But for now, she clutches him tighter in each hug, and only cries when she’s sure he’s at school, and watches the news with a terrified hunger. She doesn’t forbid him from being a hero. For now, that’s enough.

Another thing I adore about this fic - Tony finding out about the warehouse and opening up to Peter! Another favorite line from this fic is from everyone’s favorite Iron Dad, “I’m not going to take the suit away. You earned this. Your aunt might hate me, and I might be condemning myself to a world of guilt if anything ends up happening to you—anything worse, because I think your trauma is giving me trauma, and I already have a guilt complex like you would believe—”

Okay, enough spoiling. I love this fic 3000. It’s one of the best, most realistic fics that I’ve read dealing with the aftermath of his trauma on an everyday basis. It’s phenomenal. You should really read it so you can love it as much as I do!

And as always, whenever I rec a fic, if you like it, please let the author know! That’s why I do it. I want to share what I love and spread encouragement and positivity to all the amazing authors in this fandom. 

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Iron Dad & Spider-son Fic Rec

Sorry I’ve been MIA. I read this fic last night, thought about for 5 hours, reread it and then made this post because Blayne is phenomenal. 

Quid Pro Quo by @pokeydotes

Summary: Peter and Ned need a favor, Tony has an idea, and Pepper needs a vacation.

Or the one where Peter somehow ends up working as an actual intern and they all get more than they bargained for in the process.


One of first words that come to mind with this fic is unexpected. Wonderfully unexpected. That’s probably because when Blayne told me her original idea for it, I didn’t imagine it including everything it did by the end. And I’m so glad she’s the genius she is because guys, this is one of my favorite fics ever. I think it’s one that’s gonna stay with me for a while. 

With that being said, I think it’s best to go into this blind. So I’m not going to give a detailed review. The way she writes fluff and dialogue and nervousness and inner turmoil and angst is just perfect. The pacing is excellent. The banter is The Best™. Blayne has such an understanding of these characters and mad, mad writing skills. She’s easily one of my favorite authors in this fandom.

Read this fic. And if you like it, make sure to let the author know! 

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AO3 link!

Summary: Tony and Peter can’t stop fighting.

Series: Big Fish 

(you don’t need to read the series to understand)

They’re fighting. Again. This time it’s Peter’s fault and he knows it. But that doesn’t stop him from fighting back, from yelling back. They shout and shout until their voices are hoarse and Peter has tears spilling down his cheeks. Tony is just fine.

For the first time in four months, Tony finally allowed Peter to come on an Avengers mission with them. Peter thinks it was meant to be a peace offering after their last fight. It was supposed to be easy, a quick in and out. It wasn’t supposed to end in a big fight. But it did. Somehow someone got intel on them and the other side came prepared. More prepared than them.

As soon as the fighting began, Tony ordered Peter to stay in the quinjet with Bruce and stay safe. “This isn’t your fight, kid,” Tony said, placing a gentle hand on Peter’s chest to hold him back.

“You said I could help!” Peter snaps, his mouth turned into a deep frown.

“That was before this turned into life or death,” Tony’s voice was stern by calm. “Stay. Here.” Tony sighed, “I love you, Pete.” Peter didn’t respond. Tony turned around and flew away. Peter tore his mask off with a frustrated groan, sending his foot into the side of the quinjet. His first mission with the Avengers and his dad forced him to sit it out. It wasn’t fair. Natasha and Clint got to fight and they’re not even enhanced!

“Peter,” Bruce said calmly, interrupting his anger. The gentleman offers Peter a small smile, “I know you’re upset, but you can still help, okay? If you turn on your comms you’ll be able to hear everything.” Bruce sighed, “I know it’s not what you want, but it’s something.”

“Thanks, Bruce,” Peter says softly. It’s better than nothing.

So he sat down and accepted it, tapping his comms twice to listen in. He sat down on the jet listening to his dad and the others banter during the fight. It was relaxing to hear that they were all okay and at least until he heard something through his comms. “Tony!” Rhodey called. “Watch out! On your eight!”

Then he heard a loud impact and his dad cried out sharply.

“Dad! Are you okay?” Peter jumped to his feet. All that came back to him was static. Peter’s heart thundered in his chest like a drum, echoing in his ears. His dad was hurt. He didn’t even get to say goodbye or that he loved him. The last thing he did was yell at him. So without even thinking, Peter tugged his mask on and jumped out the door, ignoring Bruce’s calls after him.

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Irondad Fic Rec Series

A while ago, I was doing an irondad fic rec series where I would rec a fic every day. I kept it up for 50 days. Would anyone be interested in me continuing that?

Since then, I’ve created an Irondad and SpiderSon fic rec discord group where I scream about and recommend fics. I would still do that in there, but I would have this as well. What would encourage readers and authors the most? Does anyone want me to continue it?

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pepper and tony becomes a parent figure to penny parker since may parker died

Penny never thought she’d have parents. Mary and Richard had died too quickly for her ever to think of them as her ‘real’ parents. And then she was shipped off to live with May and Ben. At first, she had tried to make believe that she was really May and Ben’s child, but she never got past calling them Aunt and Uncle.

At twelve years old, Penny figured out that she would never have a normal family. And she was fine with that. She loved her aunt and uncle. Then Ben Parker died in front of her. Penny tried to push May away after that, but the woman wouldn’t let her be alone. May never let Penny drown in her sadness. She made sure her niece was never alone.

But now Penny is alone. She has no family of her own.

“Penny?” Tony tentatively walks into the girl’s room, a tray of pasta and a cup of tea carefully balanced in his hands. Penny is sitting motionless on her bed, staring at the ground. “Sweetheart?” Tony tries again. Penny looks up at him, eyes red and cheeks pale.

Penny immediately hates herself. When she moved in with the Starks she promised that she wouldn’t be a burden. She would be low maintenance and quiet and the perfect charge. That’s all she is after all. Mr. and Mrs. Stark are just providing her a roof and food until she goes off to college. But here comes Mr. Stark with a plate of food he made her.

Tony sets the tray on the bedside table and sinks down beside Penny on the bed, “Pen, I’m really worried about you.” When Penny doesn’t say anything he continues. “I know that you’re going through a very hard time right now, but I need you to let me be here for you. Whether that’s literally right here by your side or on opposite ends of the couch, I don’t care.” Tony sighs, “Pepper and I care about you very much, but we can’t help you if we don’t know how you need help, okay?”

Penny has to bite her lip to keep from sobbing. She just nods. Tony stands with a defeated sigh, “I’m going to leave the tray there, okay? Eat if you’re up to it.” Penny nods again. “Pepper and I’ll be in the living room if you need us.” Tony gives her one last look before turning and walking towards the door.

Penny curses herself, but she knows if he leaves things will only get worse. “Wait.” Penny’s voice is soft, almost light as a feather, but Tony still hears her.

He turns around with a hopeful glow, “Yeah, Pen?”

Penny’s heart pounds in her chest, she hadn’t thought this far ahead. “I-I’m sorry.”

Tony frowns as he walks back over to her, sitting back down beside her, “What are you sorry for?”

Penny shrugs, biting her quivering lip, “For being here. I know you never wanted kids and I-”

“It’s okay, Penny,” Tony gently takes Penny’s hands. “You don’t need to apologize. And I don’t want kids,” Penny’s heart falls, “I want you.”

Penny snaps her head up to meet Tony’s eyes, searching for any indication of him lying. She doesn’t find one. “You-you mean it?” Penny asks, hopefully. Penny can’t hold back her tears any longer when Tony nods.

“Sweetheart,” Tony begins as he gently maneuvers Penny into a hug, “of course I mean it. I’m sorry I didn’t show that to you.”

“Can you stay with me?” Penny asks, her voice small.

“As long as you need me I’ll be here,” Tony runs a hand through her long hair and for the first time in two weeks, she lets herself smile.

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