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I’ve wanted to draw this for a while… but didn’t. 

Then playing Spider-Man and the whole cancellation of B99… (before it found a new home). I started a comic but gave up on it, due to me not being happy with what I had planned. It involved Charles and Jake following Yuri and meeting Spider-Man… I may have over complicated it though… plus I’m not good with dialogue

So I just started sketching again, just random interactions that could happen. Plus thanks to a friend - Uncle final crisis on twitter (He came up with the Aaron, Judy and Rosa idea)

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Avengers endgame

So i saw endgame today finally. I know I know i’m a bit late to tha party but if i remember correctly tony’s daughter’s name is Morgan P. Stark. P? P as in Peter?!!!? some one hold me imma cry!!!

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miles & peter

If you don’t think that Miles Morales and Peter Parker wouldn’t be the best of friends, excitedly sharing suit ideas or staying up until one in the morning ankle-deep in empty boxes of Cheez-It’s and swapping theories on time travel and the quantum realm, while MJ and Gwen just shake their heads with a shared ‘what nerds’ muttered lovingly under their breath, don’t talk to me. 

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can we talk about the blatant fatphobia in spiderverse tho???

ganke isnt fat anymore, everyone makes fun of peter b having a TINY sliver of fat on his stomach thats literally not visible in a lot of scenes, and fisk, the literally only fat character, has a flat appearance from the side

no one in the background even looks like theyre over 110 pounds

i love spiderverse but this is a really big issue :/

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