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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Ever woke up to realise you caught feelings for you friendo? Cuz efrosiniya just did.

Mind you, it’s the 3rd time it happened today, she got into the same situation with Bill and Father Felix. All of those went just as awkward.

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Jefferson : How old are you, Spider-Man.

Miles : Me?

Jefferson : Yup.

Miles : Oh I’m… I’m uh… Me? Oh, my age?

Jefferson : Yeap.

Miles, gradually lowering his voice : Me? My age…? I’m tryin’ ta… Me? My age? I’m an uh, I’m not a little boy, I’m–I’m

Jefferson : Hey, okay, pipe down

Miles : I’m 36 years young!

Jefferson : Okay pipe down, Benjamin Button. Let me lay it out for you, I’m Officer Davis the policeman from New York. Yes it’s great to meet you too, but. On the job, uh, when I’m in private life, I go by my real name, Jefferson Davis.

Miles : Oh that’s not that weird to have a professional name. A name that you use only in your profession. 

Jefferson : Yeah…

Miles : Can I tell you something?

Jefferson : Yes.

Miles, making his voice lower again : Can I tell you–can I tell you something?

Jefferson : Please.

Miles, even lower : Can I tell you something?

Jefferson : Yeah, go nuts

Miles : Spider-Man is my professional name.

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Hey so I’ve seen the gifs going round of the scene in spiderverse where peter is like “i love you. wait do i want kids?” to miles and like, is that an actual scene? or is it a deleted scene or just an edited gif? Cos I watched Spiderverse and that scene wasn’t there? 

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I did it again lmaooo

Not technically a spidersona (though I will still use the tag lololololol), more of an OC of sorts. I imagine him to be a mercenary or assassin of some sort. It was an idea I’d had for a while, even when I found out there was already a Marvel character called Tarantula. I dont care tbh because he looks kinda trash lmao how can you name a Spider-Man-type character after such a distinct and recognisable kind of spider and in no way utilise that aesthetic?? (And no, I’m not counting when he turns into a literal tarantula). Hence, I made this guy big and bulky, with fur, a black and orange-ish colour scheme, skin-irritating projectiles and hallucinogenic venom delivered by big fuck-off fang(-like blade)s (at least one kind of tarantula has that, apparently).

Also his web fluid is produced in glands along his spine. No real reason, I just thought it was cool.

And yes, he’s transmasculine. I figured it would be good to have a transmasc character who isn’t necessarily small and soft, though that’s not to disrespect those who are ^-^ this isn’t the first time I’ve designed a character with this attitude in mind, for what it’s worth. Besides, Tarantula does have a tender streak if you get firmly on his good side!

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