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#spidey son

Pepper while running on the treadmill next to Peter on a different treadmill, “Peter…WHY…AM…I…Running?

Peter, “Sweating for the wedding, remember?” He replies not even out of breath.

“I…Hate…Running.” Pepper hits the off button not even a mile in.

Peter, “WAIT! I’m supposed to be training you! This isn’t the plan!”

Pepper, “New plan! Let’s go get donuts!”

Peter perks up at this. He does love donuts!

Peter, “Fine, but we start tomorrow then!”

“Sure thing.” Pepper said with no intention to follow through.

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Peter a stressed teen during exam season: *stares at the wall with no emotion*

Tony, checking in on his studying spidey son: kid, what are you doing

Peter: internally screaming

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Peter rushing in: Help Mr.Stark, I’m dyeing

Tony, dropping everything: WHAT?!

Peter: Never mind it’s just a paper cut

Tony on the verge of a heart attack: Kid I-

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MJ: You would have to eat 5,957 tic tacs to die from sugar overdose

Peter yelling: Mr Stark I found my new life goal

Tony from the next room over: Absolutely not

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@intiate03 asks: Hey could u write a ff on tony visiting peter at MIT with morgan bcz he was missing him . And them meeting one of tony teachers or someone who tony knew form his time in MIT

requests are open

A/N: another first for me! thanks a lot for your request sweetie🌸 I’m no really familiar with the X-Men universe but I tried making a parallel between the two universes like they did in one of the comics. It’s a short short blurb so I hope you will like it✨

‘Good to see you again’ - Iron Dad & Spidey Son

Warning: cuteness infinite level, and NO ENDGAME in this house!!


Finally some free time. 

Tony sighs while turning in office chair when he hears the sound of steps echoing in the lab, coming to his direction. As he turns to see who it could be - even if he definitely knows already -, the little body of his daughter jumps right into him making both of them spin in the chair, laughing.

“Well well well, look who’s there!”

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Peter was laying on the couch when Tony walked in, “We’re supposed to be working in the lab not sleeping, Peter.”

“I’m not feeling good.” Peter says tugging the blankets around him tighter.

Tony reaches over to feel his forehead, “I don’t think you have a fever.”

“It’s something else…” Peter says.

“Peter…Did you eat gluten?”

“It wasn’t my fault! Someone brought gluten free cupcakes to school and there must have been cross contamination.”

Tony sighed. He wished that there was a way to avoid this but unfortunately it was their new normal since Peter had been diagnosed with Celiac disease.

“Okay. Movie night it is then!” Tony lifted Peter’s feet and set them on his lap.

“Big Hero 6?” Peter asked

“You love that movie.”

“It’s amazing.” Peter gushed.

“It’s sad.”

“Maybe something sad can also be amazing?”

“You got me there, Kid.” Tony said.

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Peter walks into the lab and hands Tony a card.

Tony frowns but accepts the card, “What is this?”

Peter, “Why don’t you just open it?”

Tong shrugs and does as requested.

Peter watches his reaction but Tony has a great poker face.

“You really mean this?” Tony asks finally looking up.

“Of course.” Peter easily replies.

“This says I’m the best dad in the whole world…” Tony tells him as if Peter didn’t read the card before giving it to him.

“Tony that came on the card when I bought it. Did you even read what I wrote?” Peter laughs.

“No. I got stuck on the best dad comment.” Tony opens his arms and Peter glady accepts the offered hug.

“Happy Fathers Day, Tony!” Peter says.

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Tony coming in to Peter’s room to wake him up for school after a long night of patrolling, “Friday. Turn on the lights softly. Gotta protect the Spider Baby’s eyes…”

Peter groaning at the lights, “I’m awake. (Makes no effort to lift head from where it’s smushed into a pillow.)

Tony grabs the blanket and starts to tug.

Peter, “STOP! The blankets have accepted me as their own and if I leave now I’ll betray them!”

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