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#spilled words

Ruthless –

Cold with broken windows

I live inside the infinite moments where

stones are thrown through glass houses.

It’s the only life I know, one filled with

treachery and halfhearted destruction.

Your ambivalence scars me just as much

as the thought of being left behind

but in my ruin I can see that your

presence here is only because of

the absence of another.

And I would rather be alone than pitied.

- K.U.

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People talk a lot about fate

How there’s a reason that you’re here

There’s a reason that things happen

That there’s a reason you are where you are

But have you ever thought that maybe it’s fate that I’m not supposed to be here

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My family doesn’t know love without fists and I think that’s where it all went wrong

Some people are

Raised with precious words and milky skin

And others are

Dragged up from the roots with bloody knees and chipped teeth

He tried to bury us

And we’re still scrubbing dirt off of us

After nearly ten years

My sister

raised with precious words and milky skin still knows what dirt tastes like

My brother

Dragged up and raised with bruised knees and precious words

Still carries the guilt of not telling anyone

And me

Dragged up from the roots and still scrubbing dirt off of me still scrubbing fingerprints and bruises and my moms screams off of me

- tried to bury us but forgot we already knew what dirt tasted like

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“we get what we deserve” / @drearydaffodil
we get what we deserve when we know not of what deserving means. we simply accept the reality of situations as if all is beyond our control. we get what we deserve when we only shape with our hands and not our minds. we simply build the concrete and not the intangible. bridges without human bonds. in the end, all we get is what we get.
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3 years and you still call it nothing. 3 years of morning and good night kisses, 3 years of sweet nothings. we were happy lovey. we used to be so happy in our own little world. :(

Years don’t mean much when the hearts are troubled,

Happiness is only a mirage that grips us when we least expect it,

You were worthy of a love which I wasn’t capable of,

Still, your smile and loud hair are precious, as they forever will be.

- DG

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She’s a wildflower

Her colours bright and brilliant and divine

Kissing the wind that flies past

Even in a world so full of grey and darkness.

She’s something almost from a daydream

So full of life and vigour and love

And her vibrant petals dance in the arms of the breeze

So full of cold, so sharp and so dangerous.

But she’s not as fragile as she looks

She’ll lose a few petals but

She doesn’t need to be whole

To be beautiful.

~ Tara Fae (excerpt from A Game of Hearts)

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sure i did something wrong, but the person inside me isn’t wrong, and there are people who still loves me, and accepts what i have inside. And that, I should be grateful. Those aren’t little things, those things keep me going.

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Demon love

I still remember the night we first met,

When you were prey and I was a threat.

I stalked you under the moon’s glistening light,

With razor-sharp teeth longing to bite.

But as I approached you did not take flight.

How could you not be filled with fright?

Surely you thought you were going to die,

Yet still you did not scream or cry.

Such behavior was completely new,

I had no idea what to do.

You joined your hand with my claw,

my nails resting between your fingertips.

And as I stood there stunned with awe,

You closed the distance between our lips.

Fear coursed through my veins, but so did bliss.

I guess even a demon can be slain by a kiss.

A lot has changed since then,

But I still think about it again and again.

Even since the very start

You had a special place in my heart.

I’ve never felt this way about a human before,

And every second with you leaves me hungry for more.

We’ll always have each other, at the very least.

Forever to be beauty and the beast.

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i’m going to punish myself -i’ll make sure i go through the pain every day —for all the things i cursed upon myself, for all the wrong people i let in, for all the wrong choices i ever made, for every time i expected happiness out of void, for leaving behind the things i shouldn’t have just to get something i wasn’t meant for, for not standing in the rain long enough, for the foes i gave shelter to, for acting like a fool when i should’ve been wiser. i’ll spend the rest of my life punishing myself like that –so nobody else can. Ever.

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