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#spilled words

I used to text someone a lot

Almost everyday

Till one day she got tired of doing so

No reply

Just nothing

I learn from then

I learn to give space

I don’t want to make the same mistake twice

I don’t want to be a hindrance

Don’t get me wrong

I so badly want to how was your day/week

I just dont want ruin things even further

Until there is nothing left of us

Fear that we’ll end up there

Besides it’s one sided now

So things are quite complicated for me

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I love people too much and I love everyone around me. I give my all to everyone, and now I feel so drained. I’ve been making everyone around me feel so loved but this whole time, I forgot to love myself. 

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We were the fun couple, people would laugh with us, we would make people laugh.

We would tackle eachother when we crossed in the halls then you would pull me into a hug and tell me you loved me.

We would pretend to fight in different languages just because we just wanted to shout.

We would dance in the parking lot in our pyjamas at night even though we are both bad dancers.

You made me feel safe and loved and I had so much fun.

Thank you

- a letter to my ex

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Less than zero, you’re no hero

Just toying with your brain,

When you’ve got that needle in your vein.

You have your whole life ahead of you,

Don’t try to hide it, I can see it in your shoe.

There’s dots all over your arm,

You may not see it, but it’s causing us all harm.

Do you know what will happen?

It’s gonna go down, gonna go down again.

Like that time I found you lying in your den.

Face down, drowning in your own puke.

I could write a book on all the nights I took care of you,

But, you would just sit and stare.

Because it’s consumed what’s left of the cells in your brain,

I guess it’s won this game.

(I wrote this for my college course.)

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sometimes i wonder if you think about me at all.

and how we’re so damn disconnected

when we were once close enough to fall

in things like music, mornings, silence, sadness

in things like trust

in things like coffee, cubans, movies, magic

in things like love.

and i wonder, maybe, if i ever cross your mind

or if the things i felt were just me trying to fill the time

and i wonder if you know me, the me i am today

or if you know a different girl. the one who got away.

sometimes i find him in the dark, a land that exists only in my head

a fantasy made up behind eyelids & underneath bedspreads

the boy i saw

the boy i trusted

the boy i really thought i knew.

i’m not sure who he is

but he looks a lot like you.

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You never took a part of me when you left

You just shut off the light when you walked out the door

Leaving me alone in the dark

Unable to see what I do have 

- Randi Gina-Marie

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As trendy as it may be,

I refuse to feel guilty about everything.

If I, as a person, know that I am doing my best to be the best person I can be,

Then that’s enough. That’s enough.

I don’t care if someone else thinks it’s my fault just because….I’m me.

I’m not this or that because of the way I look.

Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Don’t be a dick.

Mind your own business.


This probably won’t get any likes or reposts because it’s not cool to not be guilty.

Or at least accuse someone of being guilty.

And that’s the real shame.

People are so busy trying to find someone to be angry with, they forget that 95% of the people are actually GOOD! Quit blaming and look at yourself.

It starts with you.

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