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The Kripke Era:

Season 1 - Dean pulls Sam into hunting after dad goes missing and Jess dies.

Season 2 - Dean might have to kill Sam. Sam dies and Dean sells his soul for Sam’s life so that they can continue hunting together.

Season 3 - Sam tries to prevent Dean from going to hell.

Season 4 - Dean tries to stop Sam from becoming a supernatural being.

Season 5 - Sam and Dean are angel vessels. They work together to stop the apocalypse.

The Gamble Era:

Season 6 - Sam returns from the dead and pulls Dean back into hunting.

Season 7 - Sam loses his grip on reality but with Dean’s help manages to regain control so that they can continue to hunt together.

The Carver Era:

Season 8 - Dean returns from the dead and pulls Sam back into hunting.

Season 9 - Dean tricks Sam into being an angel vessel so they can continue hunting together.

Season 10 - Dean is fighting demonic possession and the MOC and Sam works on saving him so that they can continue hunting together. Dean must kill Sam.

The Dabb Era:

Season 12 - Mary’s back! The British Men of Letters! Infiltrating a secret organisation! Covert Ops! Solitary Confinement! Double cross! Mind control! Lucifer impregnantes a human!

Season 13 - The Nephilim spawn of Satan! An alternate universe! Dopplegangers! Rescue Mom!

Season 14 - Jack is coughing up blood! Jack is sick! Jack drives the f*cking Impala! Jack dies! Jack comes back without a soul! Castiel makes a deal! Sam hugs Dean! Jack kills AU archangel Michael! Jack accidentally kills a girl! Jack kills Mary! Jack is sad and confused! Jack is seeing Hallucifer! Jack is wreaking biblical havoc on the world! Jack in the box! Pop goes the Jack! Jack is angry!

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Pairing : Winchesters.

Word count : 1,438

Written for : @samwinchesterbingo

Square fill : Sam gets a haircut.

Warnings : Mention of past bullying,  Mentions of Sam in trouble in the past, Over protective big brother Dean. Sam gets a haircut.

This fic was commissioned by @awesomesuziebstuff .

Sam Winchester Bingo Masterlist.

The door slamming shut echoed through the bunker, and so did the boot falls that stormed down the stairs. Dean appeared first on the landing, not stopping as he stormed his way down yet another flight of stairs. “You’re getting a haircut.”

Sam reached the landing and rolled his eyes. “No, I’m not.”

Yes, you are.” Dean snapped over his shoulder as he hit the bottom of the stairs. “Even if I have to do it my damn self.

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“Hey, uh, Y/N?” Dean cleared his throat and perched down on your bed. You took your headphones out and swivelled in your chair. He looked very uncomfortable which made you worried.

“Yeah, De?”
“Well since me and Sammy are the ones raising you it’s our job to have certain…talks…with you.”
“Okay…” You said slowly, glancing awkwardly around the room to avoid eye contact.

“Well…for girls, or women I guess, this thing happens once a month…I think…” He trailed off to pause for thought and you hid your smirk. Wow. You already knew about periods. Of course you knew. But this was way too hilarious to do anything about.
“Thing?” You echoed, trying to look confused.
“Yeah. So uh, your uh…frontal…area…” he looked down at his feet, “bleeds for a couple days.”
To hide your laughter you quickly cried “What?!”
“It’s normal. It’s completely normal. But uh, well you’re at the age where it could start.”
“So I’m gonna piss out blood?!” You said.
“I knew Sammy should’ve done this…I mean it’s basically hormones because you’re body thinks you’re pregnant-”
“I’m pregnant?!”
“No! Wait…why are you grinning?” Dean frowned.

Unable to hide it any more you burst out laughing and your brother shot you a bitch face. “Dean I know what a period is,” You grinned, “Sammy told me like a year back.”
“He did?” Dean looked pale.
“Yeah!” You giggled.
His face dropped, “SAM!”

Requested by @the-sky-is-blue4675

Can you do Dean talking to his little sister and explaining what a period is (even though she already knows)
I thought this idea was really funny so I decided to do it. I hope you enjoyed it

I don’t own this gif

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So. It’s been a marathon. But after starting supernatural season 1 episode 1 in the middle of February 2019- I am now caught up and will be watching season 14 episode 20 with the fandom. Wow it’s been a wild ride and I became completely obsessed and insane. Completely and totally worth it. Supernatural…

Originally posted by salvatore-dixon-winchester-hale

I now don’t know what to do with my life anymore haha.

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Tfw you’re bored so you scry a flight rising version of your fave.

So rowena as a dragon and reasons why I believe she would probably be fae (bogsneak vers. at the end tho bc I felt it in my bones 👌)

Reasons why she would be a fae dragon:

Fae dragons have natural prowess in magic and are excellent strategists.


The flair and cuteness of their look reminds me of Rowena’s style.

Also here are the genes (probably)




And here’s the bogsneak vers:

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SPN 1x01: A few thoughts

Originally posted by winchester-brotherz

“Dad’s on a hunting trip, and he hasn’t been home in a few days.”

The line that launched a series. With Supernatural ending, I thought it might be fun to go back and look at how far the series has progressed over the past 15 years. 300+ episodes spanning one avoided apocalypse after another, the best I can say is the boys’ adventures have never been boring. And it all started here.

Coming at this episode knowing who the characters will be 14 years in the future, it’s hard not to watch it without laughing (not to mention crying) just a little. Everyone looks so frickin’ young! It’s like watching an episode of TNG with Riker before the beard. It’s so weird you almost can’t believe such a time existed. And yet, both boys are clean shaven; Dean’s voice is higher-pitched, youthfully lacking that characteristic burr that will eventually explode overies from a thousand paces; and don’t get me started about Baby-faced Sam sans his signature, flowing moose-locks.

Originally posted by demondetoxmanual

I should preface all of this by saying I got into this series during college because I was a huge urban-fantasy nerd (time hasn’t changed much) and apparently watching AHS is enough for Netflix’s recommendation algorithm. I stayed because this episode in particular covered one of my favorite urban legends (the lady in white) in a spectacularly creepy way. Cue a week long binge of the first five seasons in preparation for season six. I still maintain Kripke’s apocalypse arc is one of the tightest written television stories I’ve had the pleasure to watch. But this review series is about each episodes specifically.

Being a pilot, episode one does what it intends to do. It’s sets up the backstory, outlines the characters, and sets them on their intended path. Re-watching it, it’s easy to see the whole is generally greater than the sum of its parts. Some elements, like Sam’s relationship to Jessica, probably could have used more focus. It’s hard to mourn a character you barely have five minutes to know. Yet, the impact of of her death has been felt even as far as season 12.

At the same time, an element I miss is how the case itself takes center stage. It’s the one thing I find missing in later seasons, the variety of urban legends covered. By that I mean by the time Sam & Dean have shut-down Lucifer, Leviathans, and the Darkness, a ghost is just a ghost. The challenge is in the state their body is in by the time the boys roll into town. At least in the early season, time was put in to describe the legend and each legend was unique.

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I know that ending of second season of Sabrina should be sad but I’m just laughing here for there’s Nick, getting Lucifer inside him. What can’t be in supernatural can be in Sabrina

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How must Cas feel right now. He sold his freedom he made deal with the empty to save Jack. And now Dean wants to kill him. To Cas Jack is like a son. Cas died to save Jack even before he was born. And now Cas has to see Jack go dark and to look at Dean wanting to kill his family his son. And against all odds he is still trying to save Jack to make things better to fix it because he loves Jack.

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Cas remembers his deal with the empty. Does Jack remember it? Does Jack remember that Cas made the deal so save him? Or does Jack have no memory of it and it’s been erased when he came back.

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Originally posted by cassstopgivingmeincorrectquotes

Summary: The reader spends her whole time with Dean. What happens when she is looking for someone to give her more than friendship?

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam

Warnings: angst, language, sadness, jealous Dean, panties theft, implied smut, fun, a hint of nakedness

Playing with the seam of your shirt you smile at Dean. Tickling your sides, he gives you a cocky grin. When he wants two rooms you flush red. He really wants you.

“Two rooms?” You ask innocently.

“I don’t want Sammy to hear or see what I’m planning to do with my girl tonight.” Dean chuckles.

Giggling you slap his chest playfully. “How about having a drink first?”

“Hmm…I planned on going to my room right away.” Dean says scratching his chin.

“Come on! By your girl a drink first!” You scold.

“Fine. I’ll tell Sammy about the rooms and that we hit the bar. Wait outside.”

“Alright, boss.”

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