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Summary: Reader is Dean’s cuddling partner after his ruts. This time he claims her…but not to have a mate, only to make sure to not lose his snuggle buddy.

Pairing: Alpha!Dean x Omega!Reader, OFC’s, OMC’s

Warnings: fluff, ABO dynamics, pregnant reader, daddy!Dean, cute pups

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Around 5 years later…

“Charlene stop running around the kitchen counter. I told I’m trying to make the dough for your pancakes little devil!” You mutter as your daughter is chasing through the kitchen like a whirlwind.

Your little son is sitting on one of the chairs to help you with the dough. He’s silent and a bit shy, the complete opposite to his little sister.

“Charlie!” you call when she runs into you. The bowl with the dough slips out of your hands only to cover you and your daughter in the dough. “No!” You whine but your daughter keeps on running.

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Chapter 25 of The Sinking Ship is now up!

The small, child Sam ran up to him and pressed against his legs, holding his arms up high.

Dean picked him up, bewildered.

“Been lookin’ for you,” Sam told him in all the seriousness a kid could muster.

“You… have?”

“Yeah! We were playin’ hide and seek and you hid and I seeked!”

Dean glanced around for anyone else, but it seemed they were alone.

“Yeah? Good job, Sammy.”

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Summary: Months have passed since you walked out of Jensen’s life.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader, OFC’s, OMC’s

Warnings: angst, language, sad reader, heartbreak, injured reader, fluff

Words: 2k

This is the requested Sequel to: Done

Months have passed since you walked out of Jensen’s life. You had hoped he would come to your apartment to tell you he regrets not to tell his family or friends about you, but he never came.

Ignoring the heartache, you tried to move on. You left the apartment you lived for so long in and decided to rent a nice little house. You don’t want to buy one so far as you got no clue if you want to live in Texas any longer.

Austin was your home since you decided to go to college and later to University in Texas. All your friends are here but you can’t bear the thought you could run into Jensen and his new girlfriend any time, so you are sitting on your couch to check out different cities to live in.

Your phone won’t stop ringing today but you don’t give it a second glance. You know your mom is worried as you barely ate lately so she doesn’t stop calling you. She knows how hard it hit you that Jensen thought so low about you and your job.

She was always a working mom, had three jobs to feed you and your sister but she made it somehow. When your phone starts ringing again you answer your mom’s call and she sighs on the other line.

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A Simple Plan

A/N – So, this is it. Thank you all for reading and keep a look out for my new series which I’ll be posting soon.

Chapter Twenty

They watched as her body burned, giving her the hunters funeral she deserved.

Sam had cradled her broken body in the back of the Impala for the entire journey home, carrying her into the bunker to her room for the very last time.

They’d all gently wrapped her. Cas had been quiet, feeling guilt at not being able to find her and help her when she needed it most.

Dean had been angry at first, furious at himself for not protecting her enough, for letting her down and taking her for granted. He would never forgive himself for what he had done. Sam was devastated. He had stayed with her until it was time for the funeral, tears falling freely as he watched the fire consume the woman he loved. All the years he had missed being with her, the lost opportunities, giving her the love she deserved, made him feel more guilt than he thought possible. The times he’d pushed her away, left her without warning and just not being there for her when she needed him, yet she would always be there welcoming them all back with open arms and a huge smile on her face.

They continued to watch the fire burn, knowing that their lives would not be the same without her. That she would be forever etched into their hearts, a piece of each of their souls dying along with her.

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Chapter Nineteen

A/N – Feedback is golden!


Dean came to a stop a couple of yards away from the building Cas had found. He was right when he said it wasn’t abandoned. The upstairs windows were lit up like a Christmas tree and it made Dean frown.

How the hell did they miss this?

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A Simple Plan

A/N – Any feedback would be much appreciated. Let me know what you think, it keeps me writing.

Warning – Implied sexual assault.

Chapter Eighteen

I woke up back on the table, restrained what seemed even tighter than before. Whatever he had given me must have been to knock me out. I didn’t understand why. If it was to get me back on the table then why had he been dragging me kicking and screaming before knocking me out easily with a single punch? I mean, it’s not like I could escape with second degree burns on my feet anyway.

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