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Characters: Sam x Reader

Summery: Sam calming you down after a bad panic attack on a hunt without Dean and even though Dean is usually the one to keep you calm Sam had to take the wheel on this one and help you come back to him. You had gotten attacked from out of nowhere and were defeated as Sam took the vamp you were hunting down. 

Warnings: Decapitation. Blood. Fluff.

Originally posted by out-in-the-open

You both had found the vampire who you had been searching for four months and now finally had a lead at an abandoned warehouse and knew this was your chance to take him out. The two of you head in slowly neither one of you knew how many were in there but you knew since it was daylight out they would have had to been asleep.

Sam- “Maybe we should wait till Dean comes back Y/N.”

Reader- “No Sam this is our chance we’ve been looking for months. This is it and if you don’t want to go in with me ill go alone.”

Sam- “Okay, well you’re not going alone you know Dean wouldn’t let you and I’m not about to let anything happen to you.”

Reader- “Okay then, lets go.”

You slide down the bank you were watching afar from and Sam followed behind. You crack the door open and step inside.

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