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#spop spoilers

The general consensus among fans of Entrapdak is that while Entrapta will age at the rate of any normal Etherian, Hordak will just look the same. My theory is that though he might not age, that doesn’t mean his body won’t deteriorate. Having a chronic illness, it wouldn’t surprise me if it gets continually worse the older he gets, to the point where he is unable to walk without a stick and eventually unable to use his legs. Of course, Entrapta would be at his side to nurse him. 😊

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Micah: I still can’t believe you were the first one to lose a character out of the 3 of us

Angella: At least it was a heroic sacrifice

Micah: I guess, but I always assumed that if someone was gonna die to the catastrophic consequences of a poorly planed out magical experiment it was gonna be me or Casta

Angella: It was not by any lack of trying on your part

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you know what gets me? in season 4 as soon as glimmer realized she fucked up and possibly doomed the world she immediately tried to fix it.

in season 3 when catra nearly doomed the world, she tried to manipulate adora into thinking it was her own fault, and NEVER apologized for it or even openly showed regret. when hordak calls her on it she brushes it off like it’s nothing. 

i’m glad double trouble had that breaking talk with her, bitch was so steeped in denial she didn’t even care that she almost destroyed the whole planet.

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