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#spun denver

I loathe small talk. Weather. The drive to a destination. The ramifications of something some horrid cunt said in the news. The news. Why religion is supposedly important. Phone sex. Text sex. Sports. Anything a president did before his term is up. What you’re hungry for.

When did people stop getting fucked up and riding/fucking faces? When did Colorado get so tame?

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🤔 Titties are pretty great

Nice feet too. All Her Vadgesty’s across the land and even the occasional chick dick is necessarily fantastic… however, I’m worried my fixation on tongue probing and gaping girl’s back-up box for the expressed purpose of looking at her insides in order to achieve the pinnacle of arousal is becoming far too prominent to live in society, amongst people, who either have no sex drive or much better control over their primal minds. Seriously, if acceptable public clothing lessens in size one more time, you’re going to see me on the news near Cap hill, serial devouring women’s buttholes as they leave for The evening commute. It’s just a matter of discerning whose not a hobby runner and despises panties. How much jail time do you think one could expect if their defense was that they were distributing therapeutic soul enrichment? And would I receive a pederast’s welcome in prison?

Look, okay!? I ran out of shit and I had no one to field that question. I’m sorry.

No, I’m not.

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What happened to Colorado? Did all the promiscuous, Freaky, Kinky, filthy, nasty, “never say never”, do or die Slut butts, easily the absolute visage of humanity’s perfection, just up and leave?

I run into plenty of women who claim freak, not a single one accurate in their self portrayal.

Please, for the sake of Mercy and hope, someone in Colorado fly your Freak flag visibly. Just so I know my continued effort to find you… Well, not necessarily you, you’ll have to tell me to engage pursuit directly… is not completely in vane. I’ve got enough disgusting men crawling up my ass for a piece and I’m actually 🤭 considering 🤢 try… try… trying tuh… 🤮

NEVERMIND. We’re not there yet. Are we?

PS: 👁️❤️👅♀️🍑🕳️⌛➕

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Where is it written that because I’m a masculine guy with an assertive presence, direct approach, a deep voice and a rough and tumble appearance that I have to embrace the domineering, forceful aggressor when I fuck?

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never minded a psuedo public display of affection. Sometimes a slap to her face, hand on her throat and single thrust entry under her skirt in an alley downtown is appropriate…

… but I like variety and the occasional finger suddenly against my prostate mid-rim from the back really isn’t asking that much… Is it?

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Come To Colorful Colorado America’s Sexual Dead Zone Home Of The IQ Reducing $20 8ths

There’s no naughty filthies / open minded party girls left in Colorado.

Just Flakes with Chapsnat content sans butthole and dating/hook-up sites populated with “friends only” hypocrites.

Fuck February. Fuck John Denver. Fuck dope. Fuck each and every saint. Fuck mega blox, fuck social stigmas and ageouts, Fuck teenagers aaaaaaaaaaaaaand

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February 14th, 2020

- ran out of dope

- four gals, 3 cis 1 trans, enthusiastically approved of ass eating, ghosted within 20 minutes

- doctor appointment for wound care extended due to potential of a secondary wound as a result of weight distribution

All I wanted was to get high as fuck and trade rimjobs with a woman, you know? Eat out some butts, on the one day it was the approved kind gesture, now I’m falling out every……. Wha…….

feeeeewwww miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnn




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This party life ain’t as simple as an outsider might think

It started for me out of necessity, I decided to stick with it because I was already kinkier than most. You hear enough about the dangers of drug fueled sex and, for me at least, you want to know more… I chose this life Just as my home began to get so expensive to live in that even kink picked up and left. There’s no culture left like there used to be unless what I’ve been worrying about has finally come to pass… I’ve aged out of viability. Here I am, adaptable to all. Kinky as fuck, 79% straight, switch, versatile, open to monogamous non-monogamy and accepting of sex workers as primary partners. Perfectly aligned for the swinger lifestyle and I’m suddenly grampa who will never understand. All because I turned 35.

What in the actual precise and current FUCK!?!?! Thanks Universe.

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What if I told you that I could keep you from getting pulled over…?

… that all you needed to do was…

• drive responsibly,

• keep your tags current,

• keep your interior reasonably clean, and

• free up one 12v outlet

… and you would never, ever get unwanted attention from OneTime. How much is a fuzz-free future worth to you?

(I have three opportunities left)

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I’m crashin and it’s going to be tough. Unless the unlikely comes to pass, meaning a greatly sexual and generous deviant female braves the Colorado weather to come help a fella out, I may be ending a three year run against my will. I have a feeling that this is not going to be a night of adventurous activities that if feel ashamed of myself for doing…. Damnit. This is going to be….. Sleepy.

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Have any naughties reading this post ever had the good fortune to feel a beard between your cheeks? Yes, I’m talking about the tongue from behind, the silent reviver, analingus.

It’s magical, beyond orgasmic. It’s therapeutic, serene, divine even. It’ll make you question your disbelief in the SkyGuy.

I am a versatile gynesexual switch, single, disease free, Caucasian, middle aged, stocky build, teddy bear physique, Long hair with a beard, well endowed, tattooed, kinky, party friendly and a light smoker and I approve of this message. I’m also really good at eating girl’s butts out. I can provide references, although I won’t actually do that because it’s rude.

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