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#spun out

What happened to Colorado? Did all the promiscuous, Freaky, Kinky, filthy, nasty, “never say never”, do or die Slut butts, easily the absolute visage of humanity’s perfection, just up and leave?

I run into plenty of women who claim freak, not a single one accurate in their self portrayal.

Please, for the sake of Mercy and hope, someone in Colorado fly your Freak flag visibly. Just so I know my continued effort to find you… Well, not necessarily you, you’ll have to tell me to engage pursuit directly… is not completely in vane. I’ve got enough disgusting men crawling up my ass for a piece and I’m actually 🤭 considering 🤢 try… try… trying tuh… 🤮

NEVERMIND. We’re not there yet. Are we?

PS: 👁️❤️👅♀️🍑🕳️⌛➕

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Dean Crumbaugh, Glasgow, KY Police Department

lmao! that’s just the way country girls are, high on the the shit or drunk on whiskey, or whatever.. Don’t matter - try and tell em’ they’re in the wrong about ANYTHING, EVER..

What? She hit YOU? So? Why the fuck were you just STANDING BEHIND HER  CAR?!?  

lol See where this is going? crazy ass country girls.. 

The suspect—who was behind the wheel of a car—backed into an officer who was on foot, and then sped away. The two officers and Sgt. Crumbaugh gave chase, following the suspect from Glasgow to the Warren County line about 20 miles away.
“This person ended up going through a fence row, driving through a farm, going down into the woods in this little low-rider looking car,” said Crumbaugh. “After running into a tree and blowing the air bags out, they got out of the driver’s side window and took off on foot. We had to eventually detain this person and take control of them with a taser.”
You might be imagining this fleeing suspect as a large man, running through the woods, evading arrest. Sgt. Crumbaugh says that’s not the case.
“It was about a 115 to 120 pound woman,” he says. “It was something you might expect from a hardened, 250 pound criminal man just out of prison. But that’s not what it was. It was a small woman.”
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