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Spy Kids was a great series with stupid comedy and family themes, y’all are just edgy wannabes

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Y'all I just realized two things while watching Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over (dont judge me it’s on Netflix and I’m bored)

1) the cast on this movie is insane, seriously how did all of these people agree to be in this movie?


And 2) the game in this movie? Game Over? The one that sucks a kid’s attention in and never lets them out? Last year it was masquerading as Fortnite, this year its Minecraft

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August 15, 2019

Ugh, I wish Spy Kids followed Carmen over Juni. She was cooler, smarter, tougher, and way better at the spywork stuff. Seriously. I rewatched the first and second movies (the third is absolute crap) and you just know Carmen went on to be head of the goddamn organization, because her master spy parents had two children, and she’s got all the brain cells, determination, quick thinking and toughness. As soon as she finds out the truth she’s putting shit together and fighting the bad guys while her brother is trying to get water out of his boot by reading the directions on the sole.

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I forgot that my local mall has stalls and stuff at the beginning of October-late September but I’m glad becuase I got the only good Spy Kids movies. All of them were like a dollar.

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It is 6:39 AM right now and ALL and I mean ALL I can think about is how Elijah Woods just randomly showed up outta fucking NOWHERE at the end of Spy Kids 3D and got the whole movie super hype like he was about to be the most powerful character hes literally the chosen one the fucking “Guy” that everybody said would win the unwinnable level and he shows up and its Frodo Fuckin Baggins in a Walmart Iron Man suit and he has like 99 lives when your not even supposed to have more than like 10 or whatever I dunno I havent seen this movie in like 16 years anyway he shows up gives the hypest speech ever and then

he just fucking dies they kill him Elijah Woods pops out the ass end of this 3D glasses commercial and they electrocute him to death and this fact along with the knowledge that Slyvestor Stallone is also in this and they got him to play like 8 different characters is keeping me from sucking from the warm tit of slumber

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Justice League: The B Team (2017)

Created by Funny Or Die, this video parody reimagines the trailer for Justice League, with Bruce Wayne seeking to recruit some less popular heroes to help him save the planet. Ignoring the barrier between universes, Batman meets the Howard the Duck, Steel (who actually is a Justice Leaguer in the comics, by the way), Barb Wire, and Blankman. Now that’s a team that can really get the job done! With “Come Together” blasting in the soundtrack, the trailer works surprisingly well cut with Justice League footage. Blankman stepping in for The Flash is a particular highlight.

Just about every character in the video is a character from a terrible 80s and 90s superhero movie, back when studios weren’t throwing millions of dollars at them. In the video you’ll find: Steel, the laughably terrible DC movie starring Shaquille O'Neal; Blankman, a comedy starring Damon Wayans as an inept crimefighter; Barb Wire, which starred Pamela Anderson and explains why it took so long to get Wonder Woman made; and Howard the Duck, one of the most maligned films of all time, and needs no introduction. Those who stick to the end will also see cameos from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Mask, Spy Kids, Mario and Luigi, The Power Rangers, Zorro, Underdog and Jaden Smith’s Karate Kid. Now that’s a crew right there.

Source: Cinema Blend

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