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#spy kids

i watched all 20 episodes of spy kids: mission critical in about a week and here are my thoughts (3/5)


  • i havent watched this in like 2 days i dont even remember what happened last time
  • why is everything in the desert the desert sucks
  • alsjhiajgdf i love tom kenny
  • listen i know hes like a superandroid or whatever but i really hope he and therese fall in love
  • wait hold up. i thought they already had midterms???? like the did that before scorpion went to her fashion shoot. AND they were kupkakkes midterms. whats up with this school
  • no drinking in class???? rude. let them hydrate
  • that seems imbalanced
  • aHh
  • thats only like 10
  • also that book is dummy thicc
  • its ok ace my nose whistles too
  • shut up carmen youre just jealous because shes pretty
  • there are no seasons its a desert
  • ok dude stop breathing so hard
  • he JUST said that
  • anywhere between an hour and umm… 11 months
  • you put it on one page why are all the pages back
  • me but with physics
  • thats literally the best line in the whole series
  • juni how do you not know that you were at a safe H O U S E
  • theyve been gone for like 2 hours are they not allowed to study?????
  • what even is AWOL???
  • absent without leave. neat
  • talon gives off some big draco energy
  • tick tock???? how dare you
  • slkdhfa she called sir awesome honey shes such a mom
  • dont make it obvious
  • oh look they made it obvious
  • roll credits
  • i was in cleveland when i watched this episode - well actually i left that day - and i was s h o o k e t h
  • also hes right. no spy would be in cleveland. theres 3 buildings
  • oh me too
  • right bc shes the only “I.A.”
  • ew
  • eW
  • this isnt HARRY POTTER. or maybe it is. talon is a hardcore draco
  • oh right bc swearing is for Men™

update tumblr decided to break AGAIN (im boutta cry btw) so we lost about 5 minutes from the end of 1.9 and 7 from the beginning of 1.10


  • its a DOORBELL do they not have those in the outback steakhouse
  • lots of people. doofenshmirtz, other people who i cant think of right now, etc
  • ???? no it wont????
  • did your troop leader not give you The Talk??? you NEVER go in the customers house
  • ace no. youre allowed to not buy treats
  • theres a triforce on her vest, too
  • shes just gonna go to another house yall. shell be f i n e
  • oh my God shes holding hands with mauly im gonna c r y
  • yeah its called saliva
  • nope only scorpion lives in a castle
  • stop bringing up spy sense and tell him you saw her glare at you
  • how do you know that he doesnt have his phone if YOU dont know where it is and HE cant tell you
  • i love how she says “floor. ceiling. more thumb”
  • haha i found the birth of venus
  • oh and the creation of adam
  • hes like squidward, which would make sense bc goldies voiced by tom kenny who voices spongebob
  • “sebastian oliver” “shadow operative” S.O. nice
  • why do you have a trailblazers badge. youre 4. i didnt get one til i was a cadette
  • also sebastian???? isnt that the toymakers first name????? you cant have 2 sebastians
  • also why do you have braces. youre still 4
  • so really, spy sense DID help
  • oooooh, sentry duty, thats gotta hurt
  • she looks like frickin plushtrap
  • oh trust me they hurt me more than you know
  • dude theyre so thin youre f i n e
  • eh, still worked
  • clicking her teeth together so hard must H U R T
  • i think she can get out of there. also shes concussed now
  • why was that so quiet. why did it get louder
  • thats not a y shape
  • no, they spy kids
  • oh shiitake mushrooms thats what THEY said
  • whenever they say pinnoquinoxx i always think of pinnochio
  • ahdhhsjak i miss pizza parties 😔
  • well now we ALL expect it
  • also, no one????? pick a cooler code name. your regular name was cool and now youve ruined it


  • oh theres finally a skip intro option. im not taking it
  • stop saying that its weird
  • haha shes shopping w the goon. love that
  • oh yeah i didnt get to tell yall yet but i absolutely h a t e gablet
  • a lot of people, juni
  • listen i know a jt (but he doesnt go by jt) and uhhhhhhh were not gonna go there
  • why are you happy. what about second semester makes you so happy
  • boi thats a tardis
  • the design on his hoverboard looks like the aperture science logo
  • i paused to read the Floops label and it says “fried corn and sugar loop shaped breakfast substitute, net wt. 13 oz” ITS NOT EVEN A CEREAL ITS A BREAKFAST SUBSTITUTE IM C R Y I N G
  • listen i know hes technically scorpions dad but i dont think he can legally be in the dorm rooms
  • aww, thats sweet
  • i dont think gablet has an attached printer
  • gablet always sounds like shes mocking people
  • oh dear God its dolores umbridge
  • haha nerd
  • awesome no im gonna die
  • whenever carmen yells she sounds like link
  • ok so i didnt find a reason why she sounds like link but i DID find that theyre making a wherea waldo tv series so uhhhh thats fun
  • why does the cat have a bandaid
  • oh no fart jokes
  • its even the basic fart sound effect
  • oh no i hate him
  • stop SLURPING
  • uh yeah???? you heard them yelling about it
  • how??? does that work??? you cant just like catch electricity in a cup…. can you???? i havent studied it since 4th grade
  • oh worm??
  • goldies such a boomer
  • worm??
  • psi shouldnt be at the drawing board right now. he also shouldnt be confused
  • what happened to the lasers
  • wait nvm we havent gotten to that episode yet
  • ace is valid, dark is Scary
  • im gonna punch gablet in the face
  • that doesnt sound realistic
  • do you not have stairs??????
  • dont you mean inside AND out??
  • that flashlight did NOTHING
  • how did it die so fast?????
  • who else would you be talking to??
  • isnt that bowser from the mario movie we dont speak of??
  • i havent gotten a chance to tell yall but i absolutely love clemp. hes such a mood
  • hes the greatest spy
  • does it use a mini transmooker???? ig it doesnt bc gablet works but thatd be lit
  • me when i see something interesting
  • i dont think you can legally say that
  • you killed her
  • me
  • wow nice promo
  • also just???? bring a charger????? like youre the tech girl why do you not have one at all times
  • how?????? did you go so fast
  • machete electric bubbles??? nice
  • just task manager him
  • mother of all boards sounds like it could be a cuss…mother of all fuckers
  • also throwback to 1.7 when she says “his ai firewalled his motherboard” i keep expecting her to say “his ai firewalled this motherfucker”
  • yes i said keep ive watched that episode too many times to count
  • worm??
  • why did you giggle and make a flirty pose. are yall supposed to get together???
  • did you????? kill him????????? holy shit


  • thats what my dad does. he loves hospital corners
  • idc what it is you have a bazooka
  • ok if it was a spider id get it, australia has some deadly ones, but does it have deadly ants too???? like is that a Thing????
  • also ants in your room are gross
  • was that just a cameo??? i dont remember what happens in this one
  • haha because he said grapevines and wine has dregs and wine is made of grapes
  • for the boys??? thats so cute
  • listen idc how evil you are EVERYONE should cry over otters
  • so one of the parents has a sister or sister in law named roxanna….. hmmm…….
  • if you dont use your turn signal h*ck u
  • hes gonna D I E
  • i just looked at my shoe and i think theres blood on it???? what the h*ck
  • suspicious??? about…. what???? having fears???? not being perfect?????
  • juni that was awful wording
  • like i know what he DID but the way it plays out makes it seem like something significant
  • i thought his name was heavy meddle not…. deth metal???? thats how the subtitles spell it
  • hahah me
  • he sounds like bling bling boy
  • yeah ik im a fool thanks for reminding me
  • what are you gonna do??? kill juni????
  • oh he gives exactly 0 h*cks
  • a shoe doesnt make that sound
  • crack bugs?????
  • see thats why you dont mess with things
  • im a god among boys??????? what????
  • did you… kill them????????????
  • thats any australian person
  • theyre so stupid i love them
  • good i hate her
  • i thought the gunk just like… disappeared from the guitar but actually it shot off
  • he died… 😔
  • uhh…. yeah????? was it not obvious?????
  • me when i have 5 dollars
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(ok guys sorry i’ve let this go for so long, i’m gonna start trying to pick up the pace again, please let me know what you think about the story so far!”

     As Kim took her seat at the dinner table she still sensed the tension coming from Ron, so she tried to lighten the mood. “Well kids, how was school today, anything interesting happen?” as usual Casey was the first to begin speaking. “I joined beginners Cheer-leading!” she said with a grin. Kim’s eyebrows raised. “Really? Well you know I started cheer-leading when I was about your age.” Kim replied. “You? Yea right!” Casey said in disbelief. “No its true! Your mom was the best cheer-leader in mad-dog high school when we were kids!” Ron replied. “Uh well, I don’t know about BEST cheer-leader.” Kim said sheepishly. “Hey Bonnie only thought she was the best, I still say you were a cut above.” Ron defended. “I just can’t picture mom in a mini-skirt doing cheer moves.” Casey cut in. “What about you Trey, anything interesting?” Ron asked, turning to Trey. “Uh, I don’t know, not really…I thought about trying out for our Karate club.” he responded after a pause of uncertainty. “YOU?” Casey exclaimed, almost choking on her garlic chicken. “Casey, what have I said about your treatment of your brother?” Kim asked “You should be more supportive of him.” she added. “I’m sorry, I just can’t see him taking karate.” Casey replied quietly, but she turned to Trey with a smile. “If you need any inspiration I could help you!” she said excitedly. “What do you know about karate?” Trey asked. “I don’t, but I have been studying it, it helps with my cheer-leading.” Casey replied. “How does that have anything to do with it?” Trey asked questioningly. “You’d be surprised just how much karate and cheer-leading go hand in hand.” Kim cut in. “After all, cheer-leading is what helped your mom learn moves of her own.” Ron added. “Why would mom need to know any moves?” Trey asked. Ron gave a nervous side glance at Kim. “What is with you two?” Casey and Trey asked at the same time. “Uh, kids finish your dinner, Trey, its your turn to do the dishes.” Kim replied quickly before they could ask any more questions. “Aww nuts!” Trey exclaimed.

While Ron finished getting the kids to bed, Kim waited for him in their bedroom, before long he walks in with a defeated sigh. “How are they?” she asked. “They’re fine, no more questions.” He assured her. “That was a close one tonight!” she exclaimed. “It was my fault.” Ron said quietly. “No I got involved in it too.” Kim assured him. “KP…what are we going to do?” Ron whispered tiredly. Kim lowered her eyebrows in concern, not only had it been some time since he’d called her KP, but he wasn’t usually so quiet either. “What do you mean what are we going to do? Ron…What’s going on…what were you talking about before dinner?” Kim asked quietly, asking multiple questions without taking a breath. Ron sat down next to her with a groan, though out of tiredness, or hesitation for what he was about to say, she couldn’t tell. “We were keeping our eyes on any suspicious activity today…and, a high powered nuclear test rocket was stolen from the CIA science lab today, right from under our noses!” Ron explained, a hint of anger and disappointment in his tone. “You don’t think?” Kim began, Ron nodded in confirmation. “Drakken and Shego?” Kim asked. “But they haven’t been up to anything in years!” She exclaimed. “We think they’ve known about the test rocket for some time…they were just waiting for the right moment.” he explained, his tone suggested he didn’t really know either way. Kim nodded, it made sense. “I just can’t believe they’ve been laying so low for these last few years, but it makes sense, they waited for the dirty work to be done for them, then waited for the opportunity to strike.” Kim replied. “I just don’t know how they were able to get it! It was so heavily guarded!” “It happens.” Kim tried to cut it, but Ron continued. “And from right under us!” “It wasn’t-” Kim began, but he wouldn’t stop. “Mission failed KP, and on my watch!” he finished angrily, she could tell he was choking back tears of…disappointment? Anger? She couldn’t tell anymore. Kim cupped his chin in her hand and pulled his face sideways so he was looking at her. “Ron…you are not to blame for this, Drakken and Shego have always been sly and sneaky and up to no good, and you are NOT the only one at the justice league responsible for security.” Kim assured him. “Yea, Drakken and Shego have always been sneaky, and I’ve always been the clumsy and clueless side-kick.” He replied, self deprecatingly. Kim looked at him with a stern face. “Ron Stoppable! I will not listen to you putting yourself down like this! I chose you as my sidekick not just because you were, are, my friend, but because you have qualities that I don’t have, and you handle things under pressure better than I do sometimes.” Kim tried to reassure him.

Ron gave her a week smile with a quiet chuckle. “Thanks Kim.” Kim gave him a hug with a peck on the cheek, after pulling out of the hug she bit her lower lip. “What ARE we going to do though?” Kim asked, going back to Ron’s original question. “I don’t know…what are your thoughts?” Ron asked, glancing sideways at Kim. “I don’t know…I mean…We knew from the moment you proposed to me that there would be kids…we retired for a reason Ron.” Kim replied with a sigh. “Yea but…we also knew when we retired, and especially after we took jobs with the justice league, that there would always be the possibility of being called for duty again.” Ron countered. “I’ll be honest with you…not a lot of the justice league spies are that thrilled about the idea of volunteering to take this case.” Ron confessed. “It makes sense…no-one knows Drakken and Shego like we do…no-one has beaten them as many times as we have.” Ron continued. “But…the twins?” Kim asked. “I don’t like the idea of getting them involved any more than you do.” Ron replied. “Kim…we may have to go on this mission…at least one more time.” he continued. “Ron what if there’s a next time? Or a next time? How can we be so sure this is the last time Drakken and Shego will get up to no good again?” Kim asked. “Kim we-” but before Ron could finish Kim continued. “What if…what if I’m not as great of a fighter like I used to be…those days have come and gone, along with two kids.” Kim finally finished. “Now who’s doubting themselves?” Ron asked, turning Kim’s earlier words of encouragement back onto her. “Besides, you’ve always had it in you…even after the kids, and I’m sure its still in there somewhere!” Ron said lovingly, placing his hand on her heart. “Its like riding a bicycle, you never forget how to do it.” he continued, Kim laughed. “I’m not sure that’s what I’d use to describe it, but…you’re right.” Kim replied, she paused for a few seconds and continued. “Who knows Drakken and Shego like we do? We’re probably the best ones for the job…but…the kids?” she repeated, tears sliding down her cheek at the thought of getting them involved. “Wade.” Ron replied shortly, Kim scrunched her eyebrows, slightly confused. “He said if we ever needed anything all we had to do was ask, and the kids love him!” Ron explained. “Plus he built that high tech, secluded and hidden safe house when the twins were born, remember?” he continued. “I do remember that…do you think he’d have some kind of plan…I-I wouldn’t object to another mission, but the kids’ safety comes first.” Kim replied, stuttering slightly as she wiped the tears from her cheek. “Wade’s the man! Remember? I’m sure he could help us come up with something, he’s always had our backs.” Ron replied. “You’re right, he has, hasn’t he?” Kim said, and sighed. “Ok…lets do this! First thing tomorrow, after the kids leave for school.” Kim finished, making up her mind. “Yes! There’s the KP I know!” Ron exclaimed. “I’ll contact justice league tomorrow and let them know we’ve made up our minds.” Ron replies as they pulled the covers back and climbed into bed together.

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Heyyy everyone I know I haven’t been very active, the last few months have kind of been busy, on top of that I’ve been having a lot of ear problems and haven’t felt like posting much, I post a bit on my Twitter if you want to add me @jonasandfandoms

For those of you who have been waiting patiently (or maybe not so patiently) waiting for more of my Kim possible/spy kids crossover story it’s on the way! Just finished typing it this evening, I’ll be posting it tomorrow maybe

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that awkward moment when you were going on a road trip and were gonna be in the car for like, 7 hours at a time so you thought ‘hey why dont i watch spy kids thatll be fun’ so you watched all 4 of them and then you started to watch the netflix show too because why not and now no matter how hard you try you cant stop watching spy kids like its to the point where youre lip syncing along to the characters and youre afraid youre gonna end up like the 'watching shrek in my head’ kid but with spy kids and also you have a fanfic in the works and you just cant stop watching spy kids its been 2 weeks someone give me something else to do p l e a s e

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I really love seing so much positivity about spy kids on my dash..

This was seriously one my favorite franchise when I was a kid

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Imagin spy kids 3:game over ,has realistic gamers

People with names like ,shrekownsme339 or XxmastermanxX

The amount of cusing that would insure when people got to level 3

People customizing there fighter suits in level 2

People being absolutely going crazy in level 4

Everyone meeting bemitia (think that’s her name ) and instantly knowing she’s the deceiver

All of the trolls having an absolute field day with Massacreing the noobs

Everyone saying that they are the guy

Imagin it

Imagin the chaos

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  • whos gonna use 3d effects at home
  • up your prices
  • hahah funney cuz he stepped in gum
  • its so quiet my volumes at 44 and its too quiet
  • the music sounds a little like isle of dreams from the last one
  • oh hes wearing the necklace!!
  • fun fact i hadnt seen any of rocky until freshman year and when i did i didnt know where i had seen that guy before. turns out hes the toymaker

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  • she wasn’t the president’s daughter in the last one
  • im not sure the ride would let you go up without the key
  • nice hats
  • i want those…. things
  • i think you can tell who they are????? without 7 layers of zoom glasses???
  • a child….. can tell the president…… what to do????? great idea OSS
  • i miss floop 😔

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  • carmen your nightgown is like 200 years old, get a new one
  • you clearly know this story by heart, you’re saying parts of it. why are you questioning what “take him out” means
  • a double wig should be more obvious than that
  • we can see that that’s a glass elevator. people can see you changing, ingrid

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